「VocaloidNightcore」→ Housewife Radio【Lyrics】

「VocaloidNightcore」→ Housewife Radio【Lyrics】

38 612 views | 30 Dec. 2016

Original Song By - GUMI [Producer: GHOST]

Hey there guys, back again with one of my most popular videos with the 2016 revised version. Housewife Radio was probably the first English GUMI song I'd heard and I fell in love with it. So with that, along with the revised 2016 version, I recreated my old version. New video, better graphics and of course (which I promised with my first upload) lyrics!

Thank you so much to Lunar Nightcore for offering to help with the lyrics. Check out her channel here!

Lunar Nightcore: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGClPW8WHahw_toaBlx4KXw

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Javier Sanabria 12

Primrose Petals

Nancy drinks a bunch of Monster and tries to sing

Nancy I'm confiscating your caffeine

Totally not Dark matter

Good music bud.
Plus happy new year.

alex Archer

lylas ( one of my new ocs) cover of this song in a nutshell

Autumn Miss Epic

How much coffee did you have nancy

milkie waze

Nancy had too much coffee
Then killed Henry

Stephanie Sheep


Number 1 Pogchamp

~stitch sew cut pull~

Just a lonely Tree named Treesus


Mpe Nlakaj

Nancy is Color blind that's why she sees black and white

Mpe Nlakaj

Sewn kin has returned for revenge

Carlos Villena

Velocidad x2

Estas demente esponja

wyatt gray

If you make a custom speed on this song and put it a about x0.9 it just sounds like an alvin and the chipmunks cover

Nagito Komaeda

Holy Jesus Nancy how many cups of coffee did you have , ooooooooh it,s partly because you stabbed Henry Isn,t it

Lpsstikerz ONLINE

Why is the heluam container empty? Nacey???


If I couldn't undertand it before I definitely can't now lol

stupid fck ;0

this is amazing totally subscribing!^^

Itz Cherrii

Seams are more than torn when the radio only plays in black and white . . .


Do one for star of the show ☆ by ghost

Lyubi Sekru


Demetria Nicholas

Ghost is so talented tbh, I love all of their music