Rimworld Guide: How to Start First Colony | Best Starting Location | Tips & Tricks | Tutorial

Rimworld Guide: How to Start First Colony | Best Starting Location | Tips & Tricks | Tutorial

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Starting Location

Easiest Starting Location: Temperate Forest with hills or mountains

Growing Period: "All year round"

Roads: Nearby are a plus, but certainly not required if you don't plan on forming any caravans on your first play through!


Skills: Main Job skills(see below) should be 1 per colonist ideally

Burning & Interested Passions are preferred

Main Jobs(1 per colonist at start):

Construction, Plants, Cooking

2nd Jobs:

Intellect(research), Crafting(tailoring), Medical(doctoring),

Side Jobs(can consist of):

Mining, Shooting(hunting), Social(warden), Animals(feeding/training), Melee(If you like it), Artistic(art)

*(This is just giving an idea for how I would prioritize skill stats. This is not based on how I would assign jobs. I will be going over this in a future video)*

Good/Great Traits:

Jogger, Careful Shooter, Tough, Kind, Quick Sleeper, Nimble, Fast Learner, Nudist, Fast Walker, Night Owl (just flip their restrictions), Great Memory, Optimist, Super Immune, Iron-Willed, Teetotaler, Steadfast, Physically Deaf, Physically Dull, Sanguine, Hard Worker

Neutral Traits(no effect, or good & bad):

Brawler, Gay, Creepy Breathing, Neurotic, Very Neurotic, Undergrounder, Misogynist, Misandrist, Ascetic, Sickly, Greedy, Too Smart, Psychopath, Body Purist, Staggeringly Ugly, Pretty, Beautiful, Bloodlust, Transhumanist, Industrious, Annoying Voice, Cannibal,

Bad Traits:

Trigger Happy, Depressive, Gourmand, Chemical Fascination, Jealous, Wimp, Pessimist, Volatile, Nervous, Abrasive, Lazy, Chemical Interest


Physically Hypersensitive, Pyromaniac, Slothful

*(just my opinion on traits)*


Drug/Substance or Alcohol addictions/dependency at all cost!

Incapable of: Dumb Labor, Skilled Labor, Violent, Firefighting, Hauling

Health: Bad Back, Frail, Alzheimer's, Asthma, etc.

Look for:

No Addictions/Dependencies

No health issues

Incapable of (none)

Traits good

Balanced skills with Passions

Obviously these are ideal, but unless you're very lucky this probably won't get the perfect start. Just take the best you can get and work with what you have! This should give you a solid foundation on what to look for before you actually start playing the game!

If you found this guide to be helpful please leave a comment down below! Let me know what you think! I hope this helps, and as always see you in the next video!


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Hope this tutorial is helpful! If you have any question drop a comment below!

What I look for exactly in each colonist:
1) High Skill in shooting with passion for each colonist.

2) No health conditions / No pyromaniac to start

3) A Colonist with 8+ and a passion for planting (preferably with a passion for cooking or medical as well).

4) A colonist with +8 with a passion for construction(preferably with mining/cooking/etc)

5) Colonist with +8 with a passion for crafting (preferably with a passion in cooking/minning/doctor/research etc)

6) The pickier you are the longer it will take to find a "good enough" colonist to start with.

7) Find a good balance, and give it your best!

8) good luck!!