When Epel joined Pomefiore

When Epel joined Pomefiore

15 118 views | 30 Aug. 2020

In Vil's eyes, Epel definitely is a nuisance and a disgrace to Pomefiore, but all I can say is quack quack. Sorry, I'm still trying to improve on editing videos like this. Also, I don't own any of the content. Please don't come for me in the comments.

The video is a part of the cartoon "Blue Danube" that comes from a Corney Concerto by Warner Bros. (I couldn't find the official link, but I found this one):


Anna Deadman

0:12, it's at this moment that Epel knew, he f*****ed up

maheda rashid

So true♥♥♥

Eiri Yap


Vil is the fairest of them all in my mind, and because im a Pomefiore and I dont wanna die

ThiccSeal Foodie

Im dead

Fifi was here

Angry Vil scared me before when he was make-up less. He somehow scares me even more w/make-up

Kyoko Sato

Yukio Nami

So interesting!!! May you allow me to save your video? I really like it

Mathilda Sitompul

ngl tho but i felt bad for Epel, this smol bean didn't even want to go to pomefiore let alone meeting Vil

Layla Minyang

can I adopt Epel?

Gustavo Meza

Not l could contain the launghter neither a second XD
no se si dije eso bien corrijan me si me equivoco :"v pero...
es gracioso por que es cierto lo de el vídeo y me imagino que fue así xd


This is canon everyone, I confirm it

Tu mamá

I saw this video before sleeping, and i dreamed with being in Pomefiore. It was the worst dream that I ever happened to experience in my life.

Regina Coeli


Lilia Vanrouge

Oh he ded

Ani V

Vil still a queen tho ✨

Shi Kami

if anything it more like Vil is strictly making him be up to his standards






Vil: 0:13
Epel: Smiles ugly

No Whytho

Still Stan Vil this perfect bitch ❤️


Epel needs to be rescued from the mean girls dorm...that poor farm boy could never survive there.

Andro gynous

All Epel wanted was to be in Savanaclaw to become manly— xD

meowz erin


hola XD