Ford F-150 22x14 Fuel renegades -70 offset on 35 inch tires. Whipple, Meth, 3inch pulley, Xforce

Ford F-150 22x14 Fuel renegades -70 offset on 35 inch tires. Whipple, Meth, 3inch pulley, Xforce

245 745 views | 2 Sep. 2016

F150 now running some 22x14s. I also just got it back from the dyno shop. 3inch pulley and meth was installed. It makes 10 pounds of boost now.

Audio City in La Puente provided the wheels

The Power Steps can be picked up here

The Plug and Play Kit

The Pass Thru Harness

Fernando Sandoval

Hi, how much where your wheels?

Ken White

Tires are not wide enough no sidewall protection to protect the rims


I see u cut ur front bumper does it rub on fender by driver and passenger doors? I have same size on 33s about to buy 35s just wondering if I have to cut that part to thanks

Willy Wonka

Drug dealer

Cesar Martinez

no fking way that is negative 70


needs a wider tire


one side wheels go point one way...the other side they point the opposite. no go for me.

sebastian Avalos

did u go 3" in front and back

Bill Peirce

U are going to scratch up yr rims big time. Looks uggly like that. Get the proper size tires.

Adrian Garcia

I have the same set up...the ride quality sucks for me...I thought it was a balance issue and that did not fix it...steering shake is the number 1 issue...I was wondering if you have any issues. Thanks!!

Isaac Woods



What are the tire dimensions?

Mr. Edwards

How much did you lift the truck??


lol whats with the new trans in the back?


Nice looking truck much hp gain did you get from the supercharger alone?

Mason Maldonado i spotted ur old wheel set up at 2:18 seconds on the video... hit the link

Rafael Camilo

Looks great.

Christmas Gummyworm

This is one BAD looking truck, I just wish they made 20x14s for a little more sidewall

John Martinez

Bad ass truck man

Logan Primrose

How much trimming did you do?

Angel García

Wich fenders do you have?


Spare transmission cool


What size r the tires


looks WAY better with those fuels than those other ugly ass rims you had

Roman Valdes

Did u cut the front bumper?

Vox Populi

That thing is sweet lookin

Steve Hall

How does the truck ride? It's really nice I love it bruh

Bryant Hutson

Sick truck bro!! Love the stance on that! Just scibed to your channel bro! Head over to my channel and check out my TRUCK and give me a SUB as well! Keep on rockin' it bro!


hey man if you were to run 20x12s you think they would still pass the fender flares

Mario Mercado

what brand are those taillights? nice truck..


What size lift do you have

Ny Preppy

What are those fender flairs, they look amazing. Do you know the exact model? I just brought the same truck...


Very nice truck check mine out bro.

Visionary Foreign & Exotics

Fresh ass truck bro! Exactly what I'm looking for with my new setup, thanks for the vid. If you don't mind sharing, are these 35x12.50's?

Mauricio Magnovska

streaching the tire looks like shit


Is it lifted or leveled???

Yash Verma

how many inches of lift?

Byron Liu



no way those are -70 my -44 stick out farther

Wilmer Martinez

Truck looks like a damn rover sick!!!

Honda Alpha



Take those ugly flares off

tish burns


Andres Gonzalez

Hey can you do a video on how much you had to trim, I wanna do that to my truck


stretching tire is a no no when it comes to off roading

Eric Perez

What year is it ?

Kris Kakleas

Is that the Lincoln style grill? If so where did you find it?


Lift kit or levering

Steve Hall

How much trimming ???

Manuel Melendez

do you have a lift kit or a leveling kit on?

Daniel Reyes

Are 14 wides legal?

Stewart Arroyo

how bad do those rims rub

Clayton Allen

how bad did you have to trim the front? i have 35's on levied with -24 offset and i had tot take a big chunk out of the front bumper and the rear of the wheel well.

pablo garza

What's the name of that bed cover


Yo bro did they have to trim the front bumper to fit those on there

Jacob Chiang

what tail lights are those

The Catalina Nicole Experience

i absolutely love your truck!!!!! hi friend!!!

sebastian Avalos

will these tires and rims fit my truck 2011 ford f150 doing the leveling kit in the front

Michael Durham

clean truck!

Grandé Rojíta

Nice ride, when did you add the power running boards to the truck, and where did you order them from?

Pedro The Hunter

Hey I like stamped concrete bro also the truck too

Chris guerrero

Does it rub


Wow really nice Im getting the fuel maverick d260 22x14 atturo trail blade 35x12.50r22 basically the same set up you have how is the ride with the tire and wheel

Jonesy Jones



Such a sexy truck, so clean, so sharp, I like your stretched tires with fender flares looks so much better then when ppl just have stretch with no body stance.

I’d like to have stretched tires but I don’t trust myself enough with curbs, lol.

Kennth Miles

@xedout23 is that stock height? also did you lift the front to level it out?

Brodie Lack

What model is this truck

Andrew Warner

What taillights are those?

diego rizo

- 70 offset ?

Bridger Kennedy

You don't stretch a fucking tire for a truck that just looks absolutely terrible, let me guess that thing never sees anything other than pavement? Not surprising

Ryan P

not keen on the stretch, too much, but everything else is SIC!

Gabrielle B

Could this work on a 2wd with a lift?

Kobe Hargest

For some reason your 14 wide's just don't look that wide. I guess the video isn't doing it's justice though.

Troy Logan

What level kit did you use? I also have a 09 fx4. Looking to do something similar, truck looks bad ass


around how much can i get one of these for? this model truck same year


Man you got some nice rides

Andy Gonzales

Hey man is your truck lifted or leveled? I wanna do the same to mine but -44 offset

C Kennedy

Does your fender flares help with the tires throwing rocks? I have the same exact tires and mine throw rocks like no other. Looking for a remedy instead of adding gay ass mud flaps. Thanks

Andrew Salazar

no lift? how in the world did you fit 35s with that width rim? I'm being told 20x10 with 35x12.50 won't fit on a leveled f150

Justin Spiguzza

Wheels are WAY to wide. Tires aren't supposed to bow out. Should have got 22X10 or 22X 12 max


the truck look bad ass

Keith Parlin

Let’s get tires that fit next time

Stuart Sims

Looks like shit I like rims fuck that mud grip jacked up trucks this shit been out since my parents were why follow everybody else that why I love my custom truck

Alamonzar Hughes

This truck is so sexy every single thing about it inside and outside

Hurricane 863

What tail lights are those and tow mirros?

Daniel Arellano

Do you think 20x14 -76 offset on 33 tires will fit with a leveling kit in the front?

ConfidenZe Music

How high u lifted it ?


this is the look i want on my 2016 f150, and as far as the guy that commented on "its a no no for off road" i dont plan on mine going off road nines just for looks.

One Stop Chopp

How many inches do you have this lifted?

Gallo 17

Let me marry your truck


Dats hot brother.

Mike Mike

nice truck!


I don't like the tires stretched either but I definitely understand getting a good deal. The black on black looks good. I like what you did overall. Once you get the tall tires and a lift it will look sharp. But still nice..


Is it only leveled?

Dirty Details

Cool truck man!


Sick truck. I just ordered 20x12 Mavericks on 33s for my 2010 that’s got a 2” leveling kit. How much trimming will I have to do?

Austin Thompson

Did you have to do any trimming to get the tires to fit

Joshua Hammonds

What kind of Tail lights are those?

Rodrigo Saldivar

What lift kit do you have? Does it rub?


I emailed custom offsets and I asked them if this exact set up but with a - 76 offset would fit on my leveled 2007 f150 and they said I would have some serious fitment issues. I don't understand