Crafting Co-Processing Unit - Applied Energistics 2 Tutorial #18 (MC 1.7.10)

Crafting Co-Processing Unit - Applied Energistics 2 Tutorial #18 (MC 1.7.10)

52 189 views | 2 Oct. 2015

How do you make your Auto-Crafting faster? The short answer is with the Crafting Co Processing Unit, but only if your setup is designed for it. Basically you should always have one or two per Crafting CPU, and in this video I will go through what is required from your system to gain from it.

Info about the Co-Processor on the AE2 pages:

Key items and topics for this video:

- ME Network

- Crafting Co-Processing Unit

- Auto-Crafting

- Molecular Assembler

- Crafting Storage

- Acceleration Card

I have done several videos about AE2, so if there are items or blocks not covered in this one they can probably be found in another video. All my AE2 tutorials can be found in this playlist:


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Game info:

Curse Loader


FastCraft [1.21]

Applied Energistics 2 [rv2_stable-10]

Buildcraft [7.0.20]

EnderIO [1.7.10-]

IndustrialCraft 2 [2.2.718-experimental]

Tinkers Construct [1.8.5]

Thaumcraft []

Thermal Expansion [4.0.3B1-218]

Thermal Dynamics [1.1.0-161]

Thermal Foundation [1.2.0-102]

NEI []

Waila [1.5.10]




serious question here is it better to use import export buses or me interfaces with things like macerating and melting ores

Let's Play with D_Dae

the crafting "unit" requires 1 channel as well as each me interface? Does one need more than one crafting "unit" or can one just keep making the cube larger and larger and stay at only 1 channel?

Gaming Hoot

Am i the only one to speed up the videos to 1.25 because i think he talks slowly?


This System can still be faster only by adding a ME-Controller. You can connect and run ME-Devices together without having a controller, like in this Video, but everything works slower.
It's better to place a Controller without direct contact over the casing to other devices. Always connect the Controller with ME-Cables to other Things. So everything has to communicate over the Controller what makes it more efficient. I love to build Crafting CPU's with 4 Co-Processors, at least one crafting storage and one crafting monitor. Sometimes i build them even bigger with way more co-processors and crafting storages. When i have enough Material to craft 64k storage cells, every Crafting CPU gets at least two 64k crafting storages.
I build these so big to be prepared for the future. When you order an Item that needs a lot of another Items that have to be crafted with many crafting steps, it's always better to have more Co-Processors. I also like to build 8 Block high Auto-Crafting Towers with 4 Assemblers around one Interface and every Assembler becomes a full set of Speed upgrades. My ME-System is able to craft hundreds of Items in a few seconds.
I also prefer to think about how and where i connect every single ME-Device. So i use one ME-Cable from the controller only to connect crafting units and no other devices. Another cable is used only for the Auto-Crafting Towers. Another cable is used for HID-devices like crafting-Terminal, Pattern-Terminal and so on. It seems to me when connecting random devices with different functions, it can and will decrease the efficiency of the ME-System. It make sense, when i compare it to a real Computer and how the internal peripherals are connected.
As an example:
A Graphics Card that is mounted in the right PCI-e Slot gets 16 PCIe-Lanes with a full bandwith direct from the CPU without other things connected to the Lanes. The RAM is also directly connected to the CPU without other devices. If there is more than one PCI-e x16 Slot available, one of them can still be connected over the chipset, where many other I/O devices are connected to. And this ends up in less available PCIe Lanes for the PCI-e x16 Slot and in cause of this, less bandwith too. The Bottleneck in this case is the communication BUS between the CPU and the Chipset.
If both PCIe Slots are connected directly to the CPU you need a CPU with 32 PCIe-Lanes to provide full bandwith for two GPUs. If the CPU has only 16 Lanes, each GPU becomes only 8 of them. When you have more than one GPU installed it can be interesting to look with CPU-Z or other Tools which PCIe-Mode (x16, x8, x4) of each GPU is used.


Didn't know an interface could craft different patterns at the same time with co-processing units, I thought it just allowed multiple interface to work together.


my first setup was too fast for my test when i wetn to craft i never got to see it work in the molecular assembler so at first i thaught it wasnt working


Another AE2 video: I have investigated the Crafting Co-Processor. Here's the result!

Zep Verwimp

This really helped me out. Thank you tkh


So you're telling me I basically need one Co Processing Unit per Molecular Assembler (with 5 acceleration cards each) to have my auto crafting setup as fast as possible... Oh lord, my poor resources xd


This is a great explanation of how to speed up processing and what affects it! Just to note, when you are in the "Interface Terminal" and all your Molecular Assemblers look the same, each ME Interface is a the sideways/vertical row so to split up steps like making planks then crafting tables, make sure they aren't on the same row in your Interface Terminal. Also, you can compromise between spamming Interfaces surrounded by Assemblers by putting them in a grid of alternating Interface/Assembler. With channels, put a row of 4 dense cable down the side of a 4x4x4 cube of them and it will use 32 channels; Sort of an AE1 MAC style and with an Interface Terminal, you can still put patterns in even the inside ones.

Dustin Rodriguez

I love your tutorials. I do have a question, though. Ignore me if this is covered in one of your later videos. I'm pretty sure I've watched all the ones up until this one, and you haven't mentioned it yet... what is the purpose of all those "Config" boxes with the arrows pointing to empty inventory slots on the ME Interfaces? Also, are ME Interfaces seriously limited to only having 9 recipes? There is no way at all to expand that? As it is, I am imagining that I will need multiple ME Interfaces just to be able to automatically send ore through the pulverizer? Then multiple more to send the dust through the redstone furnace? It was more automated when I just dumped all my ore into a chest with a servo pulling them out and feeding them into the pulverizer that way...


Please Help!!    How do you click a stack of over 1000 crafting tables and activate the ability to craft them... I'm required to either clear the stack or change the view to premade craft patterns in order to start crafting and its very annoying

Brian McCaleb

Thanks for another great ae2 video!

Pedro Henrique Manchur

How much more craftingunit is faster?