Fortnite Streamers LONGEST SNIPER SHOTS! (Tfue, Ninja Snipes, Muselk)

Fortnite Streamers LONGEST SNIPER SHOTS! (Tfue, Ninja Snipes, Muselk)

548 518 views | 26 Mar. 2019

Fortnite Streamers LONGEST SNIPER SHOTS! (Tfue, Ninja Snipes, Muselk) What is the longest snipe you've ever had in a game?

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274 metres

Luke K

My farthest snipe is 674 meters

Jacques Bekker


Declan Speirs

420 meters for me


i hit a 333 snipe

Eli Miller

I just hit a mad shot on fortnite 230m headshot

Twitch ttvaussie123


Julian Jarvis

Jk I don’t remember mine but I do hit very far snipes

Jonah Gordon

my longest is 263 meter snipe


What's the LONGEST sniper shot you ever got?
Also use code GTA413 if you cool

Jordan Boy

More vadeos lol

Cade Faine

5 hundred I have proof

Add me on ps4 ttv_ihatefurries

Brentle Bowman

I was wrong 1300m


My longest was 180 something.


My longest snipe is 301m 100% real


My longest snipe ever was 303m






I swear I'm not 7

Hala Arafeh


Lewis Carter

My friend hit a 240m no scope earlier today. It was mental

Brentle Bowman



190m is my pb

Sleepy Gamer


Derek Olenick

287 with a hunting rifle.

Kristy Healy

2,457 I accidentally glitched and hit someone

Hanny Kreeftmeijer

Mine is 258m

chris marioles

300m snip

heart&neck vessel assessment Sonya S

I had a snip when I shot one bullet and got two kills. Wtf

Faded_ Paradice

Who’s watching this 2 years later

Wenzel 007

I hit a 248m snipe in team rumble


I once made a shot across the whole map

Read it carefully: I shot. But I didn’t land it

Jack Svo

Mine is 424

Cameron Kriegner

My longest is a 389

Trent Stanley

Mine is 482 and I got it clipped

Julian Jarvis

Mine is farther than 300 that Is all I remember

Charlie Hutt

A440 meters

Michael Velez

hunter rifle 660 meter

Rita Campbell

I hit a 50000 sniper shot with Aimbot

Lynx YT

198m public 416 playground

TH_ Claps

My longest snipe is 419 meters

Luke K

it was in playground season 7

Ryan DeJoy

Headshotted a kid with a lever action rifle when I was skybasing. It was 247

Jennifer Nidey


Mehmat Abbas



I did a 200 meter shot once user mr.idontcare

Ryder Gaming786

One time I got 42069101 kilometres

TJM bot-_-

Look at myn I hit a kid in the face whilst he was on a boat it's on my channel if you don't bellieve

Tamara James

i hit a 4380 no scop trick shot it was fucking sik

milk omelette

My longest no scope is only: 117
And my longest snipe is: 318

Ya boi Ev

300 meters

Kian James

My longest snipe was 463 metres no scope with a sniper

Dustin Caskinett

I have a 412m headshot saved on my XBL


pov : now there are trickshotters that hit 200+ constantly

Pooter 2008

I don’t even know but I hit him gooooooood

Big Turd

My longest snipe in a real game was around 230

ROLVe Community

I got a snipe of 4065 meters

Xavier Young

429 meters

Tian Žižić

310 meters

Kalph Right

i hit 465m legitimately in battle lab 2 days ago, sweaty sands to holly hedges. believe it or dont idc

Cooler Nunn

151 metres


I once hit 250m


465 heavy sniper

my shot

Baica Baica


Manda Zivkovic


Whu_ Owen

I hit a 298m with a hunting rifle

Gurpreet Singh

465 meter snipe headshot hunting rifle season 3 chapter 2

Brentle Bowman

I was wrong 650m

Selin Kao

My farthest no scope is 234

Mirka Bastova

Mine is 464

Caleb Johnson

1000 mertens no scope wasn't even expecting it

Miralem Memic

400m and noscope is 124

vinnie webster

2m is the longest snipe I have done on

Karkar SA

When I thought I have good snipes

Julian Jarvis

400 that is my farthest


I hit a 338m snipe on mobile against a friend of mine casually building in creative mode back in S5

Patrick Husom

Hit a 187 today

Cornelia McNamara

280 meters revolver

Riley Shumack

I hit 800 m before

Mr Cheese

My furthest is 196

Mc Ma

800 og though


I got a 1880 noscope blindfolded with my toes from 69,420 meters lol

ladified SNES

As I was about to see an insane snipe a sprite cranberry ad jumpscares me

kiki and riki

Mudja has sniped a guy with hevy sniper from 461 m

Ayla Gustofson

OK 1447 m just kidding 6 billion was across the map I don’t know


in season 6 i hit a person from 405 meters


my longest snipe is only 267

Manroop Mundi


Mark Chapman

4,291 meter snipe

Wd0g _

806 meter


My longest is 564m

Remyk Barnett

I have hit a 478 shot

House Of Lion

Not even kidding when I hit my first 1600 meter shot (from the mountain right by what is now Catty Corner) I said “This is where the fun begins.” The only other one was with a heavy sniper and just shot toward The Agency.

Laura Swindells

Me friend hit 5153 snipe

Matt Ducat

Farthest moving snipe I just hit tonight 228m farthest not moving was like 280-290 I forgot because I didn’t feel it was as impressive as moving

Digital Moment

Sniped is 462m an no scope is 19 m


Random 600 sum

jamar adanandus


Spexz FC

My longest snipe was 296m

Cody Hendrickson

I hit a 648 m sniper with a heavy in battle lab