Hardware Throw Down - Colonial General v. Alumigoose

Hardware Throw Down - Colonial General v. Alumigoose

3 027 views | 7 Apr. 2017

Tonight we will pit the Colonial General razor against the Alumigoose razor in a throw down of modern SE razors. Both razors are made from high strength aluminum, which provide for great tolerance but also keep the razor extremely light.

The Alumigoose weighs in at 48g and fits Kai Captain, Kai Captain Titan Mild, Kai Captain Titan Mild ProTouch MG, Feather Artist Club Professional, Professional Super, and Proguard blades. They do not however accept Feather Professional “Light”. The Alumigoose retails for USD $99 and can be procured from their Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/MongooseRazors/) or Maggard razors (http://www.maggardrazors.com/product/mongoose-alumigoose-single-edge-razor-silver-finish/).

The Colonial General in comparison weighs in at 44g and accepts Feather Artist Club and Kai Titan brand blades but not Feather Professional Lights and Dorco. The General retails for USD $58.99 and when available can be procured from Colonial Razors (https://colonialrazors.com/). It should be noted that the aluminum General is currently not in production as Colonial Razors is focusing on heavier metal SE razors at the moment. Their current offering is the brass Colonial General which weighs in at 130g and retails for $99.99.

In this throw down I will review the two razors in the following subjective categories; Basic Info, Design & Function and Final Verdict.

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Ken's Shaving & BS'ing

You'd probably love the brass General since it's so heavy!

The Shaving Realtor

That Alumigoose is a sharp looking razor. Looks very similar to my Claymore. Good review.

Mike O'Reilly

Thank you for the no nonsense review. Finally, a reviewer that just gets straight to the point with all the information one needs about the products. I own two SE razors, the SS Mongoose and the Asylum RX. Interestingly, I have no problem using the Mongoose on my head whereas the Asylum is too unforgiving of the many bumps on the sun-ruined skin of my 72 year old noggin. The Asylum is fairly aggressive while the Mongoose reminds of the AS-D2. I've found that it's practically impossible to cut yourself with either of those. Your review convinced me to try the Colonial Brass.

abe frohman

Both seem pretty good. I've never tried a SE. I think if I stray from DE it will be to a straight razor or shavette. Thanks for a great review.

george dipaula

nice review....

Collections By Eric

Thanks for this review! You got a sub. Recently have fallen in love with SE vs. DE after my first year in wet shaving. Love my Hawk, as well as Supply single edge. Not sure how I missed the General, but now I think it's a must. Great to see a fellow headshavers opinion! I need my razors to work well for both. Most reviewers aren't headshavers as well as face. So thanks bro. This helps alot. Take care.

Andy Hedin

Nice review, as an owner of both of those SE razors (as well as an SS Mongoose and the 1st generation Alumigoose), I agree with your conclusion...The General from Colonial Razors is my top pick and is my go-to daily razor. Interesting that they aren't going to be making the aluminum version anymore, I'm sorry to hear that. While I think the brass version looks nice, I prefer the lighter weight of the aluminum, and I can always throw a heavier Ti or SS handle on it if I want to add some heft.

Andy Prozeller

Solid review. Thanks!


thanks for another great review i look foward to seeing what you come up with and value your advice on products i dont think would go from my slim adjustable to a se but that is just me. have a great weekend ruds