Portal Keeper Hasabel Mythic Guide - FATBOSS

Portal Keeper Hasabel Mythic Guide - FATBOSS

100 245 views | 8 Jan. 2018

Portal Keeper Hasabel Mythic Antorus, the Burning Throne Guide by FatbossTV.

WoWHead Guide - https://www.wowhead.com/portal-keeper-hasabel-antorus-the-burning-throne-strategy-guide

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good guide as always

Tyler Gravelle

Anyone know how the DH was able to have transparent chat bubbles? I thought that got disabled in dungeons/raids in an earlier patch?

Parth Shah

i just love the DH ui. any idea what addons is he using?


I like that it says in the description that portal is the game


-Use Demonic Gateway to quickly move between portals
-Explosion from green debuff deals little damage, no need to spread.
-You can send tank to pick purple debuff, just use BoP on him to prevent ticking damage from tank debuff
-After green portal move boss away from any Transport Portal to avoid spawning Collapsing World on top of it - It will reduce cleave damage, but makes dealing with adds much safer.


The Demon Hunter has a very nice UI.
Can you tell us which AddOns he's using? Or even if you can download the whole pack somewhere?

Mihai Krieger

What is the name of that elegant floating combat text addon at 4:44 ?


That combustion at 1:50... you can feel the confusion over the fireball not going out

Jacob Steinmetz

Can we get a hold of the DH's amazing UI?

DoxR Willard


Jesper Jacobsen

my guild used 3 tanks for this fight to just never get tank damage enough to kill anyone


Yea but does she have a bell?

Cletis Parks

Guides a tad late, yeah? Lol

Ziyad Alonazi

Your so helpful. Easy short simple guides :) keep up the great work. I actually studied a few bosses before fighting the boss and it was helpful :D