Jugo ABSOLUTELY DESTROYS Tosaka! || Boruto REACTION: Episode 103

Jugo ABSOLUTELY DESTROYS Tosaka! || Boruto REACTION: Episode 103

14 236 views | 29 Oct. 2020

Jugo ABSOLUTELY DESTROYS Tosaka! || Boruto REACTION: Episode 103. This Boruto reaction Tosaka reveals he wanted to surpass Orochimaru, which is why he wanted to beat Jugo at his strongest. Tosaka beat Jugo until he underwent his complete curse mark transformation. Jugo then ABSOLUTELY DESTROYED Toska, but he couldn't get himself under control. Boruto pulls a big brain play, stops Jugo, and Suigetsu heals all of the birds from the curse mark. what a SATISFYING ENDING TO THIS ARC!

ga_ Orca

People. who wait for the stream to start are real G's

Jan S.

Cant wait for the most after 120. Its straight fire

liyan .H


NxB Gamez

4:23 heisuten’s face “

Apoorv Singh

Heistuen did he just say that he wants to surpass orochimaru
Tosaka: I'll create the strongest curse Mark in the Shinobi world and surpass orochimaru
Orochimaru: you gotta be kidding you have a long way to go kid

Nyan Krunex


Athaya K.

We really want Lil Chinq to comeback here you guys make a really cool duo


Tosaka hungry for curse mark.. but nah, Jugo is stronger.


whats next arc?

Kamil Poskart

You don’t mess with Jugo

Mohammad Reza Afshar

Please re act to jujutsu kaisen

Mudu Rekha

can’t wait for 120

Mint Choco


shinobi x

Plz do some naruto amv reactions

Tahoes Limit

"Orochimaru can't hold a candle to me"
Famous last words before being rekt

Slick Prodigy

Can u do reaction to the anime of tokyo ghoul

LocaL Media

Tosaka ain't shit

jackie's truck

Lol, Mitsuki grabbing Sarada's arm before she bombed the geese reminded me of the time when Sasuke almost used Kirin on Naruto/Team 7 before Orochimaru grabbed his arm and told him he shouldn't.


Mhhhhh you kicked me out mhhhhhh

Apoorv Singh

Best character jugo

Lord Rimuru

That Suigetsu moment was pretty dope not gonna lie


how do i send a ban appeal for discord

matheus Nunes

they took Tosaka to meet the Orochimaru snake

ray ong

I’m gonna miss sumire. She’s actually one of the few people that uses animal summoning In most combats and most of them (hiruzen, jiraiya, kisame, pain, etc) are dead. Shes also one of my favorites because unlike most kids who are copy of their parents, she is different.

Hopefully we get to see others like iwabe denki etc


next arc you gonna see to Life Longs Rivals team up


where is today’s boru upload?

Kabutsuji Jackson

Demon slayer trailer 4 is released !


You should react to one piece. But don’t watch filler, because it will take 2 years I guess.

Oscar Gonzalez

I wonder how he's gonna feel about episode 115

Coach RD

1 dislike already. Hater got that notification bell turned on.

Joshua David

Tosaka’s voice actor is also Dio’s ironically.

storm fall

After the end of this arc,move to ep 120 and lil Chinq should be back.


Jugo is like hulk

liyan .H

Can u react to one of the following anime’s:
1- my hero academia
2-attack on titan
3- bongo stray dogs
4- bleach
5- Koruko no basket
6-full metal alchemist (brotherhood)
7- Tokyo ghoul
8- Demon slayer

Bijoy Chandra Roy

Ngl konohamaru is getting downgraded a lot except for the times he is not

Kaizoku Kage 3 years ago

This is not even a Fight. It's literally a Murder. Tosaka deserve that humiliation. I wish Jugo twisted his neck


No HxH today?

f L y

Tosaka is the real test subject in here

Luis Dagio

Day 3 of asking for 2 boruto videos a day

iDurex-_-PR YT

I don’t know why these vids aren’t getting that much views cuz I only watch boruto tbh

Viktor Borah

Orochimaru can't hold a candle to me - Top 10 BRUH moments

EmPtY MiNd

Tosaka said that Orichimaru can't hold a candle to him..a seconds later he got clapped by Orichimaru's own student..What a Clown.

Aymaan Aslam

That's how Sarada unlocks her Mangeyko Sharingan

Christian Rodriguez

Can't wait for him to get to the 130's. Not the best arc but take away the fighting and it was beautiful

Reymund Adorable

The only man who can tame Jugo even at his full cursed mark transformation is Sasuke. It was after Sasuke's battle with Itachi, and during that 5 kage summit in hidden iron village..

Viktor Borah

Did you pick up the hints of that Sumire x Boruto stuff?

K John

4:14 that pause

Lord Rimuru

Good old Dio getting his ass whooped again xD "Bye Bye Jugo!" little did he know...


Jugo clapped that nigga


I'm waitin' while drinkin' wine

Japhet Abbe

you may not do this but i really recommend listening to Rustage's raps on Naruto, Seven Deadly, etc. Your swole bodies gon grow. goddamn.

Diego Arias

yo i can’t wait until u get to episode 149 or 150 bro and can u do 2 episodes in one video for baruto series

Mohammad Kurniawan

Sometimes I wish Sasuke flesh arm wing form can comeback to show these jackasses WHO the strongest curse mark user is

Just A Random Fish Named Nemo

Great ending to the arc and the message it was telling , btw that part about Sumire leaving was in the manga as well so just know that Anime canon is still canon to the overall story and will connect with manga arcs as well.

That One Guy

I needed this entertainment. I saw a playful pit bull today my sister was scared of. So I played with her while she ran inside. I eventually went inside. 15 minutes later I came outside she was dead. Someone shot her...

IllusionBreaker 13

Tosaka: fight Jugo I said, it will be fun I said


Hey heisuten can you react to one piece? I know it’s a lot of episodes. But, one piece is master piece fight,emotional,throwback and more.....

The Adventure Trainer Ruby

tosaka is voiced by the same guy that does Dio

Dark Light

This one of my favourite arcs and when I remembered the manga I was like oh so that's why



Christopher Alexander

It's safe to say that Tosaka is the most hated character of not only Boruto, but of the entire Naruto franchise. At least Danzo truly wanted to protect his village despite his methods being corrupt.

Emperor Yagami

Next episode: You might see this as an adorable episode.

legend Endegrav

This was a REALLY good end to this short arc. despite your opinions on the beginning... you can start to tell this show is just keeps getting better in each arc.


You are going to be so excited for the next arc

Joaquin Olivos

his he going to upload hxh today ?

Leandro Diaz

mirai's arc is funny af


Remember Kids
The original Is always better.
Jugo claps


Def DIOs voice

Stuzzox the coco

This is literally one of my favorite arcs it’s so damn good, and that ending with the geese like HOLYY. This arc is so underrated man