Durva - Visit hotstar.com for the full episode

Durva - Visit hotstar.com for the full episode

104 176 views | 1 Apr. 2015

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In episode 660 of Durva, aired on 31 March 2015, Durva to give a TV interview

Mandodari asks Durva and Keshav to attend a TV interview. Mohini accuses Mahipati of being indifferent towards her. Durva informs Malvika that she has appointed Sonali as her PA. Raosaheb advises Keshav to mend his relationship with Durva. To know more, keep watching Durva...

'DURVA' showcases how people, even loved ones, are used as pawns and sacrificed in power games depicting the conflict between a reluctant pawn and power hungry king-makers. Durva is a story about an innocent girl who, for political gains is married into a conservative and power hungry family. Story takes turns when Durva becomes a pawn for gaining political leverage for everyone in that family.

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