Joe Rogan noah's ark

Joe Rogan noah's ark

226 462 views | 18 Mar. 2009

Joe Rogan talks to a guy after a show that believes he's found Noah's Ark.

eric cam

the first thing the guys says when he walks in the room "you're not gonna believe this," Joe was probably thinking "yes youre probably right"


Noahs ark probably did exist, but word of mouth and thousands of years have warped the story, Noah was probably some fucking crazy guy who built a boat and captured some animals because he had a sick fetish


And the scoffer award goes to...

Jasinto Samora

If we read our Bibles we find that after death you turn to dust. How do athiest explain that. May GOD have mercy on yall. You'll wish for a flood because where you're going water will be scarce. Eternity is a long time.


Sounds like Ken Ham. You put all that logic together showing what he is saying is complete bullshit and his only reply is"well, there's this book..." . It's bullshit and they know it's bullshit yet they still go around trying to convince people with no evidence at all like snake oil salesmen.

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Get this guy on the podcast!



Dale Doback

I love how Joe makes all these accurate and valid points then the guy basically just ignores him....typical weak Religious person. 

Dale Doback

If your over the age of 12 and believe the story of Noah's 

Peep Oo

Haha!!! Awesome video!

Clay Wasmer

People can believe what they want to believe. i just dont get it. i believe we are absolutely random! why? well there is absolutely no proof of a god. hey asswhole, yes im talking to you "god"! there are people on this planet struggling from starvation, drought, disease, and a ton of other shit! if you want us to believe in you then maybe you should lend a hand, hmmm? maybe you should tell us the point. so we die, whatever the reason, then what? Heaven? really? then what? nothing? we just stay in heaven for all eternity? god heaven hell and everything else makes NO SENSE!


I don't find Joe Rogan to be the funniest comedian, but this skit is hilarious.  

Chris young

Ok point counterpoint. What if they were all baby animals? Just saying.

eric cam

at least the guy said the right thing when he first walked in the door. "You're not gonna believe this.."

Dave Studdaman

This guy is full of shit. At the time of this video the Turkish government was not allowing any archaeologists onto mount Ararat. There's no way they could find remains of any animals from thousands of years ago

James Prime

This is my Favorite video on YouTube.


Joe i am rock!


You know as soon as he walked in that room a blast of weed smell swam up his nose


Why do people keep bringing up 'multiple flood stories' as some kind of proof for a world wide flood?
I'm sure many places around the world went through floods, bushfires, earthquakes and landslides, but why would that mean they were all part of a global event?
Floods happened in different parts of the globe and people in those parts who survived wrote stories about them. It's not that unbelievable.


HOE ROGAN....your wrong buddy! Wish i seen this 4 years ago.

Albert DM

''when you actually see the evidence of the boat" hilarious!


No drug addict has any business touching theology.


This is the second time human civilization was born out of incest :-P LOL

Tyler Durden

You gotta admit, the fact that they found a 500 foot boat on the exact same mountain range that Noah's Ark supposedly landed on after the flood, is pretty coincidental.

Maybe the reality of the story of Noah's Ark is that just that area was flooded due to an insane amount of rainfall or something and Noah got 2 of each of only certain animals, enough to fill a 500 foot boat.

I'm an Agnostic so I'm not a bible-thumping Christian or anything but like I said, pretty coincidental...

Roe ojo

that was awesome! the only way that would be conceivable is if the animals were stored dna samples stored on the boat, but..even that sounds crazy......PEACE!

B Charron

*How did some old drunken man gather a pair of elephants from africa, panthers from central america, llamas from south america, polar bears from the arctic, Kangaroos from australia, and penguins from the antartica along with millions of other species? Its impossible. Its either a bullshit story or its allegorical, and nothing more. If I wrote a book a few thousand years ago and said in it that one day it rained cats and dogs does that mean literally cats, and dogs fail from the sky. If you can think logically, you will realized that Noah (which means rest) couldnt possibly gather 2 of every animal onto an ark. I want truth, and the truth is this is not a literal event. *

