My Beef with /r/Hapas

My Beef with /r/Hapas

12 902 views | 31 Dec. 2017

/r/hapas is a community "devoted to...the unique challenges of being children of White Fathers and Asian Mothers." I share my issues with the community and how their hatred of racism has turned into racism itself.

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Hapas are obsessed with white females, they're the biggest white supremacists out there.

The ordinary unicorn

I'm a white girl I only date Asian men, why is that not a problem?


why does this have more dislikes than likes?

sherlock tang

You know what I think the biggest issue WMAF hapas face in life? White people see them as Asian, reject them. Asian people see them as white, also reject them. Hapas are the loneliest people on earth and they have no sense of belonging to any racial groups.

Andrew Tindukasiri

What about having an Asian father n white mother like me

Visitor Q

it feels like /r/hapa is filled with Asians larping as hapas and projecting their own insecurities about wmaf couples giving hapas a bad name. As a hapa i could give a two shits about wmaf couples i saw in public. Its typical redditard behavior i suggest to anyone reading this to avoid that sub reddit and move on. If you are a hapa male or female and want white girls or guys go for it dont let these redditards fog your brain with their coping mechanic of posing as hapas when they are just pure Asians salty they couldn't get white pussy.

william paulino

lol kind fof think about most white guys are not in shape if you think about it lol

Joe Krapf

The subreddit has lots of problems, unfortunately, which draws attention away from some of the real issues discussed.

Kat Ito

The real issue with r/hapas is that they project their own families personal problems on to all other wmaf couples

Frank Chang

Wmaf - self hate

Amwf - true love

Adam Warlock

I'm also mixed around 40% Spanish the rest Japanese and Navajo, don't know what that'd be. Hapa-izo?


hapa. White male Asian female.. lol. When did u fukers steal that term?

Daniel Orozco

No offense but Hapas tend to grow up self hating there asian said and most of the time it’s an asian mom with a white dad asian women mostly marry white men becuz there racist towards there own kind and hate themselves and love and worship white men


My father is a Hapa

Tidder T

I want a debate with you, cause I dont think you understand the problem. You said its only 3-4 in a larger ocean? where the fuck did you get that number? uranus? According to statistic, Almost half of asian women population in western country married to white. Thats a problem? No!
You should see data released by dating apps. Data released by dating apps shows their inside. Deep deep inside. In those apps, Most asian women prefer white men, while Asian men actually prefer their own kind. And many of them says "no asian men" or similar shit.
Many Asian women says "I dont date Asians", "Asian have small penis", etc. All while prefering white. There is no problem with asian women with white male, but if its followed by internal racism, insults, and generalizing by Asian women towards Asian men, thats the problem. They are not just SUSPECTING IT BASED ON RACISM, IT IS INDEED INTERNAL RACISM. Why? cause I've seen too many of them. Here in my country womens writing blogs about how white men are better than Indonesian bscause white dudes pay the fucking meal (we pay the food too, its just their excuse to hide their shallow racial preference). There are lots of videos/internet posts where an Asian female talking trash about asian male while prefering white, i bet you've never seen them. There is a video from take me out australia where two asian females rejected an asian male by saying "I HAVE NO ASIAN POLICY"
Now are we "ENTHITHLED ENTITLED"? no, we are not. Its just the growing number of Asian females who hate themselves that worried us. Do they hate their own father? thats a nightmare inducing thought.

People who should love them, the only thing that supposed to want them, hate them instead. Now how is that feel?


why do they care about being mixed race so much get over it. literally no one else cares that much

Peter Nguyen

I don’t care about yellow ferishes or wmafor whatever, I fuck every attractive women form different races equally


WM+AM. Is our miscegenation the appropriate kind? Or is the concern require actual procreation? Is this a liger vs tigon issue, with one being progress and the other an abomination?


Cegging is gross and it's eugenics. Stop pretending rassenschande isn't eugenics same as anyone trying to stop it.


Pathetic Asian Incels


This, 100%. Also, powerful Kill Tony poster on the wall. Good taste.

Jose Guadalajara

You didn't even read the whole thing dude, certain things happened to back off their statements but you didn't read it. Seems biased.

