The Most Disturbing Thing in Star Wars Legends -- the Mnggal-Mnggal Explained

The Most Disturbing Thing in Star Wars Legends -- the Mnggal-Mnggal Explained

669 657 views | 9 Dec. 2018

Today we cover the most disturbing thing in Star Wars Legends - the Mnggal-Mnggal, or the Flood of the Star Wars Universe.

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Justin Walberg

This makes me think of the grey ooze apocalypse theory, that eventually we'll make a nanomachine to eat up the carbon based oil spills for example, but they malfunction and will end up eating all the biomass on earth.

Christopher Tryhorn

The more I dive into the expanded universe of Star Wars the more I think the Jedi were children in thinking the Sith species were the biggest and scariest threat to the galaxy

Disappointment Chips

What is Bendy and the Ink Machine doing in Star Wars?


A Star Wars horror game is deff needed now after this. They did a solid job with Jedi fallen order so hopefully they dig more into other genres in the Star Wars universe.. a horror game n a open world game based in the slums of coruscant..

Boris Kljaic

are you sure carpenter didnt invent this "thing"

Evan Abbott

How do you say it? Nall Nall?

kenneth rodriguez

Is it just me or does the Mnggal-Mnggal remind me of John Carpenter's The Thing

Commander Jason

It's creatures like these that make me wish we just had the option to glass planets when they pop up in the Star Wars universe...

Ibrahim Abu Bakar

This is eerily similar to the flood. Nightmare fuel

Oliver Shagnasty

so its "The Thing"

Mittens FastPaw

Fuck that...

Mike Bartkovich

Little bit like John Carpenter's the thing


I dunno... A little unoriginal. And it doesn't make sense it would be an evil being. A creature of this cosmic scale and age wouldn't need to bother with an emotion like sadism.

Jay Hill

if you can only kill it with fire how bad would it be if some spores got onto (courasaunt?) the fish planet mando was on recently?

Gooddin Hero

Sounds like somebody read Dean Koontz's "Phantoms" and based many aspects of the Mnggal-Mnggal on the Ancient Enemy from that Dean Koontz novel.


Special thanks to Zack for editing today's video - I had no time to edit and he bailed me out. Check out his channel and subscribe:

I know the style is different, but there is NOTHING on this topic.


The name 'Flood' would apply in more to this thing

Nixum Me

Every time I hear about StarWars and a parasite I can't help but think about that one Clone Wars episode that scared me as a kid lol.

Arjyadeb Sengupta

Now now


I think I've finally been given the right to say KILL IT WITH FIRE

[place name here] [place surname here]

Multdimensional dangerous clay that posseses you


So they are the star wars equivalent of the flood

Tnynfox Official

Don't believe the Big Jedi lie - Mnggal-Mnggal is just the flu.

Maladroit Knight

What is the art piece on the right in the thumbnail?


Meow meow? What's Meow meow?

Mintleopard 3700

It reminds me of the thing


Exterminatus is in order here, I think.


Sounds like the flood...or the shoggoth.


What's the Flood, Migos, the Mnggal-Mnggal, and the necromorphs have in common?:

Existential horror.

Opaque Obscurity

So basically offbrand version of "The Thing", except less gruesome and bloody

Timothy White

Reminds me of the beast from homeworld cataclysm

The life of Doug

So basically “ The Thing “ of the Star Wars universe


Wait, hold my death sticks, I gotta hit up starkiller base real quick.

Ethan Pattison

I’ve never seen a better reason to call an Exterminatus

Beneko '11

This video displeased the senate


So the Flood basically.


Vex from Destiny anyone?

Jurong Otter

I read it as menggal-menggal, which has absolutely no meaning in Malay.

quinn rice

This is just dead space

R . Todd Kramer

Burn it with fire.

Saber 22

I tapped on this video (on mobile) just to hear you pronounce it


Legends likes to make it so the events of the movies were far from the scariest and most threatening things in the galaxy.


So basically, they are the flood from halo but in star wars

zi'Krona br

a being that could potentially be omniscient, has an absurd reach and is naturally evil? scariest thing in star wars sounds about right.

