Equipping 1851 Navy replicas with Slix Shot nipples

Equipping 1851 Navy replicas with Slix Shot nipples

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I have a pair of 1851 Navy revolvers that were notorious for cap jams. One is an old Armi San Marcos made gun and the other is made by Pietta. I recently equipped them with aftermarket nipples made by Slix Shot. These nipples have a re-designed combustion chamber and two lateral vent holes in the cone. That relieves the back-pressure from the exploding charge of powder in the revolver's chamber. It cured the cap jams in these two guns.

Corey Franklin

Whats your recommendation for percussion cap size for the Slix shot nipples?


Now boys, this is what's called shooting 401  ...!!


Too bad slix shot doesnt come in 225x32 thread...


Nice video


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Duelist, Thank You for this tip! I shot them all day and not a single cap jam! Sore thumb though, have you modified the cylinders to use the capper? My TDC capper won't even get close.

Las Vegas Muskets

Who sells the steel target?

Dave Krembs

Thank you Mike. Just this week put Slix-Shot nipples on my 1860 Ubirti made in '69 with Pietta size (6x.75) thread and too long. Had to chuck them up and then used a Dremel tool while turning them to take .010 off I only had a chance to fire 6 rounds but no "cap sucking" more chance next week.

Adrien Perié

Thanks alot for sharing your knowledge with these quality vids, keep up the good work man ! Also if you want to play an accurate far west game try "Call of Juarez" for the PC , it is verry beautiful and the weapons are scanned 3D models of the colt single action army, the schofield six shooter, the double barrel remington derringer, the frontier etc, ballistics are included (guns shoot real bullets with the correct speed), even the powders

Stew Knoles

Mike, I have already commented on Slixshot products. I feel they are way over priced. I can't pay $35 a gun. I own many cap and ball revolvers. I just feel these nipples are way too expensive.

edwin nelson

your wedge wasn't in when you first started the video but barrel or not it still shoots right my dad owned every kit you could buy n build/modify n god did he modify them snub nosed dragoons navys ect.I love them all and it really was a great means to a legacy of tradition and bonding I prefer the Remington strap over frames for their strength and accuracy and wheel access/replacement and at the rate we keep inching closer to them being taken away it is becoming a lost art anyway thank for the demo and it was just an observation no disrespect intended I thought hey that ones not in all the way hope he doesn't get hurt n again thanks 

Edward Dim

Didn't have much luck with the Uberti Slix Shot in my 1860 Army. Seemed too tall and to fat for a#10 Remington. I put them into my 1858 Remington but had to use #11 CCI before I got decent results. Still need to do further testing. Having trouble getting Uberti 1860 Army to fire with any consistency. Will go back to the drawing board. I called Desperado Cowboy Bullets but they weren't able to help much at that time. Mike, I heard you had similar problems but got some sort of resolution ?


Tried the slix shot nipples, but they were too long for my Uberti guns, would have had to take some metal off the hammer face so I'll stick with Tresso nipples for now.


I was wondering if you ever use the grease that the manual recommends? I have one of these but haven't shot it yet. Is the patch you put in take the place of the grease or something? Thanks. Great videos too.

Gary Davis

Evil Roys part in these videos sucks

Sonny Rich

Watch that helicopter!


how do you feel about pre-rolled paper cartridges?


Hi Mike. What do you think of the 1861 Navy? I see you with 51's a lot. Do you like the 51 better?

Seth Tyrssen

Hi Mike, thanks for this one! I'd never heard of these; if they'll also fit a Pietta Remington replica (steel frame,) I'll have to give 'em a try. Poor ol' Evil Roy sure takes a beating on your vids! (Not to mention the opening-shot cameraman, and his successor at the end.) :)

Jojo Diver

I have an Armi San Marcos 1851 .44. So, Slix Shot nipples for an Uberti will fit it? Mine seems to be an oddball in that the cylinder is fluted. I've not seen any other 1851 repos with a fluted cylinder. The date code indicates that it was manufactured in 1984, imported by Richland Arms Co.


They will give good performance on your Remington, but, due to their design, Remingtons also do well with the stock nipples.

FiddleStick's bessette

'' after you fire your pistol,point the gun up in the air,and then pull the hammer back,then the cap fall's out onto the ground,not inside the hammer compartment.all the cival war men were taught this,shoot,raise the Gun,Pull Back the Hammer,Lower the gun,And fire,and Repeate.never pull the hammer back while your aiming at the target,and also that way,the smoke goes up,and don't stay in frount of you block'ing your view in any way.just sayin.thank you...watch clint eastwood shooting 2 of them in movie;

Nick Seleznoff

Black powder is my thing. I have 6 so far. My favorite is my colt navy 36 Uberti. But my question is what is the cream coloured hat you wear.


