Rune Factory 4 | Dylas' Reverse Proposal (Part 1/2) - For Clumsy You

Rune Factory 4 | Dylas' Reverse Proposal (Part 1/2) - For Clumsy You

39 495 views | 11 Oct. 2013

Part 1 of 2 of Dylas' reverse proposal event.

Reverse proposal -

Part 2:

Rejecting his proposal and proposing to him:


After marriage jealousy dialogue:


To trigger the reverse proposal event you need to:

- Be dating Dylas and have him at 10+ LP

- See the town event Smile Practice

- Finish the first arc of the game.

- Go on at least 3 dates with Dylas.

You do not need a double bed or engagement ring to trigger the reverse proposal. However, you need both to propose to someone. You can only propose to a bachelor after you have rejected their reverse proposal.


The event is a town event, so triggering it is also random. It could take you a while to get it.

There is a way to try and get a particular event to trigger, which basically just involves resetting your game until you get the event you want. To do this, look at the following:

First off, make sure you have no other town events in progress. Talk to everyone in town, see if anything triggers, and finish up that event.

Once you have no events in progress, play normally and save your game every night. Save it before the NPCs in town go to sleep for the night, preferably. Then go to sleep. The next morning, talk to everyone in town again and see if an event has triggered. If one has not triggered, then play normally and save at night again.

If one has triggered, then reload your save. Get a NPC involved in the event in your party (so for Dylas' reverse proposal, put Dylas in). Save your game again, then sleep. The next morning, if the NPC leaves the party, then you have triggered an event that they are involved with. See if it's the event you want. If it is not the event you want or they do not leave the party, then reset your game, reload your save, and repeat until you get the event you want.

Basically the idea behind this is that the game decides in advance when an event will happen, but the event itself is still random until that day. So if you save the day before an event triggers, you can just reload that save until you get the event you want. It saves time compared to just sleeping for a week or two until you finally trigger an event.


I'm already in the 3rd arc of the game and Rune Prana is such a pain! I'm gonna concentrate on triggering this event for now. I already have Dylas at 15 LP but I still haven't seen the Smile Practice event.

Snowflake Executor

Me after the fight: Time to go blab to everybody how horrible my boyfriend is >:3

Guinea Cat

I have 28 hearts with dylas, got all events but this one, and I have a double bed. I'm in the 3rd arc. Still nothing. I even made two games - one where I'm dating only him and the other dating multiple people. Still nothing. I get that it's random but jeez. ._.

Ambar Flores

When he told me to get lost I was like noooooooooooooo

Kaylaa Gonzalez

TT^TT I need more save slots ( I want to marry everyone xD )

Gina Cook

Oh yeah, one last thing,who's better, Dylas from rf4 or Neil feom harvest moon anb?




Lol Leon ftw. :3


Just keep asking him. Whether or not he accepts is random. You can save right before you confess to him, then if he rejects you, reset the game and try again. Also, they seem more likely to accept when they have just reached the next LP level.


Leon. Just...... just Leon.......


does the game eventually reset the chat conversations? Dyals is all of a sudden talking like when he first woke up and hate everybody! and were dating. Is that going to cause him to think were not dating?

Chain Chomp

This is really cute.


Leon: "By burying him"

WOAH, Leon... XD 

Aidan Addams

"How long have you been here?"
"Seven hours."


Seriously Leon?!? Bury him?!?

Gina Cook

Sry typo


Burying him!? I think that goes a bit too far... ¬.¬|||


Death threats. :|


Check off "tell the whole town I'm sad and they should feel bad for me" from that quest list lol. Very glad you recorded this tho. ^w^


ummm I need help. I'm not that good at a english so do I have to prpose to another guy to get dylas reverse propse plz answer:D


thanks for posting all of these.  What were your friendship levels with Margaret, Porcoline and Arthur?  I can't get this event to trigger and I'm beginning to think it has somethign to do with their friendship levels


hellow! If i want to see a few of the bachelor reverse proposal, am i able to say no to the earlier proposal by the bachelor and still go back to them ( i propose) after seeing the others? Thankyou!


Whoa! I just turned on my 3DS and when I talked to Dylas, the Smile Practice event triggered! Wow. Watching this video brought good luck to my game :D

Kaylaa Gonzalez

When I married Dylas we got married on Doug's birthday xD


Awkward horsie husbando is the best husbando

Kassandra Smith

yes it finally happened I thought something went wrong thanks lots!


urg Leon stop making me want to marry you dammit

Summer L

Was this on the DS


Yeah, you need to do that to marry one of the "monster" candidates.