Grozny Entertainment

I know where the arc might be - buried in the middle of the olive mountain in Judea (Jerusalem )
Why is Joe responding with religious questions to the archaeologist ?
Rogan is correct that the story is so altered in the bible translations it lost its original purpose. and yes it doesn't make sense from the old testament source only. thus causing people to question God etc. If you take the Quran prospective which is 1400 years old non translated source ( just look at it from a research prospective) here are few notes:
Noah had 7 pair of animals (other verse in bible) or 8 (from Islamic prospective) and he used them to survive himself and his family (2 cows, 2 sheep, etc).
Noah age could be calculated according to the calendar of his time. and not the Gregorian used today.
The flood could been flood on a local level and not global
main point is the purpose of the story outside the biblical translations is not as simple as environmental care - or saving the animals etc

William Francis

Joes a dickhead...always trying to intimidate people that disagree with him and act like he's such a hard ass. Fuck him.

Tim Marrier

funny shit!


Why I believe in Noah's Ark.

Navar Maxted

I almost shit my fuckin pants when joe was like 8:20


haha i bet he was into beastiality


Noah was simply passionately into beastiality and like variety.


Joe doesn't know what he's talking about. The biblical manuscripts are the best attested and best preserved of all ancient writings. Read "A General Introduction to the Bible," by Geisler and Nix.


I'm not saying it's Noah's Ark...but it's Noah's Ark.


Actually, I'm a in betweener. I can believe that the earth is much much older thans 6 or 7 thousand years and there are Gods but...... they don't have us here for our benefit! The Gods live in 12 other dimensions. Before the flood there was a thick canopy of water and maybe 2 to 3 atmospheres of air! So maybe this was one reason life was extended. The Gods new if our lives weren't cut shorter there would be a ton more of people! And we wouldn't die at a pace to feed their needs in their respective dimensions! The Vedas said humans could feed and hunt for their food whether by farming or ranching! But that the Gods were wholy dependent on humans for thier food! Hence! The Gods never ending command for blood sacrifice. War, Abortions, Baby sacrifice to Molech, Gods mass murdering of so many babies, children, women and men! The Gods and all of them demand Blood! The Hebrew God Commanded death/murder 185 times in the BIblie and Brings up blood and sacrifice 7,321times! Exactly who do you know that's that obessesed with blood!? No one I know! Some say when the moon was brought here that this placement of the moon droped the canopy of water on earth. To be honest, that makes sense since the moon could create massive tidal waves and earthquakes! But it would also serve the Gods cull for souls to their deimension! Yes, I know it sounds crazy Earth is a farm and were the animals but as Hitler said the bigger the lie the more people are gonna believe it! People just can't rap their head around something like this. That there could be such an advanced eerily crazy god being structure in place. But having the imagination and the logic to see that it clarifies all the errors of the Bible, well yeah, all the errors in the BIble don't make sense until you look at it in the way I explained it. It totally falls in place like a puzzle the way I say it is. Everything you hear from religion is a cover story or camouflage for the real reasons we are here on Earth. It's damage control to keep people on the reservation! The Gods are slowly degrading our freedoms till will be like the Humger Games people. And by then it'll be to late to recover from as they'll have all the arms and we'll live in huts with 10 -15 people only concerned with feeding ourselves. The Biblie is to make us stand down in favor of dependency of a savior God that they promote and that we as children of non-logic and pleasing nature are made to accept! So that slowly we fall into the unarmed coral that they are building for us. This the real reason for gun control, and why they want to keep their guns. Not to mention the Govt. is in 132 wa Therfore at the end we rs right now all having guns and a lot lot lot lot more! With no guns we would have no chance! They are not liberals that's a term used to fool us. They are the proginy of the Jews! They are the ones that communed only with the Hebrew God and are in charge of everything!



Rob 56

After Joe Rogan finishes his amazing break down of everything wrong(w/noah), in a very intelligent and well spoken argument, that blows apart the noah story,,,So well done that even a 6th grader could grasp the absurdness in the story. This dummy's rebuttal at 8:15 we found a boat,  Thats why it's completely not worth the time and effort of debating people like this.  


There's no point in talking to these people. When you are indoctrinated to this level, you will use your own mind to justify any belief you may have. He believes that's Noah's Ark, so it's Noah's Ark. 

Paper Box

I miss these old Rogan videos.

