NEW Patch 10.20 TIER LIST - Skill Capped League of Legends Guide

NEW Patch 10.20 TIER LIST - Skill Capped League of Legends Guide

58 082 views | 30 Sep. 2020

League of Legends 10.20 Tier List - Best Champions and Patch 10.20 Changes!

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0:00 Introduction

1:01 Top Lane Changes

3:32 Top Lane Tier List

5:09 Jungle Changes

7:45 Jungle Tier List

8:43 Mid Lane Changes

10:40 Mid Lane Tier List

12:16 ADC Changes

13:06 ADC Tier List

15:31 Support Changes

16:43 Support Tier List

18:12 Outro

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This guy talking is filipino



Caleb Willingham

Here to request a Hector McBaze 1v1

Miss Fortune

Evelynn midlane when?


Im playing only Urgot in my rankeds at the moment. I am Gold and i have a 75 Percent winratio on about 60 games.

Alex m

why do you put akali in c tier?

DstEdd D

The only tierlist worth watching.
Though only concern is Nidalee not in S tier.


I came back a few months ago to the game and still don't understand the karthus jg.
Weak as fck.
Always free kill in early game and has shit camp clear.
For fun i tried out electrocute tank poppy and she is a lot stronger


I'd want to see your thoughts on the new items, PBE is nuts right now


Aatrox his buff is insane. Is this not not going to be way too strong?


Why would u put old urgot on thumbnail I'm an old sad one trick now ;_;

Qurt Eh


Sean Thomas

I do not like this narrator

Robert Burke

if champs are getting pushed around in top, how does buffing their late-game stats help them?
Is this just a consolation buff so that if you suffer long enough through being thrashed in lane that you get to do better later?

I still believe, like I have since they nerfed her, Qiyana belongs in the jungle more than any of these champs strictly from a thematic level. She literally LIVES IN THE JUNGLE.

Jeremy Stein

as a corki main, this hurts

m a

Wait since when was kled s tier?

Noé Violas

Jhin OP? I mean, he's definitely a strong lane bully and can shine now that Caitlyn isn't the queen of the botlane anymore but he's got a ton of counterplay. Engage supports like Nautilus or Leona, tanks in general, Evelyn, Rengar, Hecarim, any roaming intensive midlaner that can dive tower. Ashe and MF aren't OP either. They're just frustrating to play against. Ashe falls off hard in late game in solo queue and MF is easily focused and her ult is dodgeable and easily canceled.
OP means an overloaded kit or insane numbers with no counterplay and I think only Samira can fit this description atm, since Cait is toned out this patch.

Mathias hansen

Where are you looking? I am very low elo, but i have NEVER encountered any of the supports mentioned.
People spam Yasuo, Pyke, Yi and Samira like there is NO tomorrow

Gabriel De Pinho

Is zac in the A tier tank or ap?

Alex Quang

Those rumble clips around 11:20 are from Went Rumble, a challenger OTP. If you’re looking to pick up Rumble, I highly suggest watching him


Ye gud shit I try to play samira on 4 accounts and dodge if I don't get her...been doing that for 2 days now and all accounts sit on minus 50 lp

Karson Kammerzell

Braum is in Braum tier. Excellent!

Joshua Lennertz

On my way to singlehandedly increase the anivia winrate bc nobody plays her.

James Matthews

No i hate urgot why he get buffs

Alex Daniels

I know i've been being repetitive but i LOVE UR VIDS. They help SOOO much. Please Keep them up.



Ariath Games

So these guys literally just put Yone in A tier???? This champ is so busted both in lane and late game

Marco J.

I'm a Ziggs main in the bot lane and I really appreciate you gave Ziggs some recognition ❤️

Jacob Cornish

Samira has a 30 percent ban rate INCLUDING a of the people who wanna play her and so don't ban her. She has a 80% presence overall I would guess

Trojan Mongolian

yes please keep these coming


Why Cho'Gath is not even a jungle pick anymore?

Robin Hood

5:57 that was a pretty pog thresh hook

Karson Kammerzell

I want to elaborate on my tentacle mistress a bit.

This buff is really, really nice because of an important change you missed in the video.

It now scales PER level. It use to scale per 2 levels. This is huge for lane control and has smoothed out recovery from aggressive tentacle clearing, when needing to press forward the tentacle line, or drop back and reposition to defend against a dive or push.

It is a VERY underrated improvement.


I'm ready for Shadowlands to come out. So sick of playing the "same 8 champs game."


IF Mao was so OP why did SKill Capped or Pro Guides or Game Leap did not recommended him to me over the View Patch Tier list.....


Well this is completely worthless content so hopefully it doesn't affect the level of your usual videos. The material's definitely been quite weak in the past few months.


nice :)

Martese Wilkes


adam matney

Why the hell is it showing me a Joe Biden ad who would vote for that lol

Kiyo Shadows

Worst narrator of all other vos


I wish skill capped had champ builds

Mason Piatt

Hector v mcbaze 1v1

Renan Fernandes

I totally don't agree with Fiddle being OP tier. Did we forget Graves exist or what?

Chris C

Most champions they are giving me starts to, are top laters. They are actually creating a situation like funneling.
Sometimes in too I take smite. I can secure Rifts, smite them like scuttle for a double tap and sustain, also steal enemy top jingle.
So you may not jungle on them but it can be broken to take it.

