ROME II | Divide Et Impera | Roman Reforms event cutscenes

ROME II | Divide Et Impera | Roman Reforms event cutscenes

59 522 views | 21 May. 2017

Hello dan salam sejahtera ! As promised that I'll do military reforms cutscenes for our Divide Et Impera (DEI) video mod for all playable factions which will be out soon. These cutscenes will appear when you reached certain imperium and turns. For now, I'll show you guys my Roman Reforms event cutscenes.

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Mods that I used in the cutscenes:

-Divide et Impera

-True legions for true Romans (Divide et Impera submod)

-Imperial legions of Rome


Europa Barborum - Main theme

Europa Barborum - Roman theme


we eb2 now


Great content. Keep it up!

Horatio Thomas

I enjoyed the change of music, it was well done


It's funny that the video is abour RTW2's Divide Et Impera but the soundtrack is from RTW 1 mod Europa Barbarorum.

Akash Nagra

Imperial reform turned me on

Malay Archer

0:04 -Polybius reform
0:36 - Marian reform
1:14 - Imperial reform

Other playable factions reforms cutscenes will be out in few days. Guess which faction will be next ? ;)

David Quezada

diodotiens reforms next!


Dude keep up the phenomenal work!


0===D:::::::::::::> SUPERB!

Danny James

This is what total war needs. More personal connection....but they took the speeches out of thrones so it seems they are out of touch. The general cards look like Sunday morning cartoons.

G.G. Gaming HD

What turns are do we see these reforms


Really great


When is this out?

Joshua Corney

The units look much better than DeI, are using using any mods to enhance the game?


imperial reform soldiers looks super bulky and big


Where did u get the Marian reform units? The ones in the mod are different.

Yukio Shinmon

Imperial reforms <3

Benjin's Workshop

Very nice, good job!

Laurentius Postumius Pulcher

Hah ... when the mod came out and now I can't even play it thanks to my GFX card's software malfunctioning.


gona get dei, compared to vanilla how much does it affect performance regarding amount of units??

Jeremy Chau



0:12 LMAO, Two Imperial-era Scutums in the background

Jason Wolf

Can't wait to see these videos in game! great work.

Alexander Athanasiades

Hello guys, i am pretty deep into the campaign with Rome 2. I have researched the last tech in the technology, i have passed turn 208 BC and i still haven't triggered imperial reform in the campaign. What am I doing wrong? Any ideas? Do i have to construct the level iv barracks?

Bernat Agell

You could have shown the Eastern Roman Empire's army. It was also a reform and still was the Roman army. Still cool video.


ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!!!? because i am :)

David Zeski

Hey, are these active on the current version of DeI? I've played with the Romans multiple times and don't have the cutscenes - they look phenomenal!


Kudos to the Modders as always, thanks for the cutscenes Malay Archer, you are the best.

Dimitris Vogiatzis

is this submod only for divide et impera?

Michael Goldsmith

Question are these units actually in dei as I still haven’t seen a single unit that uses lorica segmenta exclusively but I have seen one that uses a mix of lorica and hamata segmenta (steel plate armour or chainmail)


Oh yeah yeah

Alvaro Ruiz

When modders save a game

Muhammad Syauqi Bin Mohd Asngari

Forgive me for not catching up but, how does each reforms effect the gameplay?


Looks amazing!

Can i ask you which graphic/GEM FX is being used ?

Thank you

Tom Della Valle

This mod in unbelievable


This game is so good now. I can play DEI for hours and hours and not get bored. Team Dresden is amazing!

Varied Gamer

I've used the mod for a while now but I've never seen these clips after reforms? Any help?

Linus Magnus

Authors of this mod made one myth based mistake - regarding Roman equites. Roman equites are always wrongly shown as not so great cavalry force. That view is wrong.
Truth is, Roman equites were superb cavalry unit. They were better than Gallic cavalry or many other superb cavalry units of the era. They excelled at battle of Magnesia, in many Republican battles equites were the ones to win the battle on wings and lead Roman legions into victory. Equites shown their quality many times besting Thesalin cavalry, cataphracts, Gallic cavalry, German Cavaly...etc.
Wrong view about equites came to life because Romans started to rely on foreign cavalry units with time...but why?
Was it because Equites were bad and foreign cav units better? No.
It was because of how were equites ranks filled - based on status and wealth - so there were just no place for them after Marian reforms and Rome started to seek cavalry units elsewere.
Problem is - in this mod Equites are shown as not so great cav units and they were one of the finest and best cavalry unit of the era.


The makers of the Divide Et Impera, you guys are great. Thank you so much for what you're doing!

Alex- 117

Awesome!!! Are they in the latest version? I recently started playing with DEI and it's fantastic!! It feels like a new game; congratulations to you and all the team for the work :D


Just do the famly tree..that is all we ever neaded