Perry Ellis

There is are many reasons why White male asian female relationships are toxic. Most of the kids that are hapa came from a generation of War brides and Sexpats. You add two degenerate losers
DNA and also hate filled household and that is what you will get. Why do you think offsprings of Asian male white females tend to out perform against white male asian female offsprings.
In the future, the hapas born wont have those stigmas attached to them, but the older generation will alway carry it with them.


Dude that's like a dozen countries these alienated people can go to... Like Uzbekistan land of naturally occuring hapas

COco Yo yo

Wrong- It's Race, because the number of of Asian girls actually said to my face "I DON'T DATE ASIAN MEN" with out even hitting on them is close to 50% i interacted with in NYC.

The only complained or hate I've received from... are only Asian women so far...

8 out of 9 co-worker (Asian women) are married to dating white man/ Jewish man.

4 out of 5 Cousins (Asian girls) are married to White men/ or Jewish man.


There is something wrong with these white guys that only go for Asian girls...its like they are off socially is some capacity...


bet ur mum is asian too aye... what a coincidence?


Very good!


So anything that's against white racism is "sjw"? Interesting. Do you take the same stance on white people that claim they're victims in this white dominated society and cry 'anti-white'? Are they sjw's too?

Anyways you kind of miss the point here, either purposely or not, and over simplify things. The point being there are racist white guys and just all around not very attractive white guys who go after asian women simply because they're asian, while still sometimes holding racist views towards asians. Are you saying there are no problems with interracial relationships that focus on race and not love, and that involve people that have quote "yellow fever"? How exactly do you justify that?
This doesn't have to be about you just because you're half asian and half white. You can acknowledge the reality surrounding this without commenting on yourself. "Eurasian Tiger" is half white half asian as well and he has no problem telling the truth about this topic. He can separate himself from the issue and tell the truth about it without feeling like it's a commentary on himself. The only criticism I have on eurasian tiger is that he's too absolutist and acts as though all white male asian female relationships have to based around race and on racism. It is possible to have a healthy asian woman, white male relationship and many of them exist.


duh media told duh wyte wymynz not to like me :((((((((


Excalibur Fuentes

Hapa men have small bepis and no beard

toothpaste brick

lmao your birth was the product of a fetish

DeepMindLab Visoneer

Why is this a topic?


It's truly delightful to listen to your videos. You talk about real issues with real honesty. Can't get enough!

Michele J

I think it's disingenuous to ignore the role that media has played (and continues to play) in emasculating and desexualising Asian males. Sure you'll see a Dumb blonde and not affix that to all blonde women but that's probably because you'll also see a blonde doctor, scientist, housewife, stoner, hooker, model...They get to be multidimensional. The same doesn't apply to Asians (especially Asian men). Let's not pretend media representation doesn't matter.

Nick S

Thanks for making this video, it helps to see someone talking about the toxicity of r/hapas. Lots of downvotes but those are mostly from delusional people in that sub.

Willy Paul

Hapa people are get along with a lot they in the same boat as me as what the hell are you I mixed black just to let you know

Daniel Orozco

U still look very white to me

Galaxy Guy

Being hapa/mixed-race fucking sucks. I'll be sure not to have children to save them from this garbage fucking hell hole. Btw, most of us look like crap.

Derek Zhou

Bro this guy’s so stupid. Self hating simp

Mustafa Shams

So basically an asian version of /r/incels, got it.


The anime and tv couple had me fucking dead

Robyne Williams-heller

As a Caucasian woman. Personally, I always thought Bruce Lee was smokin hot. As a slightly older PERSON the truth is,
"The Heart wants what the Heart wants." Who cares who is with whom? If they're happy that's all that matters. We live our own lives. Not someone else's. Being angry is just wasted energy and time that could've been spent invested in a happier life. Live and let live.

Petra NiN

Thank you, Adam! Ignore the trolls. They're probably all ET

John Smith

It's basically a forum of bitter Asian males (I don't even buy that most of them are half white) who have adopted a leftist political pose as a cover for their racism and misogyny. Not that I don't have sympathy for their plight. But what sympathy I do have goes away immediately after reading a few of their posts.

william paulino

lol you can not blame them for hating white men true the can be a few of them that are not assholes but let keep it real a lot of them are assholes lol

New Food Who Dis

Late to the party on seeing this vid, but I really appreciate all the points you're making here. The toxic thinking in r/hapa immediately turned me off, which was sad since the hapa community (outside of reddit) has given me a lot of confidence and a sense of belonging. It's especially disheartening to see such an inclusive identity co-opted by frustrated turds who boil down everyTHING and everyONE to terms of race.