Davide Belcastro

Guys Kayle is weak. All champions in this game have burst damage. If someone flash on her she is a free kill 100% gg wp. Kayle is weak. If people instead of running from her harrass just turn around and all in she'll die so fast and with no time to do dps. One more tip: of you dodge her q you can kill her in no time. You can ult her 2 times before she has again her ult cause of high cooldown. She has no stun, w heal is a joke until 2/3 items. A nice tank can kill her super fast. I'm a main Kayle, i win 40% of laning phases and when I lose i'm 0/1/0 when ganked. But my team feed and i can't catch up. Garen with trinity force and dead man's plate can run and bust her down so fast... Pls don't say she's strong when she's quite balanced if you are good with her


cool it with the constant “objective” puns lol. Shit gets stale


but how random are is this tierlist its legit most dogshit thing on the planet xd

Ken TV

ty skillcapped


maokai is still the best tank in the game. 20 dmg at max rank is nothing...


Why are they putting kayle at OP for low elo? I can already see them going 0/10 against a renekton


Kayle as a low elo S tier pick? Because your low elo team never feeds the enemy team 20+ kills in the first 10 minutes of the game

C'mon guys, these shitty tier lists are why I unsubscribed from another channel

Shyva Noire

Shen jungle is only C? I kinda have to hard disagree on this one. I've picked it up couple of weeks ago and played some game of him for the first time, and tbf he's at least high B, or A imo. His clear is really great and healthy, his gank can be great, nothing op but good still, and he does scale well late game, without having a hard early. Sure you need good teammates, a frontline or engage champion on your team but still a A for me


diamond 4 top laner here and i havent played against maokai in months. Also i have 1.2k games.

Rectum Relish

How is Irelia in B tier? She is so strong at the moment. defs feel like she should be in A tier at the minimum with consideration for S tier


Where is Gnar support

Saleh Amini

Isn't Samira banrate 70% now?


Someday fizz will be gone from OP/S Tier... Someday... Right?!

Miss Fortune

I do be OP.

Ricardo Mokveld

Untill which elo is low elo in your eyes?

Bleach Is Bae

kayle for low elo? you really think people in gold and below can kite

Salty Hater

Atrox buffs ... nice...

Adriaan / A3

Seriously? Urgot buffs? As if the champion isn't broken enough with a 52% winrate in almost every elo.

x Kal

I missed your tier list videos, BEST ONE out there!!

Skill Capped Challenger LoL Guides

Got a bunch of comments asking for this one to come back - so here it is! P.S.. UOL will win worlds.

Some random Person

8:15 how old is this. That is old volibear. Pls never do tier list and become a Walmart pro guides


casio twitch bot is a thing still?


the guy who did this voiceover for the video is either 13 or 40 years old I cant decide yet


How is graves higher than akali???

Ton Aseryo

I dont like his Kid voice

super porky

u messed up the illaoi buff xd


Tyler1:: plays urgot....

Everyone:: Urgot Broken!!!
People just gotta know tyler1 is a freak of nature.


Talon is so useless wtf. How he is op tiee

Ангел Дун

I just came back to league from a long break and all I have to say is WTF

Daniel Lozada

I played againts a panth sup once...
It was not fun at all
But when I played panth sup...
It was not fun at all


Diversification of the jungle would be nice, cuz I just don't like alot of jungle champions, but like jungle.

Chidambaram Manivannan

Skillcapped, your tier lists are more accurate and reliable than the others out there. Highly recommend you making it each patch.

life isboss

On the topic of jg diversity, i feel like unpopular champions should be getting the jungle buffs. Like anyone who already plays Darius top is going to keep playing Darius top, and not Darius Jg.

Ivailo Ivanov

Great video as usual

GokkuDobleK YT

You played with my feelings using that old urgot splashart on the miniature

Nishitha Sapukotanage

Can anyone tell me why Azir is at the bottom of so many tier lists?


Ah man i'm late


Man I want them to buff Akali again :(

Ricardo Mokveld

can you do this for every patch pls

Sofer Pe OZN / UFO Driver

Why did they nerfed kat and just cancel gunblade existence what the hell are they trying to do?

Mateo Tierno

I love that riot makes a lot of champs viable on jg, yet one that was super fun and made sense considering her kit, was nerfed to be a midlaner only. With that I mean Qiyana, a champion that nowadays has a super hard time on the jg compared to the time she could jungle.

Bern Calderon

rejoice scripters


Ziggs Bot is absolutely not S tier unless your team is otherwise full AD. He has a lot of problems even bot. He''s fairly exploitable by good players who run the correct counter setups and utilize his CD windows.

Olaf Van Osch

The kled nerfs are for kled mid, not for kled top. Mentioning him top and not mid is just inting at this point.

Richard Váňa



Played two matches of Urgot jungle today. Was really fun. Can only recommend

Zoo Zoo

And Fiora free win continue to storm


Kassadin is built to kill ap opponents so that would mean veigar mains will rejoice as well watch his win rate will go up in that match up I feel.. but whatever I am low elo so what do I know right?



David Aleksidze

Varus is the only ADC I have no problem with. The rest are broken pieces of shit which ruin the experience of 4 other players.

mohammad bayat

reksai win rate goes up duo to bug i hope u don't get baited as well:)