Rum Week - Day Three - "Rumcake" By Pipeworks & Wilke!

Rum Week - Day Three - "Rumcake" By Pipeworks & Wilke!

1 258 views | 19 May. 2010

Rum flavor originally blended for Basil Rathbone, now available for you and I!


Are you noticing any tongue bite with these rum blends?

Donna Looker

It sounds delicious, may give it a try. Now...walk the plank, ye scoundrel...haha. ~D


Same question from me, who makes Key Largo? Great series by the way!

Gordon Gladstone

I've tried a lot of rum blends. I favor Sutliff's Barbados Plantation, but I'm going to try P&W Rumcake based on your recommendation. Thanks.


Great series!! I will sure try a rum tobacco blend!


@the14thbear G.L. Pease.


This stuff vs. Boswell's rum?


@Charredbriar No, not really.


PL, I thought Rumcake tasted more like a Christmas season pastry and candy. The other Navy blends are more tobacco flavor with a rum undertones. This Rum is an aromatic.

Michael Louis

one of my favorites!!!

True Blue You

The stuff is too expensive – I make my own– I have tried this and it is good – but mine is better

Timothy Hartle

GREAT review, Anthony!!  I really miss your reviews, hope you will take up the camera again soon!!!!       ...Carole does a FANTASTIC job blending; her aromatics (as well as Boswell's & Kramer's) are my favorite aros---this thought is coming from a predominately lifelong English/Balkan smoker...