This My Life: Vinh Hair Salon My Favorite Barber Shop

This My Life: Vinh Hair Salon My Favorite Barber Shop

140 540 views | 25 May. 2015

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Vine @Joverdose


the guy who cut joe's hair sounds exactly like him when he does the vietnamese accent its we know where he gets it from

karan patil

Which camera is Bart using?

Yasin Abdallah

Your facial hair is growing along nicely! For the future though I'd recommend shaving the sides and keeping the goatee section

Brother Balean

Thanks for actually sharing this with us Joe! You are awsome :) Keep up the great work <3


how about a pomp tutorial!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shawn Wu

I just want to say you're hair is flawless Joe! Every time you're on JK News, All I do is admire the perfect contour it has. The way it is sculpted is modern and sleek. Great job on the video too!


thanks for da vlog joe.

Claptain Cheeks

Where is Bart's vlog of this??

Halle Zethren

I really want to be in one of your games



Ryan Nguyen

What does Joe drive I thought he had a corolla?


i need that 'Foodie' shirt in my life

chan chan

my hair is cut similar to this lol


I know different ethnicities have different types of hair, so is this place specifically Asian, or would it be fine for other ethnicities to come. (I'm Mexican PS.)


4:14 is that David So in the back with the red shirt? lmao

Koralen Xavage

By the way Joe, could you upload a video of how you style your hair and what products you use, please. I don't understand how your hair looks the way it does especially at that length.


I'm assuming he has a 535 from the description.


yooo loving the conversation with the barbers more vids on them pls :)

Austito R

on JKN he always talks about not self incriminating himself. and then his personal channel happened...

Travis James

Im mexican would this barbers still cut my hair doe ??

jason su

sick guys 
i love cars as well

Chung Cha

Damn joe...sorry to hear about ur m5 incident lol... U want power then go to a mitsubishi evo MR. You'll find power there

Guardia Blader

Joe staying fresh like always


Does anyone know joe's old hairstyle back in the 2012's-2013's. That hairstyle like a come over, but he keeps the back of his hair long. If anyone knows, pls tell me! Thanks!!


Joe I'm glad you got rid of the Kim Jong Un hair style.

justin mallari

Woah joes facial hair

Andi Mejia

Joe i race u with me evo9 e85

Tyrion Lannister

A lannister always pays his debts

The Internal Spirit

I want you to go to a black barber shop and get a haircut from them with the line up around the entire head

Elza Forté

The interior looks nice. Wish my hair was long like yours Joe.

wise guy

Madda bullshit I need to go there keep up the videos bro!


need longer vlogs joe, good work keep it up lad.


Did you get a Bimmer? Aww shiet, someone upgraded to luxury.


the hairdresser is staring while doing a customers hair lol!

Victor Isidro

what is bart's haircut called

Suhail Dada

what v6 does joe have??


joe you should get the GTR and smoke the beamer


Asian equivalent of black barber shop? Wow! I wish I knew of a cool place like that near me... Lucky.

wazih sabir

Barber shops like this exists???? This is so fucking cool!


I thought all the asians in cali get cut by vince the barber Lol

Samir Custovic

The barber with the turbo civic is a G! haha

Jadon Tran

i liek turdles


Joe got a new car?

ping pong

Only fools go to hair saloons, everyone can cut everyones hair and you couldnt tell the different, my motto just cut!!!


I want to see the finish hairstyle with the gel or hairspray.

Ryan Cho

My dad met you here. And you made that video for me


Vinh got that V Tech.

Lord Jesus

this place sucks ass.

Sir Biaggio

Ba Da Ba Ba Ba I'm loving it :^) lol I'm really loving these videos Joe thanks for making them

Ihsan Musrial

Do you have another car other than the Toyota?

Sharon Ngigi

Joe and Bart should do a video where they're taught how to do black women's hair (like Afros n all) that would be hilarious!


do a new whats my car video or do it in the vlog would love to see the new car




I´m a hair dresser from Denmark, so this was pretty fun to see

Karen Neel

joe should try getting something new like a Mohawk see how that looks LOL.


How the hell can you guys both grow a full beard :((( I only get gotee and mustache (like 3-6 strings of hair)


This series is awesome.


thanks joe, for finally making a hair vid with bart! appreciate it. and you do have some nice asian facial hair someone like me would wanna grow XD

Lumi Michael

This is a pretty good vlog, get to see more of you guys lifestyle.


I like this Asian bar shop talk. It's about cooler shit than black barber shop talk lol


whats the difference between a pompadour cut and an undercut? i know they are styled differently but isnt a pompadour kinda cut like an undercut?

Prezzly Vang

Asian barbers are the best and they're nice

Liam Ng.

you better trim your beard Joe

Black Red10

fresh cutz

Herpiema gerpieka

One of the reasons why i hate going to the barber shop is because the hair trimmer tickles me when it gets near my ears and neck.

Gone Forever


Jason 56

love how he just admits how asians love to evade tax lmao

gabriela cardenaz-gomez

Probably one of my favorite parts of the vlogs are when you talk about being a creator. Like explaining your process and how you produce such a great work.

Jorelle Rivera

What is barts haircut called?

Phantastic man phan

Joe please shave you look old, not to be mean

Tyler Truax

i wonder if i can go there even though im not asian and they wont mess my hair up


Lol Barber by day, fast and furious by night. Some mudda cool shit


So excited to finally find out the magic secrets that Joe's hair is made of


joe has a v6? thought he had a corolla?

Der Wanderer

5:41 Bart's twin came in.

ben morris



theres no asian haircuts where i live. they just dont understand the asian hair is a separate entity from white people hair like black people hair.


Cool barbers, I like the vibe


Hey Joe. Just curious about what camera you use to record your vlogs?

Koralen Xavage

Thank you so much for posting this video, i have been askig for so long now and i appreciate it; though i still have some questions. How does your pomp look so full, yet your hair doesn't go past your forehead?

Jennifer Contreras


Everyone knows you don't go to any barber without some cash.


Pls shave joe that shit is horrible, you look like an asian bum


I cut my hair there too!!! They tell me about Bart and you(Joe) hahahaha!!!!!


Where's bart's video for this?

AL Hyldedahl

so many asians

Ohbed Vill

Whats your new car Joe?

Tom Shufflebottom Fitness

This is perfect


Asians and civics. All we need.




You should always vlog when you get your hair cut! I really liked this!!!!!

David Quiroz

What car do you have now joe?

ben morris



What camera gear is Bart using??

christian arzaga

V6? The Corolla only comes in a 4 banger....

Henri Immanuel

Joes hair is pretty amazing

Leon Iwasaki

I like these videos!! keep it up brother!

TheRude Peanut

joe your a cool ass dude and the most unique on jk!

Jason Me

Hey I'd like to frequent Vinh's Hair Salon.
It looks like a cool-ass hair hot spot. And clean: important.

Who doesn't like to evade tax?! Lol.

BJ'S hair salon? I'd go 2 some hair place like that; you get a hair job and blow job at the same time. Mind you, only by hot girls ready & willing, If it's Ben, Jimmy & Steve doing it (that'd be gross) I'm running 4 the hills! Lol. 

Joe Jo, I'd trust your barber with my hair. He'd be expert at figuring what's best for what he could do with my stubborn hair. And I like your haircut!! Wonder if I could get away w/ that style.

I'd go to a place that calls itself "No BS" or even "BS" hair salon. That'd be a funny name.


Man, the ultimate dream would be to race a Porsche on the freeway. Get my Fast & Furious on.

In summary, these barbers are cool!

Aquatic Chicken