Atlas Falls

Atlas Falls

1 498 661 views | 21 May. 2020

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Atlas Falls · Shinedown

Atlas Falls

℗ 2020 Atlantic Recording Corporation

Producer: Rob Cavallo

Writer: Brent Smith

Writer: Zac Maloy

Writer: David Hall Hodges

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Ileen Antoinette Geisel

In Nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti !

Stacy Russell


Nick Beast1330

No sex
No drugs
No bad language
No screaming
100% masterpiece

A lesson to today’s artists: take a look at one of this band’s songs. Try to replicate that. NOT saying fuck every other word

Brenda Jensen

Love you guys so much


This is literally the complete opposite of "Atlas, Rise!" From metallica :D

Kansas Rocks!

I have been waiting and WAITING FOR THIS SONG!!! SO AMAZING!!! And inspiring too

Stella Carrier

Atlas Falls by Shinedown has a hopeful/optimism boosting vibe to it with the lyrics and music of the song especially with the lyrics of hanging in there when there is so much at stake. I confess that I am still piecing together the full totality meaning of this song however I saw somewhere online an implication that this song is also a tribute for healthcare employees. Regardless of your employment background/occupational status, this song is very encouraging to listen to for the soul/spirit.

Jakey Snakey100

Shinedown is honestly the best rock group. Anyone who dislikes this: Why the hell are you here??
Anyways, to Brent, Zach, Barry and Eric, we salute you. Keep changing the world for the better with your music.

Danny Jones

OMGGG I LOVE THIS SONG NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Debra R

Perfect song for these crazy days... #LoveNotHate

Curtis Martin

The virus is BS, think Shinedown knows it. They know who the real threat is... "deep state". Lot a stake.

Angel Chirinoo

Lo mejor de la semana 7w7♡

Randomly Crowned

You guys change lives.

Hammietube 65

This is the new theme song for my stories!! Always hits the heart!!

Carey Lynn

Absolutely LOVE this song! Bought it

Ghosty Fn

I’ve been a shinedown fan since day one when my parents listen to them I started liking them

Emma_ Marie

lm soooo glad they made this shinedown

Nicolas King


Just ... Wow, one of the best songs I've ever heard and the lyrics ... Everytime goosebumps :)


OMG...OMG...THIS IS BEAUTIFUL..SO MEANINGFUL...Plus such voice and word pronouncement control. Don't even need to look at one that shows lyrics!!!! What a strong, cradling ending!! It makes me feel safe and happier during these dark times! Excellent song Shinedown. One of the best EVER! God knows we needed this! PS. I almost forgot to say what I always say on YT about Shinedown. "Yall keep this grannie rockin!"

Cody Corum

i really want to hear the version they didnt shorten

Michael Radu


Carla Hughes

Stunning as always my boys. Literally brought a tear to my eye. I love you!! Can't wait to see you tour Wales again


Can you please add " Never Gonna Let Go " to the set list, when you guys hit the road again. It is my all time favorite song.

Ellen Reeves

You have no idea how much I needed this now! God Bless!

dragon fire

I love you Shinedown keep up the good work!❤❤

John Rhoades

I like it it's good half of my life

Rhonda Attwood

Love Atlas Falls

Jana Hubáčková

Super,, super ,super,,,,,,,,


How I feel when I have to carry my teammates

Sean Wilson

The push is always part of us
And gravity's never a friend
Deciding on who we can trust
And finding our way to crescendo, to the unknown
We'll never make it outside
Lest we unlock the past and release
The future that we've left to die
For too long we've taken placebos
But the unknown, is awakening
Don't give up now, there's already so much at stake
If Atlas falls, I'll rise up and carry us all the way
No, we can never look back
Return to the salt and the sea
The quiet is only a trap
And I will not take the placebos
'Cause the unknown is awakening
But I will crescendo
Don't give up now, there's already so much at stake
If Atlas falls, I'll rise up and carry us all the way
It won't pull me down
The weight of impossible days
I'll stand tall
I'll rise up and carry us all the way
Keep moving forward now
Keep your head above the clouds
I'm right with you, I will lift you
Just hold on
Don't give up now, there's already so much at stake
If Atlas falls, I'll rise up and carry us all the way
It won't pull me down (moving forward now)
The weight of impossible days (keep your head above the clouds)
I'll stand tall (I'm right with you, I will lift you, just hold on)
I'll rise up and carry us all the way
I'll carry us all the way
(Keep moving forward now)


