FOCUS ON SCALING ON KAI'SA! MOST FUN ADC? - Rush to Diamond | League of Legends

FOCUS ON SCALING ON KAI'SA! MOST FUN ADC? - Rush to Diamond | League of Legends

20 440 views | 24 Dec. 2019

Today we're playing Kai'Sa and she is so much fun! Maybe the most fun to play ADC? Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Kai'Sa ADC Gameplay.

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FOCUS ON SCALING ON KAI'SA! MOST FUN ADC? - Rush to Diamond | League of Legends

Adamboulahia17 Adam2015

What do u think about the new soraka skins huzzy ?

Huzzy likey or no likey ?


I'd never call myself a one-trick, even though technically that's what I have been for the majority of season 9. Zyra has always been a staple pick of mine, but dwindling play-time and poor performance on my other picks kinda pushed me into picking her nearly every single game.
Now that the preseason is here, I have pushed my pool a bit more out by adding Swain, and I'm trying to get the rust off of my Brand as well. I wish I could play tanks as well, but it's just not worth the annoyance of watching my whole team die around me because they play with their teeth or something (somehow this happens most often when I'm not on carry supports, go figure xP).


If I didn’t get bored so easily I could’ve gotten diamond this season. My Lux was at a 70% win rate, velkoz at 61%, Kennen at 83%, Jinx 80% and katarina with 80% win rate, (around 10 games+ each). I played about 300 games this season from Gold 1 to Plat 1 53% wins all round.

Steve empire psych


saad yazid


Dillon Nguyen



Why are so many Sorakas aggressive? You are squishy just stop pushing.
Have fabulous holidays Huzzy!

On the topic of one-trick. I'm a variety player. Haven't tried ranked yet. Still getting back into the game after seven years of not playing. I like tank type Champs though.

Sean Powers

I don't really play ranked because I don't have the drive for it to play consistently, but in general, is it harder to climb as Support as opposed to other roles? It's honestly the only role I really enjoy playing in LoL

JA'mhar Comena

Merry Christmas to all of you. Huzzy Soraka is a unicorn


Merry Christmas Huzz! you questioned Soraka's race and I have a fun fact (RoR spoiler?) :

in realms of runeterra you actually see true celestial forms of soraka and characters with striking similarities to pantheon and leona!


Lol I've never understood why people go afk in their jgl lvl 1, if you're going to afk at the start just stay in base

Douglas Cavin

Yeah Huzzy and his Pet Wolf :)

Ty Mayberry

Thought they changed the exp share where you get more exp for sharing a lane in bot and gave top much more exp too

Medeia L

What runes did you use here? Epic game btw, found you through Bizzleberry and now happily binging your videos ❤️

Percy Fighter Redeemed Fighter

I started playing her a weak ago. She's my new main. I love her lore, her look, and she's so fun to play :)

Gentle Kumiho

27:45 i can contest to that. i got my xayah 0 times. so i played cait, vayne and kai'sa as my picks. my vayne and kai game went fine for bot lane, but the caitlynn one went horrid since they ended up picking 3 tanks, mundo, leona, and nunu.


Can someone tell me the website he uses at the start of every game to know about different people?

Luna Maria

Soraka? She's an Aspect and a Celestial. Also a satyr, I believe.


Because of the accent, for a long time I thought you were talking about "LAW"
"She's a celestial goat? I don't know what the law says about that"


I play 5, one for each lane/position.

In some cases I have 7 or 8 active champs I play.

Swain, kai’sa, senna, aphelios, Evelynn, Shri, akali.. those are generally my go to, but sometimes I just can’t because lane opponent is a hard counter to me.


I just watched a 3 month old vid with Kai'sa, now you drop a Kai'sa vid. Like dood. Also Merry Christmas to everyone in the goddamn community.

Jotaro Kujo

I think Kai'sa's pretty boring to play honestly

Devon Monk

Kaisa r is a dash so it could have caught you

Grand Crusader

1:57 Only YOU can stop AFKs in the jungle!

Merry Christmas you all!

Diego Sanchez Guaman

What's that app that appeared at the begining of the video?

2102 Erwin Kotian

Merry Christmas huzz

Edward - I am Negan -

I fucking hate kaisa man. She gets way to much free damage



SunFire Samurai

Soraka is a Celestial, a being of Creation ( and according to Necrit, would make her in the same caliber as Asol )

Iyiade David

First. Six on the dot GMT

d2m _x

22:55 what a sacrifice lul

SunFire Samurai

for the lore is what keeps me playing league

Ayoub Bouzgueni



nice game sean

Sir Brachidios

+1 I.P.
Merry Christmas everyone :D


"It's your video game" - but, that's the point, it's not. The whole debate is about that. I know you're trying to kinda mend the viewpoints, but it's not a secret why one-tricking is frowned upon and it has nothing to do with philosophies or approaches or personal stances.
The twitch rivals thing you mentioned is a testament to that, not the opposite.

Didelis Idiotas

Merry Christmas Huzzy! You looking good both physically and mentally. You seem to be enjoying yourself alot more and tour weight loss plan seems to be going super well. I am happy for you :>. Keep up the good work!

Salaf Halcyon

Ya, the main reason we supports don’t touch the minions (even under tower) is cuz the adc loses their mind if you do anything to their precious minions for any reason, unless we are actively fighting.
Then there are those of us with the opposite mindset, who don’t care what the adc thinks anymore.



Showmanship Gaming

I am Groot.