I've never had a problem being eurasian, but my family is amwf, so idk maybe I can't relate.

Sjffhfj Cntgj

You look like from Central Asia.


FACT: Asian women are more likely to be beaten by non-asian men than by asians. Hapa children are more likely to have mental illness compared to their pure counterparts.


Oh adam your dear child. The facts already show that 54% of asian americans marry NON-ASIAN MEN. Which i personally couldn’t care. If the white race wants to breed their race out of existence fine by me

Stanford Blondes

Great video. I went to Harvard for my undergrad and Stanford Law for grad school. Both schools have very educated and good looking Asian men like the Hottie in this video. They dated VERY beautiful women of multiple races.

Boston’s nightlife is filled with sophisticated yuppies, and Asian men had no trouble. I think women in general like men who are tall, dark, handsome, educated, successful, and money doesn’t hurt. Race isn’t the true deciding factor. I’m the first person who can confirm this due to being in the West Coast and East Coast/progressive cities.

Yes, one can argue certain races statistically have had more opportunities, so the Amount of people they attract appear higher, but I don’t believe it’s due to the color of your skin.

Hope there will continue to be more Hapa sons and daughters.



Reddit hapa is just a bunch of beta male incels crying about not getting laid by white chicks. If you study the stats in the U.S. they're just about full of shit on everything. White men are more likely to date or marry outside of their race in general. 95 percent of married mixed race men in the U.S. are either married to a white woman, or another mixed race woman. So as you can see - the reddit hapa beta male incels are in reality..just a small group of guys that suck at life and want to bring everyone else down to their level.

Brett Selby

I think you missed the mark a bit on why r/hapas is so angry. I think they are generally projecting anger rooted in resentment for their parents, rather than an anger due to being single. When they attack Asian women for being 'white-worshipping', it's because they relate those women to their mothers, not to sexual partners.


Your Mom is Asian right?


Lol you're so proud of yourself getting puhpuh you don't care what the truth is.


Is this a thing? What happened to we locked eyes, and we went from there. My ex's husband is Asian.


EurasianTiger would hate you because you're better looking than him. Just like he hated TerryTV.

Your Wisdom Tooth

If half European half Asians have problems with identity then why should race mixing not be seen as a problem?

End of Asian Denial

Wow, thank you for making this video. I'm glad someone else can see this. It really stops their growth and honestly the internet only fans the flames, saying "yeah, it cause of stereotypes." What I've ended up seeing is very depersonalized and lost asian people who can't just accept themselves entirely with all of their weakeneses as a human NOT an asian, and grow from the ground. It's honestly frightening and sad, because I've been them, and I've had to accept there is no helping them, they can only help themselves.


I am pretty sure white man and asian woman got together because they worship Elliot Rodger

Osama bin Diesel

As someone who has frequented r/hapas, this video is pretty biased and putting up a false narrative. You didn’t bring up the main issues as to why hapas call out WMAF couples. There’s a subset of racism and hypergamy coming from white men that fetishize Asian women and put down Asian men in a very “racially superior” way. Most people on that sub are hapas calling out their parents for being incredibly racist and disgusting, specifically towards Asian men. I don’t have a problem with interracial relationships at all, I’m latino and never dated a latina and I’ve mostly dated mixed black/white girls. My issue is when the reasoning behind your racial preference comes from an ideal of racial superiority and “moving up the ladder”. It’s no myth that there’s a lot of Asian women prefer white men because of status, believing all white men are wealthy and powerful, and quite literally believing Asians are inferior to whites on the genetic level. That’s what disgusts me about a lot of these wmaf relationships. I hope that you at least acknowledge this and are vocal about it seeing that you have a platform, as to not misinform your viewers.

Millevenon 585

Hapas are shit


I agree that victim mentality doesn't help anyone but your use of Eurasian tigers clip...the first part of it was talking from the perspective of the psycho Hapa Elliot Rogers POV..not his so your editing is biased af.


