Dragon Age™: Inquisition-Morrigan and Vivienne

Dragon Age™: Inquisition-Morrigan and Vivienne

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yaaas morrigan wipe the floor with this biatch


Some of y'all seem to forget the woman y'all are rooting for (Morrigan) wanted the HoF to leave the Circle Mages of Lake Calenhad to die because they allowed themselves to be in that lifestyle and were not worth saving. Meanwhile Viv is trying to make the Circle and Mages more respected throughout Thedas.

Morrigan has proven time and time again she is only out for herself. Viv, power hungry, snobby or otherwise is at least attempting to make the situation better for all mages my means of political and social maneuvering.


Vivienne is not wrong tho


vivienne got her