U really dont need the foam between ball and powder do u


They might, but I would try Remington #10 caps first. I think they fit the Italian guns the best.

Adrien Perié

smoke is real and blasted away when you shoot again or a bullet go through it, i really like this game for being as truthfull as it gets in its cathegory, i'm sure you would like it, i know you do have these guns for real, but shooting desperados with them is priceless when the game is so reallistic, sorry for this huge comment but i wanted to bring this forward especially to europeans that cannot own a real gun or to americans that are tired of watermelons :) thanks again and keep it rolling !

Chris Roland

You might need different nipples but it may also be as easy as trying a different brand of percussion cap.


i like how you always dress the part for your vids


It depends on when they were made. Some made right at the end of production in the early 2000s have spotty quality. Otherwise they are pretty comparable.

Charles C. Plumley

Hello Sir,
I really enjoy ALL of your videos. I'm currently building 2 pieta 1851 .44's. One has steel frame and cylinder without engraving, the other is brass frame that had the cylinder without scenes and I purchased an extra cylinder with scenes for it. The steel frame pistol works with only the cylinder without scene. why are there differences in these Pietas ?
thanks. Charles.

BlackPowderShooter 44

couldn't I take a regular nipple and drill a hole in the sides Mike? Of course I wouldn't have the larger flash hole, but would it still hold the caps?

Peter Becker

Can I use the slix shot nipples in my Colt Walker ( Uberti)


No. The cut-outs the nipples are surrounded by contains everything


Interesting that there's still room for innovation in the cap and ball field in this day and age, you would've thought they'd known it all back then.


You'll have to measure the thread of the Palmetto nipples to know.

David Gonyeau

I sure enjoy your very informative videos on C&B revolvers. Just this summer I've gotten a Lyman 1851 Navy .36. It had 4 or 5 cylinders put through it before it was cleaned and put on a shelf, and forgotten, for the last 30 years or so. Can you tell me what maker made the Lyman gun please. Unlike many "51's" I see on youtube, this one has a square back trigger guard. Thank you for your help, in advance.


These things work! I put a set on my Pietta 1858 Remington and no cap jams. I was also able to reduce the powder charge from 30 to 25 grains of FFFg.  Using Remington #10 caps.

Mike Moore

I have a richland ams 1858 remington. made by Palmetto made in the 60s. Picked it up in a panw shop. these nipples work. It takes the Pietta


Thanks much, I will give that a try.

Jacob Peters

So with these you won't have to epoxy the hammer slot like on the modification video?

William Harrison

ordered from long hunter for my 51 navy, Uberti . what I was surprised about was why two fit and the others just would not tighten. I tried each nipple in each chamber .


i like this especially the outlaw view

William Harrison

A month ago i wrote that the Slix Shot nipples did not work in my ASM. Well the reason is because my pistol is not a ASM but a Armi San Paolo's which I was sold by Dixie. This pistol was left to me by a dear friend. Sorry about the mis-information 


How powerful is a 36 black powder revolver is it enough for utility use on a homestead?

Want to know because I know they are inexpensive.

Daniel Dykstra

I have a problem, I own a Pietta 1851 Navy, and after some use the hand spring broke, I understand this is a fairly common problem. I ordered a new hand from Tayor's and co. and I installed it without much difficulty. The problem is now it won't stay on full cock, the hammer goes all the way back, but it just slides back to half cock. I thought that the full cock notch on the hammer must be worn down, or the trigger broken, but when i removed the barrel and cylinder, the gun cocked just fine, and I could see the hand operating as it should. I put the old hand back in and it worked exactly as it should if only the hand spring were broken, I even fired it this way. Somehow putting pressure on the new hand seems to cause the trigger to slip out of the full cock notch on the hammer. I have cleaned the gun inside and out, and examined diagrams to ensure I reassembled the gun correctly. I don't want to blindly buy more parts, nor do I want to modify anything without knowing what I am doing. Please help me, internet people.


I would send it back immediately and ask for a replacement.


Hi Mike, all my experience with Slix-Shot nipples shows them to be 0.010" longer than stock nipples. That may guarantee ignition, but it will soon do damage to the BP revolver hammer face. I suspect that the longer than stock length is a design intention, but there are long term issues.

Frank Yeyna

Measure the nips in it and that will tell you which to buy they come in different lengths contact Track of the wolf That is where I got my infor for the different lengths


“Just a little aside-“ then video cuts back to shooting. What was the aside?


Which nipples will work with a uberti 2nd model dragoon?


How well do 11s fit? I like rem #10 but I got #11 cappers and a 1858 so I cant use a snail capper, and never messed with #11s. Seem to be easier to find. if they shut down online sales of ammo, I'll have one expensive paper weight. So I wanna stock up. I might just get only #10s and stay stock.