Ricardo Maritza

Joe's face priceless


People seem to believe God told Noah to build a boat.. That's wrong u momo's.. Noah was instructed to build an ark that was 137 meters long. No boat u guys, no boat.. and the reason for the flood was because God was saddened about the violence civilization had at that time.

Larry Medina

Saying you DON'T believe something is the definition of closed minded!

Felipe CRP


Irish Mule69

Even if they found wood in the mountains that doesn’t make it Gilgamesh’s boat !!!!

Peter Andrews

This whole video is a timeless bit. One of Joe's best moments.


I call bullshit on this one


Maybe the story of Noah's ark is real, but just exaggerated. Maybe Noah lived in a time with a lot of floods, and so he just built himself a big ol Ark and gathered up as many animals as he could and sailed off. End of story...

Tyler Durden

Whoa the word god and the word love have the same numeric value in Hebrew? Well that seems a little too powerful to ignore...


First. It was the 10th descendant from Adam, not a random guy. Whose great grandfather was so holy, one of 2 people in history taken directly up to heaven. (both are coming back in end times as jewish prophets which is prolly I'm thinking 10 years from now.) It was also 14 of clean animals and a pair of unclean animals. So one would expect less diversity from the clean animals and more from unclean animals (inbreeding)...all bovines are one species as they can interbreed...oxen, cattle, buffalo, yaks, etc. Then this story is known by ALL humans over ALL the face of earth and somehow they all know ship building too. The boat was some 170 train-cars. There's not millions of species, just 2 species of each kind. It took 100 years to build. Animals did not eat meat before flood, not even humans, go vegans..god had to tell man to eat animals AFTER flood. Did he not even read the story....and the earth was flooded because angels came down and impregnated humans to make giants. Its written in there and then they were corrupting all flesh so some experimental stuff going on. This is WHY they list such boring genealogies in the Bible. To say those are pureblood humans. Funny how that concept would now be bad, especially as we embark on gene editing of humans (just human btw, there is only 1 human race and its written, as the days of noah so shall it be in end times, 10 years, I think)


The look on Joe's face at the end @ 8:19 made me lol.

Andrew Bacon

I believe you, lets start a cult.

Joe Smith

Rogan ignores the evidence because he is under mind control to disbelieve. The video cut the man off at the end when he started to talk about evidence.


HAH! The end killed me :D


This guy was like "bible school didn't prepare me for this"!!!!!!

eric cam

the first thing the guy said was the only thing that made sense "you're not gonna believe this.."

Patrick Malloy

600 years old.

Bruce Lee

He never says he believes in the Story of Noah’s Ark... he simply says they have some interesting findings. I’ve researched about this boat before. It’s existence the geographic location and the elevation at which it is found is what makes it fascinating... I don’t believe in the story of Noah(as it’s written in the Bible), but this is definitely an interesting unearthing.

Moose Stubbings

if Antarctica melts along w Greenland we may experience it again

Darren Leavitt

sorry joe, but fuck you.

Alex Carlson

Joe's face at the end... Hahahaha

Inspiriting Reminders

Hey guys, I'd really appreciate if you would watch Muslims vs Christians! Funny Debate Fails ( as it's only fair to let the other side be heard as well.

Btw, Muslims also believe in Noah - peace be upon him - and the Ark, but we believe the flood was local and not global! Geologists agree that there could have been a local flood, but not a global one. An Ark could easily carry animals in the local vicinity...

I really enjoyed Mr Whaatwaa's reaction at

Seeking the truth is an active process, not a passive one! Success is from God alone.

Wax Worse

Although it is a funny bit, Joe's version is far from Biblically accurate.

Sean Jones

This guy is a typical guy who does not understand science. Probably listens to Limbaugh.


See my video supporting Noah's Ark.


I've lived for thousands of years. Don't believe me? Then you're fucking closed minded.


"When you actually see the evidence about a boat" LoL! Joe isn't just a bad ass, the man has knowledge as well. Top 5 Rogan moments for me. I like how he just had to meet that guy. :)


Joe's facial expression to this dork at the end after he logically destroyed his 'dead-nuts-on proof of Noahs Ark' is just hillarious!

acristian ban

You trully are ignorant and blind to reality. Blind close minded sheep like you are running around claiming they are smart and "KNOW" what they are talking about.