You hit the nail on the head with that sub Reddit. The number of times I've observed the hapa men on there swooning over white women. So much for being woke as most of them are with wf. Smh

Pepperoni Unicorn

Workout, work hard and get a good job, build confidence in ones self through fitness and/or a martial arts of some sort, woman love confidence, I was a skinny pimply faced dude in High school and I still managed pull decent girls because I WAS CONFIDENT and all else fails just marry a nice girl from a poorer country, once your getting laid all the time all this shit will disappear.... Most men of any race still need to make effort to attract someone, these incels and Hapacels just expect Pussy to fall from the sky in their laps.


Hapas are not really Asian.

WhiteWith DreamyEyes

I only watched until 2:09, then I rolled my naked eyes. I'm white, and I think it IS wrong that Asian women "prefer" to marry whites. It seems like reverse racism & a mere fetish from Asian women. In MY naked eyes, this WMAF thing is just a silly fad done by people who fail to attract their own kind! PS: I'm not racist


EurasionTiger hates anyone that is better than him and not a loser like him. if you're hapa with a good life then he will attack you. He speaks using grand sweeping generalizationa and stereotypes. Every, always, guarantee, words like that


I don't know if you are still interested on the topic but there is a sub called r/asianmasculinity which is a very incelish board too, very similar to r/hapas, lot's of angry views towards asian women and white men. Would be cool if you reviewed it.


Im a "happy" AMWF hapas and even though i don't agree 100% with /r/hapas they are true in some topics. I literally don't care about vent threads but those about the sexpats in Asia and the alt-rights Asian's fetish are straight spot-on.

Kathy Zhu

I completely agree with you! They attacked me for simply dating my white boyfriend.


You are in such blatant denial it's pathetic

Black Duck

i do feel some sympathy for these guys just because women consistently rank asian men the least attractive

Chang Baek

I think you're misunderstanding the anger on r/hapas. The actual Hapas are angry because most of their white dads were very racist towards Asians yet decided to marry an Asian woman because they were white-worshipping themselves who also might've had self-hatred towards Asians. Because their marriage was mostly based on race and not other attributes, what resulted were Hapa children who grew up to resent themselves for simply being Asian.

As for Asian men on r/hapas, they are angry because Asian women are throwing Asian men under the bus in order to gain acceptance from white men. It's okay for Asian women to prefer white men for whatever reason, but insulting Asian men in doing makes it seem as though Asian women have hatred towards Asian men, which would be a problem coming from Asian women, considering their fathers were Asian men themselves, hence self-hatred. This is not to say there aren't Asian men who feel entitled to Asian women more than non-Asian men. It seems that you've cherry picked the posts you wanted to use for this video and portrayed Asian men in a generally negative light, but they are not representative of the average Asian male on the sub.

As for media stereotypes of Asians, I would say they do have a significant role in ingraining a certain image in the population. The difference between stereotyping Asians and blondes is that almost all blondes are white, and considering most directors/producers are white themselves, it would be considered self-mockery and hence funny, whereas for Asians stereotypes, they are also made by mostly white directors/producers who only have a surface understanding of Asians and often make false representations of them. This is why black people can call each other the n word but not other races. It's okay to be racist/offensive within your own race, but not outside of it.

What's toxic about the sub is that WMAF couples are almost immediately seen as cringy, whereas AMWF couples are almost immediately seen as lovely. Those people are most likely leftist who only care about the coupling but not the individuals in the relationship. This is why the real problem of self-hatred among Asian women and Hapa children gets shadowed and gives the sub a bad name.

Ben W.

Good video Adam. My son is hapa and as he enters into adolescence I find myself worrying a lot about how he's going to fit in and navigate this increasingly bitter and hateful world. I want him to grow up taking responsibility for himself and teach him that life never gives you what you want - it gives you what you work for.
God bless and I hope that all the mixed race kids can find peace and happiness. I love my son more than life itself and I wouldn't give him up for anything on earth. He is the best thing that ever happened to me, and I'm sure your parents feel the same about you! All the best!

Titus OneTen

hapas just look japanese to me. I dont consider them white at all.


Ehh, I can sympathize. While I agree that wallowing in self-pity isn't helpful (it's actually destructive), I do believe that Asian males (and black women) face unique challenges while dating. Still, if someone rejected you because of your race they're probably not the kind of person you'd like to be in a relationship with anyway.


You do realize that WMAF couples are statistically greater than AMWF, right?

Philip Wong

This guy looks more Asian than me lmao