The Profit in :90 | Murchison Hume | The Profit | CNBC Prime

The Profit in :90 | Murchison Hume | The Profit | CNBC Prime

2 991 views | 21 Nov. 2016

The owner of a cleaning product line is putting her business at risk. If Marcus can’t get her to focus less on her image and more on the customer, this company is going to go down the drain. All-new The Profit Tuesdays 9P ET.

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The Profit in :90 | Snobby Marketing, High Prices, And Willful Ignorance | The Profit | CNBC Prime

Michael McBride

Why would Marcus be interested in this company, a direct competitor to another home cleaning products co he already invested in, Eco-Me?

Charles M Rinehart

This woman is without question totally detached from reality.


I can't believe how dishonest this tricky lady was with Marcus. Unbelieveable!!!!! Total shame!!!!!! Huge disappointment!!!!!!


Has anyone seen why the woman would get up from pressured conversations! Trying to make a scene and can't prove to be a leader. Too much drama for business

ed castaneda

Man Marcus is a great leader, definitely has a ton patience