Pohnpei Cultural Day 2018

Pohnpei Cultural Day 2018

162 221 views | 30 Mar. 2018

This video depicts Pohnpei Cultural Day celebration activities, which was held at the Enipein Elementary School on March 29, 2018. Traditional dances were performed by different groups on this event. This video was filmed by NGO Pasifika Renaissance Executive Director Takuya Nagaoka. Please like, share and subscribe!

Bonjo Maddison Wonne

Marshallese song - 1:35:54

desiree cepeda

Keriaun mwadong en kahlek ngilamwahu arail dokia.

TI-Tech Channel

Fantastic performance of culture. I liked that

Alpenster William


stinneth route

If i know most of the songs and the dance since in America i want to show our culture out here too

Vegemite is disgusting i said what i said

This is very beautiful. I've noticed that Micronesia culture is like a mixture of Melanesian and Polynesian.

tim millan

Is this sakau?

Aiden bruh

Mehn pohnpei eh

agu mems

Someone bring me to Pohnpei... I love them Ohhh

E Young

Wow....very nice Dance Cultural....
Where is that ? Sorry, I'm come from Indonesia.. Succes always for ur Art and cultural ...


do the dudes still have only 1 ball?

stinneth route

Watching bring tears to my eyes. Im proud to be a pohnpeian

Dominic A. Sangma

Nice culture


Looks like fun