GET GALA NOW! How to Farm 100 MHW Food Vouchers an hour

GET GALA NOW! How to Farm 100 MHW Food Vouchers an hour

60 298 views | 25 Aug. 2019

Gala is only back for 1 week for the Pre MHW Iceborne Festival. YOU NEED TO GET IT IF YOU HAVEN'T! If you want to farm food vouchers before Monster Hunter World Iceborne comes out you'll want the gala armor set. And you only have 1 week to get it.

In this video we detail how to get the gala armor set with the appreciation tickets currently available. We also cover all the intricacies and math behind how to get fast food vouchers in MHW

You do this through the greeting the gluttons quest combined with the great luck armor set bonus from the Gala armor and several time shaving strategies.

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Khaki Redd

Bro u literally just got this event nerfed in 1 day smh wtf! If u have to watch a video on vouchers you don’t even need to play the game. You ruined it for all the true MHW gamers smh. Fk your numbers NERD


Gala Armor vs Guild Coins armor?
Not talking about difficulty to farm it, but which is better?


Would using the gala set with max defense lvl 7 when starting Iceborne be beneficial for more monster parts (quest rewards) to forge new weapons/armor faster or just focus on the new armor with max deeeppss one quest at a time?

Roberto Schettino

I think that the 70 voucher I have are pretty low

Acel Shock

Does great luck work on lavasioth deco farming?

Alisha Nagy

This is gonna be fun to run with IB weapons, lol


Great video overall! I just wanted to mention: what great luck does is that you always get the maximum amount of rewards when you complete a quest.

Peter Hutchings

How much different is the time table on this for us PC players?

Richard Clark

So this set bonus is better than the legiana set bonus even though they are the same thing?

Abderrahmen Besbes

thank you for opening my eyes with every vid u make


Jinx coming in with that good maff


I have done this on under 1:30 with gunlance and heavy bowgun cluster bombs.
I prefer to do it with gunlance as it's more fun & I am not using bomberry resources.
With your guide I might get it quicker. I just get so 3 monsters together and put in Rocksteady with heskth booster.
Oh I use your optimal poison gunlance set and I mostly swinglance but throw in some wormstakes etc.

Richard Clark

But the real time saver is to not run it on trash consoles and use a PC and have instant load times

Jason Lee James

You don't have to eat in astera this quest lets you eat at the camp right in the mission area near the tent

JinJinx and Tuner [Mathalos Gaming]

Thanks for checking out the video!
Just a reminder, Tuna is currently live on twitch at
Be sure to come hang out!

Ila Hadi-Assar

11:48 im pretty sure g rank hbg arent gonna take more than 5 clusters to begin with

Jake Bennett

I use it for dash juice farming but never for this quest never thought for food vouchers

Rory T

i'd like to know what the progression guide from you guys would look like for someone who picked monster hunter world back up before ice born but only finished the main quest

Joel Deserve

Will Kirin set bonus work the same? I don't have gala set.

Khaki Redd

Sub 2min runs by just attacking pal on top with paralysis and letting the others come to you.


Shouldnt this also influence arch tempered lavasioth reward gems? since they come at the reward box at the end?

Tony DeMarco

How would this armor skill affect the warped/worn feystone rewards for The Name’s Lavasioth or The Greatest Jagras?

Glaive KING

I get at a 1:55 avg run with my kjarr fire db and use stones to aggro all three at the start instead of running to them.


ssd is ps4 pro?

anton chipurrh

I can also personally attest that the kjarr blast weapons do very well in this quest. i use the kjarr hammer blast with the gala armor and can do it in about 1:10 with the capture.

Der Dome

For capturing just look at the pods if there are 2 u can capture except if it's deviljho he just don't give a fck

MHGod 88

Done this 3 times only getting 2 vouchers per run... :?

David McCown

"don't bother eating, the attack buff isn't worth the time trade-off" thanks, but I eat for Lucky Cat on Greeting the Gluttons


i'd say if you're on HDD on PS4, don't even bother capturing. Just watch more anime :lul:

Dustin Biester

Does this work for dash extract and nourishing extract?


nice would definitely recommend using the switchaxe. ez 1 min runs.

John Smith

Unpopular question, but doesn't it say a lot about MHW game design when most farming guides always tell you how to circumvent the hunting downtime/relax time down to such detail?

I get that when you farm, time efficiency is especially paramount, but this is really an amusing level of attention to detail.

