10. Beatles - Everyday Chemistry - Saturday Night

10. Beatles - Everyday Chemistry - Saturday Night

43 003 views | 16 Jul. 2013

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I got this and the other ten song remixes from the following website: http://thebeatlesneverbrokeup.com/

The website claims

"On Sept. 9, 2009 I experienced something that I still am having trouble believing happened to me.

I came into the possession of a cassette tape containing a Beatles album that was never released."


show e medonho


I pray for the wicked on the weekend
Mama, can I get another amen?
Oh oh oh oh oh
Oh, it's Saturday night


, like the way the Kennedy assassination went, not like some remember? Listen to Queen now, we are the champions of the? didn't they say "world"? not now, everything changed to another reality, and not the one many remember,, don't freak out, it's ok except it, that's all you could do for now. Does anyone remember Jiffy Peanut butter? it never existed now, it's always been called jiff in this reality??? some things that did exist, do not in this reality, mighty mouse's tail seems to come and go in this reality? it just goes on and on,, it's merging with more things and realities as i write this now, as you are reading this. I've seen some realities change and go back again, expect anything to happen people, nothing will ever be the same now, like the movie ""bridge on the river Kwai"" turn to "bridge over the river Kwai" and back to bridge on the river Kwai !!!

Matthew Barry

Love the Beatles and I know this would be a 70s, 80s, song if real. And I want it to be real but this doesn't sound like a Beatles song would sound like

Paladin Luke

Fun fact: around 2:11 you can hear George Harrison say "Arri-" before cutting off to the next line in the song.
This is a fragment from one of the original songs used in the mashup, "P2 Vatican Blues". The full line would've been "Arrive believing, from home. Climbed every step inside St. Peter's Dome. Claustrophobic and ex-catholic, Last Saturday Night."

Julio Cesar Corcoran

são eles.assustador...

cesar lopez cornejo

de no haber escuchado Cold Turkey hubiera quedado en la idea de que es música de otra dimensión.

The Beatles Never Broke Up - "Everyday Chemistry" [BACKMASKED]

I just find this story interesting. These are probably the only songs we have that might be from a alternate universe, if they are not fake of course. I can't find anything else with songs that might be from alternate universes anywhere on the internet. Only this man who made that website (the YouTuber that uploaded this did not make the website) has claimed to possess songs form another universe.


"Cold Turkey" (Lennon)
"P2 Vatican Blues (Last Saturday Night)" (Harrison)
'Night Out" (McCartney)

Lorena Gutiérrez

Bueno, no suena mal, suena raro, pero son canciones de los Beatles mezcladas, no me jodan que son de un universo paralelo, que no manchen, de hecho varias son de ellos como solistas, hicieron una mezcla digamos que buena, pero me molesta que nos quieran ver la cara de estúpidos


Mandela the Beatles from one of thousands of them in other dimensions, they are all still alive and touring together believe it or not in some of those dimentions, there's thousands of you to in parallel universe's!!! This is now fact! with that anything now is possible as they all are merging, wake up people just look around, what is Cern doing? Experimenting with the time space continuum, experimenting with other dimensions, communicating sharing knowledge with beings in those dimensions, and that's just what is known, what are they doing that we don't know about?

The Beatles Never Broke Up - "Everyday Chemistry" [BACKMASKED]

I have been playing these songs BACKWARDS to see if there is any HIDDEN MESSAGES in the songs. Putting messages in songs backwards is called: "BACKMASKING". I found a few parts of some of the songs played sounded like words spoken normally, some more clear than others. These SOUND like words, but they might not actually BE WORDS. Some parts backwards seem more ridiculous than others, like: "It's the Polish Armada!", at the end of Soldier Boy, but maybe the UK or/and the USA were at war with Poland in this alternate universe. 

Here is what I got:

Everyday Chemistry

McCartney, Lennon, Starr, Harrison [Composer]

1. Four Guys – Backwards –

2. Talking To Myself – Backwards – Listen to the strings… It was… Listen then you know it… A la laddy-da… Without blabber… I’m so… Oh I don’t know… I’m sorry…

3. Another Day Myself – Backwards – Isaac… Who weeps I would… Oh the love’s so standalone… Who loves you I would do it… It bores me… Why he… Because he… Other side of ones… Who weeps I would…

4. Sick To Death – Backwards – Everything’s so what did I… Next I…

5. Jenn – Backwards – I forgot all the rest I…

6. Im Just Sitting Here – Backwards – Listen now… Listen…

7. Soldier Boy – Backwards – Listen up baby… I heard that I was… Helping us… Oh so wonderful… It’s the Polish Armada!

8. Over The Ocean – Backwards – I wish that I was… 

9. Days Like These – Backwards – Don’t leave me today I… Don’t leave me today I…  I wish that I was… That’s funny… Don’t leave me today I… Don’t leave me today I…

10. Saturday Night – Backwards – Leave me when I’m a… Faster… Leave me when I’m a… Faster… This is cool… Leave me when I’m a… Faster… Leave me when I’m a… Faster… Well we get beaten… Leave me when I’m a… Faster… … Leave me when I’m a… Faster… … Leave me when I’m a… Faster… 

11. Mr Gators* Swamp Jamboree – Backwards – 

* (gator is short for alligator (American! The Beatles were British! This song might have been played in America!))

The reason why I played these songs backwards is because I thought it might be the only thing you could do to find out more about this alternate universe. I wonder what the Beatles in this universe would/might think of this story! I will eventually put up the backwards music on my channel.

Martinez Gomez Abel Emilio

1:21 If You Listen Carefully, You can listen the screams "Night Out, Night Out" From the original song


When "the white smoke" knocks me out, I listen to THIS!!!!!