Kenny Oliver

people bash on rogan but he's probably one of the smartest people around and he was a mix Martial arts champion he works for ufc and does stand up so anyone who doesn't like him wtf are you doing ?

brian heidel

why would the boat need anchors ?


wow it's like he was talking to a wall...

matt daniel

one problem with this, its been found. just check it out here on youtube. discovered by ron wyatt


how the fuck is that even possible for it to exist?

Bill Hill

240p ftw

Amory Blaine 127

It's funny how Rogan can have people like Graham Hancock on his podcast and listen respectfully as the guy talks about how they have the Ark of the Covenant in a building in Ethiopia, but this guy he meets after the show is instantly assumed to be a crazy person. Basically, anything not known by the 'masses', Rogan has time for. I'm not saying I think this guy found the actual Noah's Ark, but many cultures have some version of the flood story. And in modern days, we don't understand how important oral traditions were back then. Clearly, some catastrophic event happened. I think the guy's employing a pretty heavy dose of wishful thinking, but he sounds like an otherwise intelligent guy. He definitely doesn't deserve to be mocked as an idiot by a bunch of online Rogan acolytes. Go suck a pot lollipop. This guy's not any wackier than half of Rogan's guests.


"Were the ones that go in and document" ....."we actually fund expeditions to back up what somebody claims" lol what a crock

Turtles Run

"I'm not that retarded!!!"

Gregg Steiner

The Greatest Podcaster Alive!


The Giant shark is called megalodon :P Much love

Rusty Cramer

the Bible actually claims they were on the boat for a year lol the 40 days is how many days it supposedly rained.

brian heidel

Joe needs to do more bible stories :)

John Maddin

If you believe the Noah story then your on par with believing in fairies, unicorns, Santa Claus and pink pigs that fly.

Joe Smith

Read "On the Reliability of the Old Testament," by Kitchen.


Joe, would you be willing to have N.T. Wright, Ravi Zacharias or William Lane Craig on your podcast to discuss the Bible?

MattMan Reviews

This guy is pretty rude, but he's smart. And he's right.

Jasinto Samora

Joe only proves the Bible to be true. If we read our Bibles it tells us the last days scoffers would come willingly ignorant or dumb on purpose. The blind leading the blind. If the blind lead the blind they both shall fall into the pit. Careful that you fall not into the pit it's bottomless. In another video... Our satanic world... Our friend Joe is seen drinking his own piss. All the christians I know are smarter than that. But satans children will do satanic things. By the way he claims he's done it several times.


occam's razor bro

Scared Straight 2016 The Predators

Rogan is so truthful and funny. The bible is a book of fairy tales and nothing more designed to cultivate meaningless hope and CASH!

Russel Niere

This is where joe and other ignorant atheists got it wrong. In the bible, noah gathers a male and a female of every animal he can possibily get. Not all the damn animals in the world.

Tony Kral

what a dumb fuck ! really uneducated person. he really needs more dmt. now this is where it is fucked up. all these rich mother fuckers have access to this shit to know the truth without manipulated books, but no, they just stay ignorant. more dmt please you idiot !

Fourth Castillo

Answers in Genesis

The Quran Now

sean carroll

Its Zuckerburg @ 3:09, I knew it was a conspiracy!!!

Arcturian Anakim

LMFAO!!!!!!!!! I love that goofy tune at the end! :-D

Philip Baldock

More recently in podcasts with Graham Hancock Joe has come to new conclusions about ancient floods and boats too advanced for their age.

Blatantly it was Atlanteans escaping the Younger Dryas flood 11,000 years ago.


Joe makes countless valid arguments, this guy rebuttals with "but..but a boat."

America Padilla

Genesis 8:4
And the Ark rested on the seventh month, on the seventh day of the month, upon the mountains of Ararat.

Does this answer your question..?


You know there's lots of fish in the ocean that's edible.

StevenyGabby Perez

One common misconception is that Noah was on the ark for 40 days. It rained for 40 days and nights but they were on the ark a little over a year. That only makes the story harder to believe.