MGSV: The Phantom Pain - Mission 34 - [Extreme] Backup, back down - S-Rank Tank Mission Task Guide

MGSV: The Phantom Pain - Mission 34 - [Extreme] Backup, back down - S-Rank Tank Mission Task Guide

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How to get all tank related mission tasks safely and easy (no 6x prisoners and 4x soldiers)

Eliminated an armored vehicle

Eliminated multiple fighting vehicles or gunships

Eliminated all armored vehicles without receiving a resupply or fire support

Secured the weapon the transport truck was carrying

Extracted an armored vehicle

Extracted 3 tanks



Choose northern LZ (landing zone)

Drive the truck and block the road.

Call D-Horse and place a EMN-Mine as failsafe on both sides.

Forget about the Sleeping mine. (I was paranoid) :D

Hide at the hills.

The trick D-Horse is that the tank is going to horn and by doing that it's distracted and give you extra time to fulton it safely without wasting your EMN-Mine.

Repeat until you are done.

Then go after the 3 tanks for the last mission task.

If you destroy the gunship you get extra points. I was too lazy to go after the gunship.


Is possible to let D-Horse defecate (poop command) to take out the four-wheel. (to save a EMN-Mine) ;)

Adrián Calvo Portillo

Only two tanks and the helicopter on my mission.....on normal it was 3 tanks but in extreme just 2 tanks, wtf : / another bug?


...Sooooooooooo what about how to complete all the other mission tasks?


great video, thanks man.


Wow. I used the truck method to extract 1 and then run out of the hotzone to cheese an S rank, but I didn't think it'd be the same method to get all the main targets though; the length had me thinking I'd be in for one hell of a battle. But thank you very much for this!

Jacob Maughan

Wow, i never realise they all came through the same spot, this, the regular version of this, traitors caravan and the extreme are the only ones i couldn't get s rank on, after this ima give it another go