This is an amazing song! A necessary song!!! Shinedown never disappoints! Makes me proud to be part of Shinedown Nation! ❤️❤️❤️

Randomly Crowned

No they do not been dying to see them live might be awhile now.

Jeff Leonard

"Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends." ~John 15:13. Thank you to all firefighters, police officers, EMTS, and doctors and nurses for fighting hard during this crisis. #riseupandcarryusalltheway!


My favourite band from I was baby

First name Last name

One thing Shinedown I amazing at is their pickups

Mike Kopecky

They are a family which they extend to their fans. The best music.

DaString 26

Stereotypical radio rock and far away from what my favorite band once was up to SoM, but Brent’s voice and the inspirational messages are just way too amazing to hate on them

Brock Kowalski

This song is so inspiring, it’s not only discussing COVID-19 but Black Inequality. Let’s stand together with brothers and sisters and kick these two daunting things to the curb. All Lives Matter. Encouraging all my friends to give the song a listen as we speak. Thank you Shinedown!

Gavan Baize

i love ozzy osborne but this song is the best song ever

Christopher Susan Tindall Lucarelli

I died in surgery 3 years ago, Atlas fell on me....when I needed him most. I forgave, but he could not just “WATCH WITH ME” without falling asleep and needing more while I was broken. I MUST move forward! Broken trust after the GREATEST TEACHER makes the same preaching mistake you cannot get it back. GREAT SONG AND TY FOR THE REMINDER

Maximiliano Basmadjian

Lo único lindo de mi semana fue esta canción...muchas gracias!

Dustin D

Titans don't shrug.



Shannon Van Duyn

Atlas has fallen in love with his demons. Amaryllis has fallen in love with her demons. And they all live happily ever after.


Shinedown really know how to get people through really tough times! Thank you Shinedown for never disappointing the world!


Shinedown kills covid


well it happened, after all these years, they made 1 song thats actually good.

Harry Big Boy Wise

My Grandad died this year, but Shinedown has released the best song in the history of Shinedown.

Cybi Cybionico

who is john galt?


FREAKIN’ OUTSTANDING!!! Nothing but LOVE for y’all! Please, never quit making your music, y’all are so inspirational

Chloe Haggerty

I LOVE Shinedown and this is .gov favorite song rn. Also listen to the lyrics it is the perfect time to release this

Mike Kelly

Shinedown is the best thing to happen to me. Love you guys

Leslie Fernanda Villanueva Parra

I'm love It.... Shinedown Is my favorite band, perferct work guys...
But my fucking phone dont' send me the notification and now i see this one day later...

Cathie Smith

This a beautiful track! Thank you Shinedown! Y'all are one the best!

Hammietube 65

This song is an anthem for my stories for sure!! An average person who rose up and carried his people all the way through everything!

Man Dober

I have to admit this song is sooooo good the build up and I'm already practicing to this song because it's that good

Ben Hasler

Oh my days...
This song has just made my Friday


Greetings from Germany!We must stay together in this mad times

Tom Nickoloff

Love shinedown

Daydreamersdm Miller

When this song came out I did not know that I would dedicate it to my mom when she was diagnosed with stage 4 laryngeal cancer. Today, I just hope she wins the battle ahead. I pray I have the strength to rise up and carry her, just hold on!

Beach Comber

We need you more than ever guys!!!!