I got a event with Frey was hit on by a playboy guy and Dylas came to save her then told her she was pretty and cute. Yeah

alicia brock

I agree completely. But I have no idea what to do with the 3rd it's either go boy and marry Dolce or stay girl or Visnahal but he's more like friend then bf to me though.


ty destinyechoes i tryed to reply but it wouldn't let me said i'm not allowed to reply ?_? i have him now at 23 or 24 LP nothing yet though still trying to get him to marry me i do have a ring and double bed though 


I'm torn between doug dylas and leon.... thank god for three save slots!


Yeah, the conversations will cycle through the non-dating dialogue even while dating/married. It'll eventually cycle back to dating dialogue. He'll still know you're dating.


Hooray! I can't for the rest!

Kassandra Smith



@lunarrainbow2501- Requirements are in the video description if you haven't already found them. 

kili thedwarfmaster

Yes :) just saw the smile practice event and I have dylas at 14 hearts all I have to do is keep dating him and I to have a big bed :)

Lanie Marie

Dammit. Alright, thanks for the help!

Elisa V.

i was truly disappointed with this event...I think I wanted something more serious...

Vivian Minevamp

u should hit dylas with a bird Every Rf player uses birds 4 weapons :)


I have Dylas at 9 hearts and he still won't date me :( idk what I'm doing wrong

That Weird Otaku

So if I completed everything except the mission for the floating empire am I good??Sorry I just got this game a few days ago


I love how some of the villagers are threatening to beat him up just for her. XD

My Nilsson

Do i have to save venti the second time when the spheres been taken to get the marriage?

Lanie Marie

How can i propose to him? im pretty sure i have all the requirement... he has 20LP I did his town event...does he maybe have more? The event i did was something about learning how to smile...but i still cant propose....


The only way to propose to him yourself is if you refuse his reverse proposal, you can't propose before then.

alicia brock

Do you have to make the ring to trigger this event and I know you need a double bed but but i'm not sure on the ring?


im near the end of the second arc and at about 19 LP with dylas but no luck with the proposal yet =( do i need to wait until the third arc for something to happen?


to all uk 3ds owners interested in getting this game it has recently become available for download on the eshop courtesy of nintendo and xseed. lets give a big thank you to those that made it happen!  


Are you going to make a video like this with Forte? I've been trying forever to go after her, but I can't trigger the event that I need. XP

Alicia Angelina


PotatoLord Backup-account



I love how some of the villagers are threatening to beat him up just for her. XD


"Bury him" "Cut him down" "Punch him"... The heck?

Nikita Saville

Why you gotta be so rude


I love these RF4 videos! It's great since I can't play it at the moment. Please upload the rest of the parts soon, Dylas is my favorite.

Jessica Dang

I shouldn't be spoiling myself but this won't come out in Australia until ages so who cares xD Omg Dylas is cutest ever haha


I love some characters are saying death threats, it hilarious! xD

Gina Cook

Really? It only took me about 2 in game weeks to trigger this event. But, I should have started the 3rd arc before this event triggered.

Lanie Marie

...oh...yeah after watching this i kind of figured....i guess i read the requriments wrong and assumed i you know if i have to save leon first? because i still havent...




If you already meet requirements, then you're just going to have to be patient with triggering it since it's a random town event. If you have no other events going on, you can put Dylas in your party and save the game. Then sleep for a week or so. If he leaves, then you've probably triggered an event with him in it. If he doesn't or it's not the proposal event, reset and try again.

Paris Bolinger

He wants her hand because he's going to make a ring

Storm The Octoling

How did you get this? I've been trying forever


It turns out you don't actually need the double bed for the reverse proposal either... it just shows up in your house after marriage if you don't buy it beforehand.


I know that town events tend to be random but I have 13 LP with Dylas, have gone on at least 3 dates (been to all the date places), and I just started the second arc, but I have not gotton the Smile Practice event T^T Does anyone know any hints or tips to triggering events?

alicia brock

Haha sometimes I wonder if Leon joking or if his serious.


Also: Volkanon's = BEST REACTION EVER XD

Ambar Flores


Faith Osceola

Forte: Leave it to me
Frey: What are you going to do?
Forte: Cut him DOWN!
Faith: If I was yuri I'd so marry Forte ❤

Ashley DeLoach

25 hearts - Dylas <3, I finally defeated the Floating Empire. Only took one try at level 103. I have seen his two mini events - Playboy, and when he was cooking. I am now more worried about Venti then Dylas smiling event now xD


Im just wondering if there is anyone that bought the game from america and live in europe. since i did that and my game doesnt work. Anyone have the same problem or is the game i got just broken?


Please upload the next part XD


I love how Leon straight up offers to put Dylas six feet under.


Arthur will lecture Dylas with the fishing pole during the festival.