Suros PDX-41 Legendary Pulse Rifle | Gameplay Review | Destiny

Suros PDX-41 Legendary Pulse Rifle | Gameplay Review | Destiny

48 830 views | 14 Jan. 2016

Straight from the Gunsmith, it's the Suros PDX-41 Pulse Rifle. Can this compete with Nerwin's Mercy and Reflection Sum?

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Suros PDX-41 Legendary Pulse Rifle | Gameplay Review | Destiny

Den Gamer

are you going to destiny con?

anthony tenaglia

Boolean Gemini is nasty but so is my pdx-41 both nasty guns good video blessious I was curious u sound like ur in ny I am in by I had to ask tho with the accent


infused my imago loop to 316 then the smite, then the grasp, now i wannna do the PDX

Chuck Jackson

Great vid - fun and awesome game play! Hallelujah!!! :)


definitely not a comparison to nerwins.. this shoots much faster.. the comparable gun is hawksaw

Troy Addict

dont listen to other ppl words bro ppl say alot of shit i use was bad and end up bein g a beast with no gun is bad only the person that cant use it soon as u know that the better....good video

Gilly Bert

"Tactical grenade to block him off there..." *enemy walks out other door

M Bah


Rodrigo Contreras

Another great quality video :)


Rolls on eyasluna


Have you used the PDX-45? I've got one with a great roll and it's extremely good, probably better than my Hawksaw. Just curious as to how these two compare...

Juan Torres

1st video i watched. Looking forward to watch your videos

Trent Schartz

I think you mention what gun killed you every time you die lol


I like the PDX-45 better. but I always use the Grasp of Malok now.

Frank Aguilera

I must admit my initial annoyance led to endearment. Only streamer whose full gameplay I watch on YouTube now!

Aaron Purnell

My mans a mix of King goth and mr fruit !


9:45 lmfao. I found that to be so funny for some reason!


Everyone pronounces cocytus wrong. It's not "koke-it-us" or "kok-it-us" it's "ko-kite-us". It a Greek word and means "river of wailing". In Greek mythology it is the river in the underworld.

Roag AJT//Designer

ok, why are you only at 29.5k?!?!?! your content quality should be at least a mil


love this guy he should have more than 12 k tho


Just found you but wow, this content is way too high of a level to only have around 2700 subs you deserve waaaay more

Mr. Nuggets

I honestly forget that you have less than 400k subs, your videos are very high quality and very entertaining


if you enjoy Blessious' content raise a hand.

raises hand

if you are salty at that Eyasluna drop at end, raise a hand.

raises both hands and feet

Leeca Him

great job!i hope we can play soe day man it seem like itll be fun. keep it up dude!


You always kinda make me want to play my Titan more. Especially now that I got the Twilight Garrison even though I was playing with my Hunter
EDIT: 9:45 is amazing :D

Mooey H

Great vid as usual, what's the difference between this and the pdx-45? Keel up the great work.


wtf I swear every shotgun you went against had no range!! any way good vid keep it up

Andrew Herby

I can't wait till you have a ton of subs and I can say I was here before you were super popular and have you on my friends list because you sir are hilarious.

Darkmoon Falchion

Your videos are very entertaining. I like it that you have a positive attitude on every game you played. keep it up my friend!!


Blessious I wouldn't say the last word is op. It's just overused. It's a great close quarters gun but at long range it sucks. I'd say it's balanced

Arran Haigh

Top quality gameplay and commentating
Seriously something that isn't easy to do so well
Keep it up

Edward L.

9:50 rip headphone users.

Hayden Maas

man blessious you always manage to get very desirable weapon drops. great video.

albert santana

i got the pdx 45

Caleb Jankowski

I got high cal, counterbalance and rifled barrel on mine last night from leveling up the gunsmith and it's so good


Thanks for the review, I think I will order the PDX-41 because I didn't buy Nerwins Mercy in the last IB and I have the worst luck when it comes to drops. I ususally use the PDX-45 but i guess your saying it's even better then that and perhaps Hacksaw? Thanks.

niro the ripper

11:02 I just got one today just for "camping"


What's the difference between this and the Suros PDX-45?

I Am The Marble

Got mines from leveling up today at 295

Tabare Pereira

i still sticking with the Suros PDX-45

rolis flores

You are going to be bigger thank goth and everyone else on YouTube! Keep up the work don't forget about us first 500 SUbs when you blow up


Good vid.

Hugo Frederico

i think u need 2 upgrade ur conn u eat bullets 4 days


Greats video man!
I can see that u will get lots and lots of subscribers

Apex Animal

this is like the Nick Jr of Destiny YouTube. lol


Hey, what titan mark were you wearing??

Krizaey M


Infamous Lawd

I like your face :)

Oscar 7416

Good job my friend. Amazing. Work
By the way have. My ps4. Ore ready. I m working on level. My Titan. I keep you posted.

Raheel Raheel

I really love ur voice man!! Keep it up

Hugo Frederico

i have +3000 hours in the game never saw eyasluna once on my lobbies i play on x1 maybe dats why

Joshua McClellan

you deserve more subs I have been telling my friends about your videos so maybe some of them will subscribe. Do stream on twitch? If so is it the same name as youtube because if you do I would definitely watch.

Austin Khy

Such a beast bro! Good video and review.

Nathaniel Olivier

11:00 yes lol

Mike O

Great vids. I got one of these from a gunsmith package but never took it out of the vault due to pulse nerf. I have counterbalance, rifled barrel and full auto on mine. Something tells me mine won't yield the same results. Beast gameplay man, subbed.


I got hard rounds on mine and they do 25 damage to the head , also got counterbalance and my stability is completely full and I get headshot people from across the map. It's amazing :)


Hey man! just want to say i look forward to your vids everyday! Your content is such high quality and so entertaining. I know you will be huge in the youtube community!!

If you are ever looking for a noob to play some destiny with on PS4 my PSN is Thagore94!

Buzz kill9000

Electrifying...and fade to Who.  LoL.  Nice gun, and the ARI-41 auto is pretty good too.

Jordon Parks

Your videos are to high quality for only 2700 subs :/


which one has more range this or the pdx 45


dude, another great and very entertaining vid. Keep it up and it will pay off! Trust me!

Ahmed Hamouda



The Boolean Gemini would be an excellent choice for a marksman like you. Hipfire the Gemini when the enemy is really close.

BLAZErednation1 2

Yep you

derrick watson

that elayluna had a very good roll, just need some reload glove

Andres Florez

I have mine with Perfect Balance + Hiden Hand and i love it, its my weapon to go in crucible


At the moment this is for sure my favourite primary for pvp! This thing dominates in mid- to long range maps and from my experience it competes with mida easily.


I've been putting off subscribing.  Finally broke down.  Good post just had this drop from a Gunsmith package at 328.

BLAZErednation1 2

one of mine personal favorite gamers my man blessious


when you titan skate wait until you near the ground before you start spamming jump. you don't gain much speed the way you are doing it right now

Abdullah Sheikh

what is the difference between the 45 and 41 besides the different skins?I have a 45 but I have yet to try a 41

Anthony Maddison

How do you always know the name of every gun everyone is using??


You have to make another part 3 of drunken destiny with your future wife plz! You guys are so funny :)

Zack Nichols

9:55 so dumb I laughed out loud. Haha


Awesome video as usual.

Do you think it would be possible to do a review on the Red Death please?