Elona tutorial part 6: Bills and gods

Elona tutorial part 6: Bills and gods

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These two topics don't exactly go together, but neither one really warrants a full video, so here they are. I'll tell you briefly about how your monthly salary works, and how to pay bills. Then we'll totally shift focus and briefly go over how to choose and follow a god.

I have to confess, in all my years playing this game, I've never been too clear on some of the intricacies of gods. The wiki seems to indicate that it's possible to receive stat bonuses through prayer and/or favor, but I have never been able to pin down exactly how that works. If anybody can clarify what the wiki is saying, I will absolutely talk about it in a future video.

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Nice video man, Very helpful!


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I just finished all the videos, they helped me a lot on Elona. Would you consider doing a series of videos for Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead too?

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You can also get small medals from loot found via treasure maps. It can be a bit difficult to find where the treasure is, but if you have a good eye and pull up a full map of whatever part of Elona you are in, it's not too difficult to find it. They tend to give like 3-5 small medals, 10k+ gold, and some items per treasure. And, as for searching for small medals in towns, you can use the search command even when you're not on the medal's tile, and it will give you messages if you are close to a hidden medal.


Is there any chance of you doing more Dwarf Fortress stuff? It's why I subscribed in the first place, and I am always glad to see more DF content in the world.


If you are doing a general Q&A would you mind going over how wishing works?

Brandon Atwood

Just a couple of clarifications on the gods.
1. The final secret item you get for talking to your god in November is always for grinding. Any equipment that lowers a skill makes that skill train faster, as though it was a lower level. So for example you could have 30 evasion, equip lulwy's item, and then you could level up evasion as if the skill was only level 3 (not exactly but generally).

2. Just worshiping a god increases your related stats a bit passively determined by how much faith (or favor I am not 100% certain which) you have. Not by praying.

3. Each God has a special ability they give you while you worship them (Itzpalt gives favor or faith based resistance to the 3 main elements, Opatos reduces physical damage taken, Jure gives you a healing/buffing special action, etc.)

4. switching gods incurs a penalty to basically all stats for about 10,000 turns which you just have to wait out (walking around the world map obviously makes this go by faster). Unless you switch to Jure by going to Noyel in the 12th month and praying at the altar in the middle of the Festival of Jure, then you get no penalty and a free pillow with Jures picture on it.

Bonus. If your house is ranked #1 you can go through a process to convince gods to live at your house.

There is more to gods but that seems the most relevant until you get to the point where you would think about killing the gods. (And the uber gods INSIDE of the gods.)

Either way thanks again for putting the effort in to do these tutorial vids even though you admit you don't know everything (no shame in that, elona+ Is still filled to the brim with stuff that people are still trying to figure out)

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I really enjoy the series and I'm learning a lot. Can we get a follower tutorial. I can't figure out how to teach followers spells. And the whole system for gaining followers

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Always nice to see more Elona turorials


Are you gonna cover only the basics or are you gonna cover some advanced stuff too?

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How to convert altars to your god though?

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so,those city do not have altar??

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This is a pretty good guide so far! Thanks for doing us a service!


little late to the party but I'm enjoying these tutorials. them voice cracks though LOL