In deer season I leave my bp pistol loaded I carrie in a shoulder holster! dan it don,t want to fire I even taken plastic tubing cut it to put between the cap is those nipples giving trobble!


There must be significant dimensional differences in the Uberti revolvers themselve. I have three sets of the original, longer Slix Shots mounted on Uberti pistols and have no problems with them.

Avalanche Penguin

Hi Duelist, So it's powder, wad, ball. Right now I have been doing powder, ball, and then wonderlube (the stuff gets everywhere). Also using a .451 instead of the .454 as recommended and it seems fine. Thoughts?

Mitch's Garage

I'm amazed that last shot didn't blow the whole revolver apart when the wedge came loose on shot 5%

Scott McMillan

Another quick question. How does the ASM stack up to the Pietta and Uberti revolvers? I have a couple of Piettas, and my ASM's action seems a bit "slicker" than the Pietta.

Arle Bodee

At $36 for six, I think I will need to wait a few more months before I can afford to upgrade even one of my four c&b pistols. I wonder, Mike, do you know if SliX-Shot makes these for the 1849 Pocket model? I have a "Signature Series" 1849, but do not know if it is a Pietta or Uberti, as there are no proof marks or "maker's" marks.


On that still shot at the end you can see either the ball or wad coming thru the flash. I like the videos Mike and I GOTTA get a Evil Roy for myself. Who sells them now?


Do these fit on the Pietta 1860 Army, too? Might be a stupid question, but I thought I'd ask.

Hugo Dale - Beaver Tooth

Hi Mike not sure how all this works so trying to leave a note and ask a question. I have just bought a 1858 New Army .44 cal and a .31 cal derringer BP. I will have to use Pryodex and I can get BP where I live in N. Ireland. My question is this what do I need to do to stop the risk of chain firing. I haven't tried them yet as my FAC is not back yet. I have waxed wades to put between the powder and ball, do I still need lube to seal the cylinder??? Is is either or?? Thanks

jack checko

hi mike i was thinking to get these for my 1851 navy but then i thinking with the back flash going sideways wouldn't that greatly increase your odds of chainfires?

David MN3 Z1

Loved that "in your face, fool" end...
Which piece was the last rounds from?
Thanks for the eddamacashun on black powder revolvers!

Ballpark Burgers

Do you know what thread size the nipples on navy arms 1851s are?


I checked the slix shot site. They do not list nipples to fit 2nd gen colts. I have an 1862 pocket police. Is there any hope for me?

Alain Lutz

I love your videos on Poudre noire, such interesting !

Norman McNeal

So? Why do you portray a pistol that isn’t accurate? Guns if the old west

Bunk Stagner

slix shot nipples and a cap rake make the percussion gun as reliable as a cartridge gun.

Mark on History

What model of Pietta is that? I just ordered one and it looks like it has a brass trigger guard and backstrap and if I'm correct your Pietta doesn't.. I got interested in shooting cap and ball because of your videos, and now I have a passion for these guns. Plan on getting these nipples after I receive my navy.


The first model Richards cartridge conversion of the 1869 Army revolver

Jose Garcia

Do the slix shot's fit the Uberti 1862 Pocket Police and 1849 pocket models?

Timothy Fransky

Hey Mike, I bought some Slix Shots for my Uberti 1860 Army, but I believe the threads must be over-sized in one chamber. It will not thread a Slix Shot nipple. Is this a common issue with Uberti?


I finally took out my Pietta 1851, and did not experience and caps being sucked off. However, I did have a problem with them being smashed so out of shape that they jammed the action that way. I was using size 11 caps. Do you think that these nipples would offer any help in this? Thank you.

Tim Pope

have you seen the modification where they put the pin on the frame behind the cap? seen it on capandball channel.

Brad Wiebe

what size pucussion caps do they used. cause the size caps I have are too small


I have an Armi San Marcos .36 Navy. Will the Uberti nipple fit my gun? I hope so, its wickedly accurate, but a notorious cap-sucker!

Scott McMillan

Mike, I have an ASM like the one in your video, and would like to upgrade to the Slix-Shot nipples. I understand that Uberti nipples will fit, but are a tad too long. Can I special order these from Desperado, or do I need to trim down a set of Uberti's with the Dremel?


Mike, your channel is the only one on youtube that we can hear a full grown man spend a good 3 minutes talking about his nipples and take him seriously. Good stuff.

That Coyote

Would the Slix-Shot nipples for the Pietta fit a Palmetto firearm?

William Harrison

be careful, don't fit my ARMI SAN MARCOS. Two fit, four just would not tighten. so i am out $40.Told not made for your pistol.

P Murphy

Since Slix Shots only have the "Uberti," "Pietta," "ROA," or "Walker/Dragoon" options, which ones fit the Armi San Marco?  Just picked up one and I'd love to get these on her.

lol, it'd help if I watched the whole episode.  You said which one's in it.

thanks Mike!  Keep up the awesome work!


