Conan Exiles Gameplay - Improved Everything! E15

Conan Exiles Gameplay - Improved Everything! E15

40 368 views | 29 May. 2018

New Conan Exiles Gameplay - Conan Exiles Gameplay, Mods, Monsters, Building, Weapons, Armor, Food, Survival, and so much more! Check this out!

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I would target the foundation first and rotate the beam till it is in the correct position. Also switching stance or toolbar items will reset the rotation back to default

Calum Robinson

I love that i'm watching this in 2020 and they stiiiill havent fixed gate placement...good job there!

Zackery Lowery

Any idea if you'll play with the pooping evolved server peeps, Sl1p?

Trapped in The void

This is the nicest comment section I have ever seen

ancient hellhound

There was a world boss at the circle swords he was laying down right beside the sword you looked at him multiple times

Lord Quinn

When you were replacing the foundations and other things there is a dot where you are looking that helps for placement.

BigBoss DoWork

There is an emote you can learn if you go up the left path to the circle of swords instead of the right path that you took to get up there. Great episode Sl1p!!!! Keep doin what'chya doin cause we love it!


there is a emote at the circle of swords just out side the circle a bit down hill easiest to find in the dark there should be 2 ghosts stand watch a little east southeast form the circle of swords

John Doe

you missed one of the triangle pieces in when you were replacing them


What ever happened to surviving mars?


there's a chest by the circle of swords and there is a boos near the chest it is a Ent boss and it is really hard to kill.;

Anthony Fleisher

sl1p i have a great design for a gate placed in the middle like that

Trae Houston

You should [lace some witch fire around the "map room," give it a magical look.

Niño Carmel Campos

hi :)

Bang Wawa

Really love the blue torch..


There's a chest by the circle of swords, you looked at it several times. I'm not 60 so I couldn't open it yet. There's also a story stone higher up the hill.

Pokémon Hunter

Play ark
Plz slip




None of this ever gets old. Sl1pg8r is hilarious.


Love you too❤

Xplicit C Xplicit

There are just a couple of lote stones telling you about the area. They are on opposite hills. One from Tazma the Witch Queen and the other from the giant kings which is square in shape. <S

fric stix

Do one out, one down, one out, one down, two out, one up, one out for the bridge.

Dean Hensley

If you use fence foundation it will let your gates snap.


oh dear.. xD its going to be BLUEish all over again xD


there is a chest at bottom of one swords and a world boss there looks like shur

Anthony The Great


Dark assassin

Your amazing i love this game


Great video once again! And those wizard lights are so cool!

Bill Billinger

They really need a S+ type mod for Conan Exiles. I know, for myself anyway in Ark S+ is a necessity.

James GG

Ye'r a _wizard_, Sl1p.

Sam Hardman

awesome vid


There's a chest there, only unlocked with a skeleton key. Hint: Sleeping Ent looking deal

Obi - Wan - Cannoli

Herro slip

Aldo Liebenberg

Yes, there is a chest with a legendary weapon in it.

Tyler Shenkman

SLIP!!! instead of having the stairs in the middle of the bridge, why not have it go from the top of the shorter tower to the other one? it'll be straight across... i think? haha might be more aesthetic-erly pleasering.


hearing someone outside maybe it was one of the others on the server running by and checking the name on the door or it could of have been one of your thralls moving a little

Damon Santori

When placing the GATES, if it wont Snap where you want it, Especially when making gates, Using the Fence pieces work great as a 3 piece floor Door frame, Giving the gate something to grab onto and Snaps together..


Can you spawn in gods on pvp yet

Dog E. LauLau

stone brick vs sandstone, who really cares? Seems like a lot of effort for a slightly lighter shade of brown.




Love this series Slip.....plz keep them coming...(as quick as you can). :-)

King Of The Monsters

He missed a triangle in the squircle.

0o Dan.B 7xD o0

Pls read my comment that I posted on ur other vid it is heart warming and took a long time to type

Raging Bunny

a boss is at the circle of swords

Pro Troll

This is the most un polishes game I've ever played. Playstation said no refunds too.


circle of swords, i bet you missed the hidden fella which holds the key to the chest next to the broken sword.
why not go to volcano at the top almost, there some thralls up there with named cook. bring 2 sets of armor cause running around naked and fighting doesn't work well. you'll need cooling set and to wear mask to protect from bad gas.

thralls up there look like they are wearing reptilian armor

over gamer

Can you please play subnautica because its fully out now

niilo 22

Ok now start grinding


Sl1p there's a chest and boss at the northern pillar of circle of swords


There's a boss creature there that drops endgame keys and a chest there.

Thick Flavor

Fence foundations can be very helpful for squirrelly placements of gates and things.


always love your vids man, the energy and enthusiasm always on point. keep'em coming :)

Catherine A. Bruderly

Can u do xbox one plz. I love your vids plz play with me!!!


So placing supports "IS" a mouse on a wheel.

Empty Mag Gaming

There is a boss at the circle of swords you were like 5 ft from him... He looks like a giant gnarled tree thing right next to one of the swords. He is sleeping and not aggro.

Gabriel Suárez

Best Base ever!! Amazing, Sl1p!!

Rogue Womble

i use fence foundations to encase the outer wall its an extra layer of protection and stonebrick and higher kicks climbers off sometimes.

Frank Mcclatchie

There's a boss at swordhenge, looks like a pile of sticks but it's a huge basta... guy

Martin Tapley

Can u do more of the subnautica episode please

kingdom of kings

What are the swords are there is a giant tree boss you are standing right next to you


Your floating thralls make me think that they are being hung from your bridge.

Mr Taxwell

Sl1pg8r, i ran into the same issue with the gate, if you cant get the door right you can try using fence foundations and it helps line it up

Jerry Doeden

I actually love this series

Nicholas Sherman

Wasn’t sure how to get ahold of Sl1p without bothering his business email so peeps please like this comment so he’ll see it. A YouTube channel called SHADOW FIGHT FAN is using the Sl1pg8r symbol for his channel and just thought Sl1p should know.


I gave a bone torch to my dancer. He's now ready for the circus as a flame juggler. Works great!

Boss Man

that emote in the start of the intro LMAO


i actually love everything sl1p does lolll everything is amazing


Sl1pg8r the circle of swords has a world boss and chest.


I love that this game has fancy words like "ichor" and also silly words like "goop". Haha!

Rogue Gaming

What happened to aberration ?

troy fisher

Sl1pg8r do you play with beef anymore?


Hey Slip,
you might want to check out the black ice building materials. With the gathering rate upped, you get tons of that stuff in the north.
Have a great day.

DS Outdoors

play more pixark

Masozi Uduak

There are 2 lore stones near the circle of swords as well as the world boss and its chest