Review of the Alcon PanOptix lens for Cataract Surgery

Review of the Alcon PanOptix lens for Cataract Surgery

12 843 views | 8 Nov. 2019

The Alcon PanOptix IOL has been available in the USA for about three months. What are our initial impressions? How does this lens perform? Are patients happy with the results?

The Alcon PanOptix lens is good and it performs well. Like any man-made body part, particularly lens implants, there are some limitations. Nothing is as good as being young and healthy. The PanOptix certainly performs better than the bifocal IOLs that we have been using, such as the ReStor. But is the PanOptix a good choice for a plano presbyope without a cataract? What about a hyperopic presbyope without a cataract?


#1 What would you have put in ur own eyes today? (if u feel ur at liberty to say)
#2 How would you compare it to the EDOF symphony?

As always, thanks for sharing!

Ellicott Raven

I'm trying to decide if this is the lens I need to go for.. any advice between these and the monofocal lens?

Victor Davich

Latest Alcon Victor Tri-focal would seem to be answer to midrange. but i'm not a doc.


They’re great—so glad I got them!

money oil

I want to know about phaco machine & setting
continous or pulse or burst mode??? duty cycle??, pulses per rate ?? (for moderate density cataract chopping & removal)
Do you use the same settings for chopping and segment removal?? or use different setting ??

Bojan Kozomara

Just implanted the first Synergy lens by J&J. As the postop period goes on, it seams like the best multifocal lens on the market so far...

Limbs Flailing

Great info. Thanks for the detail.


How's the glare and rings around lights?

Pedro Muñoz

I was operated for cataracts with Panoptix lenses in both eyes, very happy with the result, I see very well at all distances, the halos for me are not annoying, I would operate again with the same lenses, they seem excellent!

Sharon Dreger

I had these implanted March/May 2020. This video is pretty spot on regarding my results. I am very pleased and so glad I took this path. It’s a personal choice but something I would definitely consider if your debating which lens to go with. The good news is no matter which way you go you will be seeing much better then you do now, after the procedure.

41 Hi Jinx

I had the PanOptix installed in both eyes a few weeks ago because my night vision was deteriorating. I do get halos around car headlights and traffic lights at night. I can no longer read a book up close but have to read at arms length or thereabouts. Looking at a backlit computer keyboard I do get some ghosting that is the letters are not crisp.Overall it has been a net gain.


Thanks for your great explanation. Any experience of At Lisa tri

Jane Robertson

I was a myopic patient.I am one month out from receiving my clear Toric Panoptix implants. I am not a happy camper. Yes I wear no glasses now. I saw better with my cataracts and up close clear and crisply before surgery. I am farsighted now. Nothing has edges. Daytime surfaces fluoresce. NOTHING has edges. I actually read road signs better at night. The glare and halos at night consist of the concentric circles of the intraocular lens. The same glow is observed during the day. I still have 0.5 diopter astigmatism in left eye which is considered negligible but because this is not a natural lens it makes a difference. Presently I am experiencing vertigo. Checking in soon with a corneal specialist. This is not easy when you work with ophthalmologists daily.Thankfully I can fold a lens with my eyes shut. Honest information needs to circulate. Not generalizations and sales pitches.

money oil

good video!!

Did you used temporal wrist rest for temporal approach??

Sharon Dreger

Hello Dr. Devgan, I am in the US and considering a PanOptix lens. I understand that some halos can be expected for nightime driving but I am wondering if night driving is still relatively safe and possible with these IOL’s? Thank you so much for your response.