I prefer to use felt wads...less messy.


Hi Mike, there's a guy on eBay that sells small silicon rubber tubes that are supposed to keep cap parts on the nipple, Percussion Cap Keepers for No.10 and No.11 caps. They also seal out moisture for those that want to keep their cap and ball revolver loaded. Do you have any experience with these? Regards, Richard

Jeff Lang

Thanks for the demonstration with the Slix Shot nipples. I recently bought a Uberti 1851 Navy .36 cal. and had BIG problems getting caps to ignite on the first strike with both CCI and Remington caps in #10 & #11 sizes. I ordered a set of Slix Shot and tested the caps in my basement. All touched-off on the first strike. The Remington #10's seem to fit best but the 11's worked well too. Just a little loose on the new, unmolested nipples. The #10 CCI's were too tight but they fit my Pietta New Army nipples. Thanks again for all of the great info and demos Mike.


On the first of your two final bad guy views, we can see the wedge trying to run away, that was quite funny ( I suppose the first navy you shoot is the San Marco). I think you just covinced a lot of us to give these nipples a try :)


Nice vid.I sub,sub me back.Thanks


Your balls need to be tight enough to shave a small circle of lead off the edge when you ram them in the chamber. The chambers on Remingtons are usually .450" to .451", so that means ball diameters of .452" or greater. I prefer .454". That will seal the front. Lubed wads or chamber grease isn't to stop chain fires. It is to put lube down the barrel to keep the fouling soft. On the back end you need to cap all loaded chambers with caps that are securely fitting. I find Remington #10 fit best.

Donald Denison

Dear Mike:
I have tried the Slix nipples with success. Alas their reliability sharply decreases with any but the #10 Remington caps that are recommended for these nipples, or at least any that I could find.. Remington #10 caps are for all means and purposes not available in most areas making these good nipples pretty much useless. I have tried cleaning up the hammers as you have done in another of your videos with only mixed success. I have had success with installing a pin or rake and modifying the hammer notch on one of my revolvers which now will reliably fire almost any combination of cap and nipple that will allow the caps to set on the nipples firmly and fully. I would much prefer the Slix nipples and a reliable supply of Remington #10 caps but the best vendors like Grafs and Midway don't even carry them, other sources list them but are almost permanently out of stock. It would be wonderful if they would work with CCI caps as they seem to be available everywhere. What's the deal with Remington and their #10 caps that is creating the shortages? Is there another cap that will work reliably with the Slix nipples? I guess I could install pins on all my revolvers as they seem to prevent all problems when installed correctly, but what a pain in the butt that is not to mention finding a gunsmith who knows how to do this operation correctly. What is your advice? I ruined the frame of one revolver before I learned to install the pin correctly, so I'll not risk the operation again. HELP!


After watching this video, I got a set for my Pitta 1851. They are fantastic! Thanks for your awesome videos!

Bob Boberson

Have you had any problems finding percussion caps lately? I just got my first black powder revolver, and I can't find any caps anywhere to shoot it, not even online.


I have put the Uberti version of Slix Shot nipples on two of my ASMs, an 1851 and an 1860...no problems for me. Did you order the Uberti nipples from Slix Shots or the Pietta nipples, because they have different thread sizes.

Mark Allen

Just shot my ‘51 Cimarron for the first time. So much fun. Deffinetly a BP convert now! I have ordered a set of SliX shot replacement nipples. My problem is getting the factory ones off. They appear to have seized up. I did not lube them prior,my mistake. The cylinder has been soaking in a ballistol and water mix. Any advice? Do the 51 navy and 60 army use the same nipple wrench? I got one off but the others are stubborn. Thanks for your info. And your time.


One issue I have with the Slix Shots is that they don't work with CCI #10 caps.  Need to use Remington #10 or RWS 1075's.  I have a lot of CCI 10's that I can't use with these.  


I bought the new set of those nipples about 3 months ago for an uberti 51. Unfortunately the redesign was still too long causing the cap to drag on the recoil shield. I filed them a bit to work, but probably no ideal.


They should fit our gun

BlackPowderShooter 44

Ok, looks like I need some slix's for my colt


Mike, out of all the old west guns, which one is your favorite on a purely aesthetic level?


I thought the first run of Uberti Slix Shot nipples were a little long on Armi San Marcos guns, but this year they shortened the Slix Shot Uberti nipples a tiny bit, and they now work fine in my two ASM guns.


I hear you Stew. They do cost, but, if your gun is a cap sucker, and that ruins your fun, then $36 bucks might be worth it to solve the problem. The cost is on a par with other brands of premium nipples. Treso nipples, which have been the gold standard for years, sell for about $6 per nipple...just to put it in perspective.