OPTC 「トレクル」Whitebeard Marco vs Garp Challenge V3 Stage 8 (Kizaru)

OPTC 「トレクル」Whitebeard Marco vs Garp Challenge V3 Stage 8 (Kizaru)

11 085 views | 9 Dec. 2018

#OnePieceTreasureCruise #TreCru #OPTCGarpChallenge


Ray 6+- Psy Kuma or any 5+ turn bind reducer

Raid Barto- Healer

Jack- Increased defense/Percent shield reducer


Lvl 4/lvl 5 maxed Orb Seal on Whitebeard Marco and Rayleigh (maybe 3 should be good).

Lvl 5 rcv up sockets made healing 10x easier but I dont think it's required.


Stage 7 please! I can't find any team on youtube that works for me.

• Freedom Jason

Omg in room9,my friend was blocked and fall finally

Will Lee

every time i see "warco" or "whitebeard marco" i get ready to shoot my mouse button so it can click on that video

faiz khairudin

Can neptune be replace? I didnt max his special


Jeeeeeeebuz what a long fight my guy


Room 3 (1:33)
Room 4 (5:09)
Room 5 (9:02)
Room 6 (10:13)
Room 7 (14:19)
Room 8 (18:10)
Room 9 (19:10)
Room 10 (22:57)
Adding Replacements and what stages do in description

An Dy

what legends u missing?

Will Lee

2:42 i also thought i heard jack say that


25 min :omegalul:


Warco is so goddamn good. Lifesaver.