Tyler Edwards

I'm so glad it's finally on here

Karen leah

Thank you Lord, i know u are guiding my you tube, the right song at the right time again!!!


I remember when this band used to be good.

never gonna let you down.


Jon Knipp

I’m and old geezer but I can still appreciate excellent music! Love these guys.


woow just realized this is new, cant comprehend music of this quality coming out in 2020

The Burg

Honestly, this song and the message it sends should be on the National News right now.

Ileen Antoinette Geisel

True love is eternal... IAG + GMP =  ∞

R Harmon

There's no Atlas he's made up. We are not from the sea...

Chris Meldrum

Thank you shinedown we needed this right now


Not my favorite Shinedown song but still so much better than the popular shiz kids listen to today

Jasmin Rademacher

A new great song with a great message from one of the greatest bands in this world. Thank you Shinedown


Awesome song. Once again you've nailed it!!!!

Jackie Wilson

This sux. Why did they only put 20k of their own money.
Pfft. They live in a world that isn't real. And I challenge little Zach to go up against Herman Li. Lol. No comparison.

This music is hippie want to be

Dawn Claibourne

Thank you for rising up and carrying us all the way with your music. Know that you've helped millions of us rise up and continue on when we don't think we can. Thank you for sharing your gift. Thank you.

Cody Corum

jesus christ when he hits the note on " theres already so much at stake" gives me cold chills

Serenella Vignolini

I love This song. Great job....and I made my donation. Thank guys. From Italy

Emily Noble

This song is a masterpiece

Ruby B

Praying concerts return soon... Im hanging on to my ticket for Shinedown... my favorite and always an inspiration, keeps me going.

Infinity Percival

"And I will not take the placebos cause the unknown is awakening." Well that's good, because everyone knows placebos mean bullshit.


I’m fixing to go through intense therapy for 7 years and my good friend wanted me to listen to this. Here I am, if he sees this, which he probably won’t, I’ll remember you, always.

Donald Bilkey

It's ok song

Christopher Susan Tindall Lucarelli



This is the best song shinedown has made in a while

Mr. Drown_73

I was supposed to see them live a few weeks ago but then Covid happened. This is a nice placeholder until I see them later this year. Can't wait for a new record.

Nick Beast1330

No sex
No drugs
No cursing
Just 100% music

oh god

one of two good shinedown songs

Deana Landrum

The best band ever! LOVE it!❤❤❤


Honestly though, How is this not about RWBY vol 7 ? The lyrics could be the Volume Description on the Series. Its that close, Atlas Falling? Gravity? Not knowing who to trust? Hope beyond all circumstances? Please someone make a RWBY VOL 7 fan music vid...

Hannah Lesley

Amaryllis vibes!!!


This song let my skin crawl... I love this guys!!!!! So much love for you guys!!!! The love you have inside is so big that it would be enough to love the entire univers!!!!! ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️

Alana Gobble

Here ☆ WE ☆ are! I STYLL haven't heard the whole entirety of thys song!?!? You guys are waaay sooo very amazing! ~ I totally acknowledge EVERY lyric! I ,We, All your fans can omgooodness~Identify ♡ AND♡ Relate! SHINEDOWN~°~° YOU guys have ALL the ◇ RYGHT◇ words. Will see y'all 9-1-2020.AND,let me tell y'all! My,my how THAT IS ,EVER EXTREMELY IRONIC!!!!

Mike Kelly

This song helps with cptsd. And I need this song buy it's too short

Jari Lindroos

This song is so great and it will forever remind me of these weird and difficult days. And how we all got thru this shit!

Sonya Mckinley

Thank you for yet another masterpiece. And thanks for the premiere video, a moving tribute to the heroes of this horror of a pandemic. Shinedown gets me through a lot of days, may not have made it through some of them without you.

Dmb Fan

Truly Captivating Shinedown

Jamie French

I love this song you the best

David McDonald

Amazing that's it