Mr Nelsonius

Does the Gala Suit affect AT ticket drops?? I just did this with SNS, averaging probably a minute and a half. And I got to 70 vouchers and just couldn’t do it anymore haha. Pro pro tip tho

Van 'El

Idk if this was mentioned but you can capture a monster when it drops 2 slinger pods

Brisson Kévin

You forgot a crucial math in your "not eating at canteen" theory...


extremely old man voice "eehhh back in my day, we got one voucher after eating a bunch of meals, and that's how we liked it!"

Seriously though, why are the MH team so insistent on making getting food bonuses a hassle mixed with rng? I don't get it.

Kie Mugen

did they nerfed it? I get only 3 90% of time in the current event on pc


Paulumu is so ugly i hate him reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


So the Guild Cross and Gala set bonuses work exactly the same?
I was wondering about that, since they have the same name; I think the description might be slightly different between them though, which is odd.

Vin Byori

It's even faster now in iceborne haha


love this guide, still doing this when available. Just updated the Blast SAfi SA set (4 x ATK Awaken, 1 x Kirin Divinity)(Attack + Health Aug). 3pc safi and 2 pc Kirin. Can do sub 1 min more consistently.

Ron R.

Wait, does this mean that great luck applies to the event quests that give warped feystones? Greatest Jagras and the Name's Lavasioth give warped feystones as a quest reward, right?

I need to go check now...I'm still missing so many gems.


If you are on PC just mod it, spend the rest of the time doing real big boi hunts (getting gud or learn all the weapons) and help the now numerous newbies still playing this gaem. Or you can just play other games instead of becoming brain dead.

Iron Tusk

It's weird that the words used for the guild cross and the gala set are different for the same skill effect. Great luck is "often" on the gala set, where as the guild cross is "high chance".


Styx cluster set?

Voiced Planet

Could've sworn the great luck skill helped with arch tempered farming as well as the clear rewards from the greatest jagras and your friend lavasioth

Andreas Weber

Capture the monsters which are already captured :D


I cannot express how sad this video makes me. It literally takes ALL the fun out of playing a video game. Farming the same, effortless quest, for hours on end, to the point where you're not even looking at the screen, just to get a couple food vouchers that will shave off a minute off of the actual hard, fun fights, in a couple weeks. A pointless, Sisyphean work that doesn't even improve your skills at the game.

I appreciate the effort but damn, does this take farming to the next level. I'd have to be completely dead inside to do this more than a couple times, not to mention actually optimizing for it.


The Guild Cross armor also gives Great Luck, is there any difference?

Marc-A P

does it stack with quest voucher ? I get around 4 to 6 or so with quest voucher... are you getting like 10 by using this + quest voucher ?


Warning: Rocksteady doesn't negate Great Jagras' pounce move so aim for paolumu but make sure Jagras takes enough damage to fall quickly..


My favorite part of Paolumu's looking around animation is that it doesn't see you at all


My strat: install a mod for meal vouchers. Grow them on my farm.

Bret Beckman

Question. I understand why this would not be good for investigations but since it affects the top reward box then wouldnt this be good for something like the Lavasioth decos? Since the warped appear in that box?

Keko Anuar

Idk what is max rewards we can get with gala set. Last time i do it. Got 6 vouchers per hunt.

Asriel Cypher

Yeap.. I see now why they said "Math = Mental Abuse To Humans".

This is abusing everything in MHW!

With the Power of Love,Friendship, and Potato

Don't forget to pet Poogie for increased rewards. IIRC this is a myth since mhp3rd, maybe it's just my imagination but usually i get more rewards whenever i pet poogie before a quest.

Ditto Tiu

Am i the only one who noticed the long beach griffy video in their playlist?

Ibrahim Ib

I was using this method without the Gala armor set.
Thanks now I can farm even more.

Antonio Cunningham

Ha. It would be with two weapons I suck with.

Abdullah Al-Dar

I wonder why the game censors "SA" when I try to name my switch axe builds?


w-why... are you ONLY partners in business? :((((

Bonsai Banana

I've used Legiana gloves and legs for a long time and they've gotten me up to 6 vouchers for one Glutton event quest.

Mitchell Williams

I think the best I've ever done this with my GL was 1:19, but that was full meta swing. If I had attack augment it'd be better.
But ye paolumu can be a pain if he starts flying around


8:55 "And because monsters don't limp from arenas it's something you kinda have to learn from experience"

Nah, just watch for 2 pod drops, they are well past being capturable at that point.

