FFXIV: Yokai Watch 2020 Event Guide

FFXIV: Yokai Watch 2020 Event Guide

75 938 views | 19 Aug. 2020

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If the event is in uldah, might help if you mentioned where the recompense officer was in uldah, not in limsa. Minor detail, as most of us can research this on our own as I did.. but just a suggestion for upcoming videos. Thanks for your content!


Finished getting all weapong from 3am start time to about 5:30 -6ish pm.. i do not reccomend doing it that way, but whats done is done. I never want to touch a Fate again in my life.


Just wanted to say thank you for making this. I had no idea how this event worked and your minion/zone list has saved my life.

Isaac Shade


Shoutout to all of your Pagos elementals XD


If anyone had the Yo-Kai Watch it should have been in the Armoire!

Simket Blue

I'm a big fan YW I'm so glad it's here! ^^


literally gonna DL it again just to play this event


anyone know what areas to go to get komajiro medals?

Nexel Ray

So four of them are locked behind expansions content
That’s too bad

Tats Sacs

Question. If you get all the minions and weapons, where do you get the mounts?

Random Doodles

They should have kept his name as Kaira.


Best place to farm fates??

Sam Ahboltin

NICE glam.


Do you need Stormblood for any of the weapons?

Daniel Sobota

4:40 list of zones and pets to summon durring FATEs didnt include Komajiro pet (Central Thanalan, East Shroud and Western La Noscea).

Mutton Curry

I didn't realised I need to summon my minion...


i hope you continue the re-creation of npcs serie

Rizoh 愛

2:30 you say if we have atleast 13 of the minions, we get the mount. How do I redeem the mount?? I see in my achievements section I’ve completed it, but i dont see my mount or “Whisper-go key” anywhere

Scott Lawrence

Does Eastern La Noscea not have minions?


There is no komajiro? I need help! Lol

Jeeno Gaerlan

@Meoni First of all thank for making the video bro. Just want to mention that your picture of Yokai legendary medal locations is INCORRECT because you have too many KYUBI locations and no KOMAJIRA locations listed. I was going by Meoni's list until I noticed I wasn't getting any KYUBI medals after doing a number of fates. Everyone just go by DUTY > COLLECTIONS > YOKAI MILLENIUM OR CHARACTER > MINION GUIDE > OPEN YOKAI MEDALLIUM if you need help finding which minions goes to which locations.

AngelG Padilla

I got all minions but didnt see the mount? What happened?

Jason Hater

I must be overlooking something. I have all of the minions but I don't see where to pick up the mount.


It has truly been a pain in my ass trying to do this as a DRG.. it’s so hard to land a hit lmao

Rollo Ross

Hey Meoni. I love your videos but have noticed there are things I’d love you to do videos of and there are no videos out there. What’s the best way to contact you?

Touch TheBacon

More like Blue Mage madness.


I got my 13 minions, where do i go to get my whisper go mount?

Tabby Scientia

I managed to get all the Yokai... but I didn’t get my Whisper mount. Please help!


Best place to farm fates??


Best stormbloood map for the last two ?


If you're a noob like me and can't find your key, you have to speak to the guy in Gridania who awards items to you for your achievements. I thought it bugged out, but no, I'm just dumb


Well...shit. I only just started Heavensward, and I'm a Samurai. Assuming the Katana is earned from fates in SB areas. Ugh, I move through content pretty slowly in this game. Hopefully I make it there in time :/


I actually just discarded all my left over medals a couple months ago...


so i finally just got the last of the weapons and boy do my hands ache i haven't button mashed that much for that long since i was raiding back in wow (so legion as a pug in LFR and Wrath for 25man back in the day)

so im putting all the weapons away and oddly all the old ones go into the Armoire but the 4 new ones haven't been given that tag which i can only guess is an oversight but its really odd and a pain as im out of room in my Glamour dresser and nearly out of room in my gear bags.