Lieber Tot als Rot Rather Dead than Red

The flood has mutated

Turkey Sandwich

Shit this is StarWars Flood

Dorian cardenas



this is the Star Wars version of the flood

Caden Mitchell

So the halo flood

Cole G

Lol what are these visuals tho


Halo's "the Flood" comes to mind.


Mugg Fallow is a planet in dire need of a Death Star or Base Delta Zero.

Daddy Dagoth

I really miss the more weird 90s early 2000s side of Starwars. I just don't see that side ever returning with Disney cannon


" Why would you do that? "
Mnggal-Mnggal: " Hehe funny. "


I still think Abeloth is the most disturbing

Twisted Cogitamentum

What is it, more Stormtroopers?


Javier Estavillo

Why does Star Wars have so many scary things

Max Menius

This is why I barely include legends into my head canon


So The Thing and The Flood in one?

Chay Warburton

Makes me think of Prey.

Ace of Games

So basically the Flood made it to a Galaxy Far Far away.

Meliodas 1172

So wanna use starkiller base on them?

Bryce Hamm

Should have used scenes from The Stuff lmaooo


This is just the flood of Star Wars

Little Heretic

im sure that somebody already mentioned it - but guys, im happy to know, that there is analog for Flood and Brother Moons in SW universe. That will be great anthagonist for chonologically last part.

PIE Files of the Paranormal

Ok, say I’m stupid but the Flood would win, they have taken over a Halo ring twice and destroyed the Greater Ark and Greater Array... sooo maybe they didn’t destroy the eleven rings and the Greater Ark they use that one this bitch and it’s game over

Valengar Septum

Pus of Man from Dark Souls.

Julio saez

definitely shogots

Atom Punk55

This would be a perfect SCP Entry

Sam D

Definitely not Disney approved


Little did I know, my x-gf was actually a Mnggal-Mnggal...

Lyndsay Brown

Hmm...not unlike my ex-wife, am I right?

Just kidding.

Bob Bob

It kind of just of just feels like a toned down version of the flood from Halo.

Kole Lummerding

The flood of starwars.

WaywardHero 117

Love that 40k reference pic you threw in there

Kwaivious Sankensa

So the mnggal mnggal is just an asshole goop.

Brendan Reguera

So basically the Star Wars version of the Flood

Squids in Space

Planetary living ocean talking to the visitors, it sounds like some callback to Stanislaw Lem "Solaris" book.

Vagodin Fir

"The now now"

Back Road Blast

Why really puckers my ass about the ST isn’t the Mary Sue stuff, it’s the lazy assed story telling. They had the entire extended universe from which to draw inspiration, and we got a warmed over bowl of 50 year old oatmeal. What a missed opportunity.

Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon

So it's just John Carpenter's the thing.


The entire thing being an ocean on its planet it’s kinda reminiscent of the founders/changelings from Star Trek
They’re a liquid species that naturally exist as an ocean where each individual is linked to each other to essentially form one collective mind
Though this link is only maintained though physical contact

casey gray

its like a Lovecraftian monster only with less racist under and/or overtones

yeezy clout


Comrade Luke


John T

So, a purely evil and completely interconnected version of the Flood. I noticed how you very carefully avoided connecting the two.

Christine Bouzas

So... the flood

Cesar Victoriano


Me: Do doo do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do!

Asher Hockersmith

On the podcast app I use, the Exploring Series uses the psudonym mgnaal-mgnaal.

Szabolcs Iván

The original living ocean thing is from Stanislaw Lem's Solaris

paul grimsdale

Sounds like grey goo

Brett Everson

Id love to see , their home planet . How they'd react to a sudden appearence of life so close to home etc


Excharts loves Star Wars & Halo. These guys are nasty but I think the flood is scarier


...So it's a Symbiote.


So the mnggal-mnggal are basically the klyntar, to a degree

Lord He4d4ss

Sounds like the flood from halo

Dral_ Solus

Kinda sounds like the Star Wars version of the venom symbiote in a way


Me: Laughs in triple layer beskar hazmat suit.

Jack B

This is really cool man! Love this channel BTW. It's almost like a combination of The Flood from Halo and The Pathogen from Prometheus. I started to get Lovecraft vibes fairly early on in this vid only for you to mention that later on

Code Black

3:46 missed a perfect chance to put a clip from the waters of mars