14 Minute Lamb Run?! - ZIP! Achievement: Ace Of Diamonds Unlock [Isaac AB+]

14 Minute Lamb Run?! - ZIP! Achievement: Ace Of Diamonds Unlock [Isaac AB+]

45 853 views | 13 Jan. 2019

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Julius Thome

Original steel chair meme




Support comment


That pinned comment though, real intriguing stuff

Luciano J

Are you gonna try ace of spades next?

Zack Izzo

Steel chair joke 1 year ago?


I never had the chance to see what three 100% savefiles look like.

Yoar AT

This is why I love TBOI, with the right amount of luck and the necessary skill you can unlock great secrets

Daniel Wang

Azezal is my favorite character cause I suck at the game

Julius Thome

Original steel chair meme

Jose Peralta

Thank you for introducing me to Epic Seven. Loving the game so far. Sadly themoshpit guild is full. Really wanted to join.

David Jovanovikj

Why am i not getting the negative anymore it used to appear with the polaroid but now its just the polaroid pls help.

Matthew Caha

So how do you specifically get the achievement


9:40 ahead of his time man.


can you list all achievements of the game?

Luis Manuel Lavin

Did you unlock the forgotten? Cause i heard "isaac" when you ended the first floor and i've never seen you a run as the forgotten

Rafael Seañez


Lizz, Your Hope

Sinvicta picking Azazel?! Sinvicta taking pills?! SINVICTA NOT BREAKING THE GAME?!

I truly lost an era by starting to watch your content late

Levente Mátai

is this seeded?

William Dias

The mind, no curse of the lost? Where is Sinvicta your imposter???

Abyss Watcher

good (:


Congrats on 300 wins sinvicta!!!! Love the content hope all is well

DC Anilai

Of course this is sinvicta, even with full mapping he hits a dead end.

Alexis Garant

Back in the days that he uses the mod to see item descriptions. Does he still use the mod when he streams?

「Z A W A R U D O」 Revolving

ZA WARUDO of lavender

Steven Roberts

Sinvicta using Azazel? Hmph. I’m shocked. But anyway, do you think Azazel is the best character in terms of his base stats?

Christoffer Nordblom

I will put a like on every video where you unlock an achievement for sure :)


Hush with a toothbrush.