Minecraft SevTech: Ages | 13 | WaterWHEEL POWER!!! | Modded Minecraft 1.12.2

Minecraft SevTech: Ages | 13 | WaterWHEEL POWER!!! | Modded Minecraft 1.12.2

67 181 views | 21 Apr. 2018

SevTech: Ages is a Minecraft modpack available on the Twitch Launcher. It mods Minecraft 1.12.2

SevTech: Ages is a progression based modpack where you have to work through different tech ages to advance, the goal is to end up in space.

World Download EP10: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1bsGpZJE7NXSfjtPM53GHPvHWriW593tf

● Twitter: www.twitter.com/iskall85

● Website: www.iskall85.com


● Patreon: www.patreon.com/iskall85

Download Sevtech: Ages yourself on the Twitch Launcher, search SevTech in the ALL MODPACKS section, and click install. Make sure to allocate 6GB of RAM.


"I will eat my vegetables... for now." - Iskall, 2018

Aabecee DeeEff

13:35 Omg that cut made me worry about you being blown up way too much than I should have. XD

Nirav Sharma

44 to 48 is 8 percent according to him

shootdead 1993

this looks like a super pack but I cannot play it as my laptop is not that good cannot wait to get my new laptop soon then i can play it looks epic


If you go in the mod option tab you can change the BetterFont mod to default

Green Stone 11

Really great series loving every episode


If you get water from an ocean then it's an infinite water source unlike the river outside your base


You have sooo much wheet why cant you just farm the buffalo’s?

Angel VanB

This is an insane serie, REALLY Enjoyable to watch ^^. Never ever stop this please

Teresa Booth

??? You hit the creeper then jumped at it again and you went into your inventory.


When do There come hermitcraft?


44%/48% = 8%

Virginia LK

Best part of Sevtech is the utter satisfaction you get from the little things that open up to you - makes you appreciate all your hard work.

Dakota Moore

Oh my god, it's amazing! It's a wooden piece of crap that spins!!
Best. Iskall quote. Ever.

Cukerman Kastelec

Btw you can connect mill to axle

Keshav Verma

100% the advancments plzzzzzzz

Alex Perez

I think maybe the main difference with SevTech for you iskall85 is the fact you can't become OP very fast like other mod packs. I think by now you'd have creative flight in another pack. Keep up the good works

'Asloyd '

i dont like quests without rewards, its pointless...SevTech is pointless


Fun episode!

cool stuff

hail iskal deat ht oall diorite


To grindy for my liking oddly cause I love skyblocks

AJ Piskel

I know this is an older video, but here's a comment maybe for people going through this series later like I am. If the Hemp works the same as Immersive Engineering's Hemp, you only want to break the top part of it because it'll grow faster instead of needing to replant it every time.

anton høyer

Är ditt namn iskall från svenska is kall och du låter svensk

James Surname Pending

I'm loving this mod. I'm finally getting a pc next month and this maybe the first thing I use it for haha


Hoppers! You will need lots of them for your automation.


Lol, who heard his phone go off??

Shouldn't Give Name

Little did he know that bat meat would cause a disaster

Floris Stassen

This series is awesome just like the modpack, thank you so much for making the series ^^


6:15 he didnt even notice the shark xD

Aristotelis Virinis

we love overtime !

Eddie Dx

I love it, thanx for the good content.


Go to the middle of the river (proper river biome and ocean), the water behaves like water in vanilla minecraft and will be infinite

Adam Hill

You should see if there is a thing that can store the power

The Idiotic Dodo

more power more!!!!!


that moment when he realizes he can use the watermill with the grindstone aswell to not use the manual crank anymore

Joseph Milazzo

The problem I see I'd you are focusing on just advancing as quick as possible and not exploring other quests which can help you significantly, like irrigation channels.

Just Avs

Me in 2020 hearing shes eat a bat .Me CORONAVIRUS

Muhammed AlRajab

" it is amiazing it is crap that spins"

Robert MacWha

The mod 'better with mods' is like a new version of the better than wolves mod, with less dung.

- Slinger -

I love this modpack, so I installed it myself. Unfortunately it takes like 15 mins to start up :(

Kedama FOE

i realy wish this mod would gut all the magic stuff and just be about tech


Be careful, you wont be getting out of age 2 very soon!

Виктор Кирин

It's cool

Lucca Phillips-Roberts

Raw bat meat!!,
Oh no no no no


Loving this series and how excited you are playing it. <3

Mike W

So low on food that he threw carrots in the ocean

Danielle Moreno

Actually Iskall, certain kinds of bat meat taste really good, and is eaten In areas that are infested with bats.


you should be able to put a lever on the side of the saw or gear boxes to turn them off so they dont break.