Nyda Lilia

Hahaha that cactuar mount at the end running around in circle made me laugh, now I need 4 more weapons I'll be glad when done ... mt poor brain lol


Can't find Komajiro! or am I just that blind?


Sucks I can’t get the storm blood weapons since I’m only in HeavensWard content

rd 77

i was waiting for a queue to pop, decided to do a fate in the meantime and boom: "Huge fate train in Eastern Thanalan? Why?" Just a little brain shut down
So I went to look at my Yo-kai Medallium .. "Where? Where is it? They removed it?" yes, brain is still in start up mode. not fully functional (they moved to the collection menu, just fyi)
And then I realized how old this was in my inventory. I still have 150 medals, divided in stacks of 99 because that was the limit back then
(that means 150 fates and I still don't have all the weapons from the old event)
edit: they nerfed the event heavily, didn't they? it used to be "you need 73 Minion Tokens and 222 Weapon Tokens for everything" back in 2017

Alex Estler

Thanks Meoni was just wondering how to get started in this!!

cody Kaufman

My ps4 hard drive got corrupted so now I can't even join this event ;-;


Psst. Komajiro locations are missing from that graphic at 4:37.


just a pro tip to those of you taking your watch off. I never did and my friends made fun of me. who do you think was laughing when all they had to do was go buy the minions because they had an abundance of medals? do you think my friends took their watches off this year? lol


Is it me or are minions missing from the info graph. I've never done it before so i have to get all of them. komajiro was not on the list that i saw


I have all 17 minions and I didn’t get a key


I like how they might have to do something about blue mage preventing pretty much everyone but there group completing FATEs. This is yet another "Wanderer can do Ishgard FATEs in other world" kinda thing. Ive been running around 1 map for 1h and manage to make it in time to 3 fates. Thanks blu for ruining it for everyone else! :D I wonder when the dev in this game will develop some kind of oversight with those cheese. They didn't realize people playing this game are 1- Smart 2- Fucking lazy.


Hi, already have all these weapons, but i throw it, Can i have it again with a NPC without medals or i have to refarm it ?


Komajiro? I don't see it on the list?

Hildryn Magnus Morte

so i got all the minions but i didn't get a key. am i missing something? It's not even in my inventory


thank you sooooooo much!!!

edit to add: just wondering, i got all 17 minions, where does the whisper go mount appear? thank you.


So i never did the og yokai event, got all my medals last night. Easy, I thought to myself. Then I got 5 legendary medals, unlocked the Gunbreaker sword. Oh, this is super easy. THEN the game was like "oh, you now need 10 legendary medals to unlock weapons" ! =_= damn. If it goes to 15 and up for the next ones, I might cry.

Mitarai Ren

i've been doing fates with the watch on and no medals. i have no idea what i'm doing wrong, but i'm stupidly frustrated. i just want the dumb ghost car mount, darnit. DX


remember to check the party finder for groups in your area. it makes the farming that much easier/faster

Laura Nordell

oky so i got all the minions but no mount is there a quest for it ?

Felipe Díaz

I grinded all 17 minions, but I didn't get the mount. Looked on my achievements and got the one when you get 13 original minions and the "mount" as reward. But no on my inventory. I'm reading here that is happening to other players

Aru Jei

You're a life saver. Some of the details I was looking for in the official website I found only here. (Like the increasing number of medals/legendary medals). Really helpful guide. Thanks!

The King's Entertainment

very helpful for a new player

Renate -san

I got all minions but where is the mount? Its not in my inventory or on my mount list..

oNe_ eYeddd

Yo how do you get to the later zones to farm those 2 that need to be done in level 60 zones

Patrick Murray

great guide , I don't think the scholar weapon was mentioned for the zones and minions.

Komajiro - Western La Noscea, East Black Shroud, and Central Thanalan

Patrick blevins

4:45 Im still in ARR what do mean Heaven sword fates stormblood Fates what location of those

Jason Bartlett

I've purchased all the minions but recieved no mount... is there something I need to do to get it?

