The Fremennik Isles - OSRS 2007 - Easy Old School Runescape Quest Guide

The Fremennik Isles - OSRS 2007 - Easy Old School Runescape Quest Guide

294 863 views | 4 Jul. 2017

This is an easy-to-follow tutorial on the Fremennik Isles quest on Old School RuneScape. Thanks for watching!

Required levels:

20 Construction

40 Agility

Ability to kill level 122 troll (with melee)

37+ Prayer (recommended)

56 Woodcutting (Ironmen only)

46 Crafting (Ironmen only)

Required quests:

The Fremennik Trials


Slayermusiq walked so she could run

V th

Savin lives with the time I save watching these videos


Fremmenik shield is not sold at GE


The only down side was your video was not clear that you HAD TO BUY the materials for the round shield. And that you could not just buy the whole shield. Also you said that 56 woodcutting was for ironman only, and yet that's not true because you still need 56 woodcutting to make the shield anyway. You cannot get a round shield without doing this quest first.

Henry Shay

running from camelot gang wya

Sean Hedgecock

“Ye old boat ride” hahaha

Alan __

Best guides, I hate using other guides for the quests that you don’t have a video. Clear and concise, to the point but you also tell what the quest is about unlike the others. Much love

Red Sol

Jaitizo Neitiznot Jaitizo Neitiznot!

Miranda Elaine

Guides are actually pretty entertaining. I’ve watched a few just to see what the story is, not even doing the quests lol

Fully Based

Thank you Snuggle Chick. You have done a great service to Neitiznot by making this video.


ty :)

Jordon West

Absolute favorite quest guides. I love you!

Dan B

perfect, this really helped!

Felipe de Jesús Niembro Muñoz

Can u marry me plz?


SnuggleQuest and quick guides on wiki are a fucking life saver

Tristin Rettig

i brought a fremennik shield, but its not working for the dude what do i do?

Damien D

Thanks liked the vid, helped a lot. Prefer your guides over the others.

Also, can confirm the beard is a gateway to a man's soul, my beard is also aggressively ginger but my head hair isnt. Also if you try to talk to the yak lady about the beard tax she gets real mad lmfao.

Perry Len Punsalan

wait so i dont need 56 woodcutting if im not an ironman?

van Ommen

cute voice guides UwU

robert treadwell

Does the quest require you to have the shield equipped to complete it as a 20 def pure u can't equip it

Matt Cox

we need lunar diplomacy!

Big Demilich Fan

youll never be slayermusiq

Alex Ness

your guild got me killed at the trolls

Joe Seaver

It tells me I "need to get to know" Mord "a little bit better" before travelling with him. Someone @ the GE told me I need to kill some troll before travelling to the isles. Where can I find this troll??

Null N001

Your style of guides are so in-depth, well spoken, I've yet to have to backtrack once while questing thanks to you.

Destrudo Alexandros

13.05 i feel so bad .

Björn Hammar

Gastfrihet (or gästfrihet) means hospitality in swedish :)

1 2

Jatizzo= broken dutch for ''yes it is''
Neitiznot= broken dutch for ''no it isn't''...

Fun small details.

Long Pig Café

aggressively ginger lul thats why i watch your vids

Maggie Chen

You are so amazing!!! I've played back in 07-10 and haven't completed as many quests as I have now thanks to you! Wish you had videos for every quest, but I'm so happy you've done the big ones so far.


the "someBOTty" made me laugh because there's a bot here training loll

Chris Rodriguez

It’s always the cave part that messes me up when I think I went east enough I realize I haven’t

2WR - 2 Wheels Rider

It's NOT Fremennik shield, its Neitiznot Shield!!! Fix please !

Tru blood

Hi what is the song playing in the background, thanks

Dillan Geiser

Making my life so easy thanks for the tutorials!

vd chadster


Isaiah Feliciano

Please make more guides everyone guides are so trash your simple to the point


there's often somebody or some "botty" lol i love it

oliver millen

you never said you need a hammer thanks for that

Little Brother

How do i get the frem sea boots??


free stuff please

Nick Jacangelo


Matt Cox

carol baskin killed her husband



Nikenuu Mahda

Thanks so much for the guide <3

Abdullaziz 92

Oh god thanks alot ❤

Scuba Steeeve

You still play osrs snugglechick?


Shout out to keroski1234 who split my logs for me after I realised my WC was too low. We all love you bro

João Vitor Pinheiro Frizzo

Ur guides are the best! Thanks so much!

Liam Lavelle 2000

Hi. I'm having trouble getting the shield for the task n I'm killing the marker guards but it just won't drop do you know how to get the fremennik shield??

