Tom and Ben on 40k's "Arkhan Land"

Tom and Ben on 40k's "Arkhan Land"

23 002 views | 31 Jul. 2020

Owned by Yogscast, obviously, I was just sad that the clip wasn't around any more

Ben's Archminion

There is actually precedent for something like this happening in real life, for examples PageRanking is not called that because they rank web pages, but because they were invented in part by a guy named Larry Page.


Hey guys, this has been cannon since White Dwarf 245 in May of 2000. They did a whole article on Land Raiders and Arkhan Land was mentioned for the first time. Still a bit daft though.

Mason Burton

Nobody tell them they’re talking about a game created by Arthur Warhammer and Charlie Fortikaye


End so the emperor jimmy was entombed on the golden throne


Thank you. The God Emperor Jimmy protects!

tom brah

this needs to be big e's name going forward

Lemon Samurai

But isn't that a thing that happens now and then?
Discoveries being named after its inventor/explorer?
I get the joke, but it's hardly fair towards GW and poor Arkhan.

Nikolai Leerskov

Thank you! I wanted to show this clip to some friends only to realize that it went, along with all the other videoes Thatmadcat uploaded.

the hell do I call this?

The cheaf scientist in making the space marines was called Amar Astarte.

No Im not joking thats actually why they are called Astartes


the funny part is its not even that far off, they ARE named after someone

Travis Himebaugh

It's the right of all explorers and scientists to name things after themselves! How dare you insult the memory of Peebee Anjay!

Matthew Godwin

And so a great and terrible meme was born :')

Robert Nørgaard

To be fair to Games Workshop, this isn't a retcon, this has been established lore for a very long time.


Tom: "The attempt on my life has left me scarred and deformed."


A 2020 Classic

epsilon delta

Mr. Thunder always made the BEST hammers


I just typed in Jimmy Space and it came up. Thanks!

Fred Ranzalot

I'm really glad this is around again.

Do you think it'd be possible to rescue the clip of tom and ben discussing "race" in GTA?


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