"My recording time is way over" got me to click the like button automatically. This is so awesome!


0:53 With Scar

mohamed bayoumi

9:50 and then covid-19 started

ikrazy كريزي

31:51 you are good man

Teresa Booth

I skipped the blood magic videos because it’s boring to me

Golden Bottle

thank you for sooo much videos of sevtech


This is a great series

Alexander Zangal


Reality Jaunt

I refuse to smash the like button, I'm a pacifist, but I will gently caress it. I hope that is good enough.

Melgirl ・。・

I don't want it stop! Never! Love these series


This pack would be cool if they liberate vein miner or ore excavator at a certain age!


The noches on the turn table are for speed

Samuel VanOrden

I love this series!! I usually don't like modded survival, but this is awesome! Keep us the good work!


I'm loving this series Iskall!!


I watched this video first not knowing anything about SevTech. It was exciting enough for me to go back and watch all the videos leading up to this and then watch this one a second time. This is a great modpack and a really good series on your channel. Heck, I might even subscribe :P


It's funny that you learn you use the power of water and make a saw before you learn to move water. Lol.

John Paul Jones



Make 3 strainer base for the 3 different types of strainer nets.. You will get a lot of materials passively for free overtime including food.

cool stuff

iskal is not a nerd even though he says he is  he is a minecraft genius

Kenah Lightpaw

13:36 for a second I thought you screwed up opening the inventory and ignoring the creeper XD

Short Man Walking

"That's amazing - it's a wooden piece of crap that moves!" - priceless quote! :-)

Vinícius Chaves

If only he knew he could move water since the beginning of Age 1 with Water Channels... But yeah, why read the advancements, right? They're garbage


44 + 8 = 48
Yes, seems correct.


Which way is the saw moving?

Vera Guindos

This serie is exciting, I love how yo go from cavern man to middle age now, can't wait to see what's next. You should put the mill next to your house, to the left, this way you don't need to go outside everytime you need to work, you can make like a "cave watermill room" :P


13:32 you cut this part so good that I thougt you would blow up

Arcella Sangle

iskall the water wheel does not break gear boxes and stuff its only the windmill that will break stuff, also if you put a lever on the gear box ( yes i know you cant make one JUST yet next age though ) you can turn off individual gear boxes meaning you can turn off certain machines when your not using them

Milo Traballano

Me watching Iskall eat the bat meat in 2021


Varför sa du det på svenska?


I believe the thing on the side of the turntable changes the speed of which things on it change

DERPuty Dog

9:58 iskall munches on a bat wing

Acidspitting Emu

I am really enjoying this series. I can’t play it myself, as my potato PC doesn’t get along with 1.12 modpacks, so I’ve gotta live vicariously through videos. I know a lot of people are streaming this pack, but I prefer to watch in video format as opposed to streaming.


At 13 37 where did the creeper go

Jonas Hansen

I freakin love this series!!!


I wish he can live stream


2:42 "We need to find Mulberry Trees" Little did he know he was looking directly at one :D

Golden Bottle

you are ameazing


I found making meals work well for food. There is baked potato, pork, and carrot. Gives you multiple nutrition with each food i think protein and veggi. 3% each

Ripanu Adrian

Third wheel

Sulaim Rashid

iskall u can make wooden hoppers

Zach Ziegler

Try having multiple wooden axels on the side


"It's amazing! Its a wooden piece of crap that spins!!!" HAHAHA XD

Nelson Mashiri

i,m vewy hunwgy!
(i,m very hungry on seal language)

Arthur Rodrigues

20:26 it's amazing, it's a wooden piece of crap that spins

Florian Kast

Hey Iskall,

the gearbox has technically two different sides, the input (the one with the arrows on it) and the output sides (the other 5 sides)

You can distribute the mechanical power with axles and gearboxes to different machines. The Waterwheel is capable of powering all three machines in the same time.

Between two gearboxes can be up to three axles.

Lothar Quest

Iskall, you can put axles (and machines) on every side of the gearbox, except the one with that big hole and a sign on it. That one needs to come from where the mechanical power is generated (or from the gearbox that is sending that power forward)

KiriXBaku :D

When he said bat meat it scared the shit out of me cuz corona...

lior appleboim


Luke Cogswell

You swam right past a shark around 6:40


this episode was full of Joy I love it keep it up


44 to 48 is 8% apparently ;p


Anyone else notice the phone notification at 20:58