RHETT WALKER - Believer: Song Session

RHETT WALKER - Believer: Song Session

49 253 views | 18 Oct. 2019

Rhett Walker - Believer: Song Session

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I walk a bit different now

Now that my heart’s been found

Nothing really feels the same

I hold my head a bit higher

I lift my voice a bit louder

Yeah, something inside has changed


I am a mountain mover - Water walker

More than just an overcomer

Cause I've been set free

I am a gospel preacher - Heart on fire

Freedom singing - Testifier

Cause I've been redeemed

I am a believer

I am a believer


I know this is not my home

I know I don’t walk alone

No matter what comes my way

I have peace through the trouble

I have joy though the struggle

And now my hope’s in a brighter day


I am a child of the Father

An orphan, no longer

No doubt about who I am

I’m in the hands of the Healer

The arms of the Savior

His grace makes me who I am

SONGWRITERS - Rhett Walker, Mitch Wong, Bryan Fowler

#essentialworship #rhettwalker #believer

Dennis Toadvine


Erica here!

This song right here...

Free Option Moda Feminina

In love with this Song man! How powerfull!

Carolyn Barney


Adriana garcia

Stefany Vasquez

Beautiful voice... and all for you my loved Jesus... I am a beliver.


Loosewheel Racing

awesome song!!


Amen To this

Yellow Heart

I created lyric video for Believer too. :) https://youtu.be/zjFa_koljFk

Antonio Chaves

Hallelujah amen

Tiffani Fedick

this is my favorite song on WGTS

Michael A

Boom!!! So good! I hope he comes to Ohio soon.

Gaspar Calel

This song brightens up my day


Amazing voice.. this song hits me hard and brightens my day every single time i hear it.. God bless you

Jenni Schwab

Simple, but 100% better than than the red and black creepy "official" video.

Sheri Cain

that voice & those inspired lyrics - WOW! You touched my mind, heart, and spirit...bought and shared with my small group the same day! Thank you for using your gifts to honor God and inspire others!


Sorry folks, atheist here. Just heard this song today on the radio and simply can't stop hearing and singing it. It's so relaxing and energizing at the same time. Thank you Rhett Walker, it's a beautiful song.

Cassi Chloupek


Jesus Christ Is The Almighty Creator † King James Bible Colossians Chapter 1

Beware of songs that refer to self noted by I, I am, etc. The guy's lyrics praise himself and not our Lord Jesus Christ.

Missy J

Very nice. Good rhythm, and great message. God bless, and Amen!

Elena Chavez

Gracias dios ...... bles my kid


Thx, this is modern sound & will be in our church

Gert The Flirt

Thank you Jesus for Rhett’s gospel songs. I just want to dance in the streets singing word for word. Holy goosebumps.


I need these versions on amazon music please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ben Hall

Yeeeea bring the Country Christ Vibe

Jeff Gamel

Hallelujah Jesus Christ!

Paul Morison

I can't get this song off of repeat. So raw and powerful and completely amazing.


If there are any guitarists out there playing this song, please note that Rhett’s guitar is tuned down a half step in this video (Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb). If you want to play in this key but stay tuned to standard tuning, you can simply put your capo on the 1st fret instead of the 2nd fret. You would be playing the key of D, but sounding Eb. Click the “Free Charts + Lyrics” link in the description and change it from E to D. The first chord should show as G. Hope this helps - cheers!

Juan Gutierrez

Te adoro mi Cristo Jesús

Vegan Entrepreneur

Fantastic voice, fantastic message! I feel set free and empowered to spread the word!