Daryl Chetty

Guys so I'm new to ffxiv and only just completed arr msq and I think theres another whole bunch of quests before heavensward. How do I access the dlc areas before doing the dlc msq?

Rudy Regalado

Thank you

Mr Shiggles

Is there a discord server for people farming this?


Maybe this is a glitch but it seems that the new weapons they added can't be added to the armoire like the original weapons. Frustrating bc I want them all in the same place while not taking up any Glamour Closet slots.


What minions are used for Eastern La Noscea?

Eiline Junginger

I cant see the Yo kai event and i have my watch from the last Yo kai event? do i have to get a new watch or am i late?
Plz help!


My black mage is 80 so I'm working on my machinist which is 72 and this event is helping me level. I have all the minions just working on getting all the weapons. If any of you guys are on Balmung my Au Ra is on there named Luna Moonlily.

Mad Mike0082

Omg why do you have 72 million hot keys on your screen lol

Zeo Jester

Where do you go to get the first mount tho? I have 14 of the guys. Lol


Im loving this event, ty


I've been doing FATEs for 2 days and haven't gotten a single medal. Idk what I'm doing wrong, or if it's bugged for me. And yes, I have my watch equipped.


i got over 13 minions but i do not have the mount?


If you don't have the class will they still let you buy the weapon for it?


i have all the minions but i dont have the mount, where or how do i claim it?

Michael Thouvenin

For some reason, the 4 new weapons can't be placed in armoire storage like the previous 13 could. Hopefully this is a bug that they'll be addressing soon, 'cuz I need all the physical storage I can get in this game. (I don't have a hoarding problem or anything, especially where glamour is concerned, no sir.)

Kshaos sohasK

How do I get the first mount? I already have all the minions

Rémi Laudet

When the event will end please ?


This was a grind. Not even sure if i can be bothered to get the cat mount lol


I went to talk to the npc for this event and he's not there, I did all the prerequisites and i have my old yokai watch on. Am I missing something?


kyubi is in central Tanalan in your list FYI


Thx you


This'll be my first collaboration in the game so, I'm gonna try to hop onto it and try to get a Yokai minion, and probably one of those weapons.


dude i obtain all the minion 17 minion tho holys111t, but i dont get key reward from achivment T_T

Salem Kane

These weapons look like they belong in a toys r us in 1999

Patrick blevins

2:46 didn't give me the key

Ken L.

wait what? you're a lala? yay!


I’m going bring my lowbie jobs to the starting zone fate and just soak up those delicious XP. I will have that date with destiny.

Heathery Pixeldust

I'm mind blown at how much grinding it takes to get the 3rd mount. How many fates did you have to do to get all 17 legendary weapons?

Miiu Yume

Im on level 18 and i started on Gridania but i have no clue how to go to Ul'dah ;-;/ please heeeelp. ; -;/


December? Thank God. I remember last time I did this was the first time it was running, and I came in late. Managed to get like two of the weapons, then it ended. Now I have plenty of time!

P.S. Only a max of ten medals per weapon? Wasn't it way higher the first time? Like thirty for the last one you picked?


Your glamour looks great, dude.


Accidentally farmed the bards bow

Izumi Koushiro

yoderu yoderu yoderu yoderu yokai deruken deru ranken!

Jessie Wooldridge

Thank you and lots of love Meo! I was so close to getting all the weapons during the last one for the Whisper/mini Jibanyan mount that lights up XD

Saladin Boss

So I got all 17 minions, but didn't get the mount after 13...do I need to trigger something to get the first mount?

League Replays

whats that red mage glamour

wont let you

I play Dark Knight :D

Ori noticesU

Thank you so much clearing up where to go when u need to reclaim the watch because u have done the event in the past but not claimed all the stuff u want. I was so lost when the npc wasn't showing for me. Love your videos meoni <3

serene rooney

I need that weapon for my dancer!!!