Queen Eunice King

Poor Keepa and his tiny mustache. Still got taxed. lmao

stephen byrnes

i put in 8 a dozen times on the first guy he just kept saying i cant count nvm i was putting 8 not 8000 lol


It's annoying you never put the skill level recommendation down idk what level to be to do any of your quests


For anybody doing this quest after october 2019 - The "Fremennik Shield" has been renamed to "Neitiznot Shield" as a new item has been added in the game called Fremennik Shield
(Like so more people see)


Most people who watch your videos while are men there beards are on their necks

David Crooks

I hate to say it but I’m level 77 and this was a harsh finale to a quest. I nearly died a couple times in that cave. Had a harder time taking out the 10 trolls than with the boss fight. But thanks again for the awesome guide!


Your quest guides are legit ASMR due to your voice LOL

Peter Duffield

Thwnkyou so much for the help! Just completed the quest now, thanks again! Please be more proactive on your channel we appreciate everything you do! :)


Haha aggressively ginger hilarious!!

Troy Van Wormer

does anyone else feel like all other quest guide people have annoying voices? if she dont have a quest guide out im not doing the quest


"oh He is aggressively ginger" hahaha

Tha Aftr Partie

66.6k subs lmao

matrix alfred cheese

Ur vids are wicked help full... But there a lil too fast like trying to follow is hard

George Condus


Uncle Jemima


shaun hubert

would have been nice to say you lose all your shit, if the ice troll king kills you, but you can restock once you finish the 10 kills. another day of grinding FML.....ironman btw

steven rangel

Thank you

Under Shade

I only have a mustache. But perhaps if you go for a ride on it, Ill know what it feels like to have a beard?

Dillan Geiser

I have a clue scroll for harmony Island, I need to do brain robbery quest, if you do a guide include in your description. I had to search everywhere for that info . But youtube will suggest your video whenever it’s searched! Thanks!


Can Confirm: Beard is indeed the way to a man's soul.

Evan Brown

your tutorials are always straight to the point but also entertaining as well. thanks for the help!

parading_ panda12

I love your commentary. lol


So glad you are back! Another excellent quest guide. Have you done Fairytale II quest yet as that would be very useful?

clay barksdale

been 8 years since ive played rs. i dont remember S&#@ so thank you for these guides. They are better then good ole Rune HQ from back in my hay day

Tea Tea

you should tell people to never use protect from melee because i died losing 10 mil worth of gear cause i used protect from melee triggering is slam attack and he kept spamming it non stop and i died

Dominic Longo

Lost my enchanted lyre and don’t know where to acquire the fremnik sea boots

Aaron Trace


Nathaniel Morton





2 October 2019 (update): The item's name was changed from "Fremennik shield" to "Neitiznot shield".

f u

if you dont have a guide on quest guess whos skipping that quest this guy is

Dominic Playle

I can confirm that a beard IS a gateway to a man's soul!

William Winberg

Vanligga Gastfrihet, if you say Vanliga gästfrihet it translated to "Regular Hospitality" or "Vänliga Gästfrihet" means "Friendly Hospitality" in swedish

Dire B

can confirm beard= soul

jaffer ashoor

u said bring 9 ropes we only used 8?

J-Popp Vlogs

Wish you would have mentioned this was an instanced dungeon. :(

Rifat Ahmed

how do these fucking trolls hit 17 and shit at 74 combat?
This game is a joke compared to rs3 lol

Braedon H

I love how you tell the story of the quest as opposed to just the required actions. Gives me a newfound appreciation for the game :)

Roy van der Lee

holy moly, after finally training all my combats to lvl 60 and getting a D scimitar I finally was able to do it on my 3rd try. I couldn't find the minimal required combat stats on the internet but 55 everything is too low if you don't have acces to prayer pots. And since I'm an ironman this meant getting my herblore up to 38 first, the journey has been long but the helm makes up for it big time!

Roy van der Lee

I tried this with better stats and I couldn't even kill 10 trolls. This seems to be the case every time for me, Elvarg was almost impossible to kill too even though I had every combat stat 50+ when I did that quest.

Country Survivor

can someone tell me why i'm still getting smacked with 13s and 15s wearing the yakhide armor and the shield?


I lol'd when you said "take his beard money" xD


lmao i got 2k wtf the king scammed me OOF

Cbiggie 92

You make life so much easier haha

Pedro Henrique Menegolli Tamaso

thanks it helped me a lot


i should had looked in the comments first. i did this quest on my first acc and when i did this quest on my 2nd acc i was like im pretty sure i was able to buy the shield in GE. wasted 2 or more hours grinding dagganoth water birth island to get the shield goes to the neitznot island and seen i need a diffrent shield im so mad lol

Dillon Isenberg

What is the green thing in the arrow slot??


This was definitely more fun than The Fremennik :D



Chris V

Another very helpful guide. Made this quest much for manageable. Thank you!