Kxx 99

Elders or ATS should drop gems.

Don B

I use the bandit mantel for some extra cash


does good luck and great luck stack?


Got 15 vouchers for completing the quest 7 times. Got 3 vouchers only once and I got that without the armor countless times. I can say without a doubt, this game hates me so much, it doesnt matter how much luck a particular armor skill gives me.

Quacktics are Go

They're nerfing clusters?
That's sad, I love the cluster meme


my record of Greeting the gluton was 43 seconds hunt (+ loading inn and whatiging 30 seconds for cap), with SA and God tier RNG
my path is when i get out of the hole, i pick upp the rocks to the left. then jump down into the hole while shooting Paolumu mid air, then i run upp to Puke Puke and smak him untill Paolumu comes to die. then i just caped him when ready.
its not as easy and brain dead as cluster or other ways, but it tends to be a little faster to pull Paolumu this way, unless you dont hit the trickshot. then you loose a lot of time.

Sonic is the best

I have vouchers more than I can count, I literally never use them lmao but I do need the gala armor set for sure and not just the layered set.

Kie Mugen

so can I use master rank kirin set bonus instead of gala now? are they similar?


SSD for the win, its a lot faster farming with it


Did they change the decoration drops? I got 3 warped feystones from a single odogaron investigation.


I thought Attack was a trap and you want high crit ??? Your build was completely opposite

No one Should know me

I nuke them with great sword

Aidan Combs

I love how this dude legit got down to seconds on this video

Sergio Ontiveros

Sorry wtf does TLDR mean when you say it? Cause if it means what i think then it a very hypocritical thing to CONSTANTLY say for someone who says they don't like misinformation

Bryan Lee

I don’t do math well, but I do like to see people doing math, it’s like doing some sort of magic to me XD Subcribe!

Lilcactis 312

Wouldn't this work with "Relish The moment" Streamstones rewards? They are in the same quest rewards box.


This will get even easier with a rarity 11/12 iceborne weapon :)

- KobiKano -

Does this work for the Lavisioth and Greatest Jagaras quests for the decos you get for completing the quest, not the ones you pick up?

semi awesomatic

I like using glutton for greeting the gluttons. Ironic, I know, but it's only marginally slower than clusters. It's also pretty mindless, and doesn't require much in the way of resources.


I used to run that opener, but I found the large pit made keeping the mons (especially Paolumu) concentrated very inconsistent. I now use the rocks to pull Pukei and Jagras up to where Paolumu starts. Also, definitely recommend running affinity booster and max might instead of weakness exploit, since you're going to be hitting shitzones so much. My personal weapon choice is axe mode CB for the outrageously large sweeps, but I haven't tried SA yet.


since they fight each other, they drop shinies. possibly you can find Wyvern tears, and these are worth 200 research points.

This should pay for most of your resource expenditures

Noel Rezada

what layered armor are u using and what quest?

Bruce Banner

What about STREAMSTONES? Is "relish the moment" still the best event for them?

Chuwee Gamer

youhave almost 5k voucher?... my goodness

SeeFood Diet

Also stock up on supplies from vendor during festival. Just maxed out everything and still have 12 mill left lol

The Black Baron

If tuna has a twitch then he should get that checked out by a physician.

NnH Kairyu-sama

When I farmed Vouchers I used the Divine Slasher meta set. I know it was slow, but I consistently got runs at 1m 16s (fastest) to 1m 43s (slowest). My goal was 100+ vouchers, and just kept trying to push faster times to deal with the boredom.

Normal Xbox One with HDD External.

Texas Dice

I used to farm this quest with Dual Blades, the Ice/Blast ones to be specific. Paoluma has a 3-star Blast weakness, Pukei a 2-star for Ice and Blast and Jagras is not even worth mentioning. Just put Rocksteady on and spam demon dance.

Bintang Cahyana

my friends said i'm dumb for getting the gala set but look at me now with 500+ meal vouchers


Isn't it possible to also get more Warped/Worn feystones from 'The Name's Lavasioth' because they're also is in the quest reward boxes?


You shoulda mentioned that the high rank version is better because of the slots. Thanks a lot for the advice!


When you aren't in a big hurry using the poogie to dig next to the handler will net you a voucher every few runs.

Khaki Redd

They nerfed the quest! Only gives 2 tickets now no matter what. Thanks DUMMY @JINJINX


Think i burn through that many in an hour too....huh....


What's the name of the piece?