All Guon Stones (Custom Run) | Part 11 | Let's Play: Enter the Gungeon Modded | Mod the Gungeon

All Guon Stones (Custom Run) | Part 11 | Let's Play: Enter the Gungeon Modded | Mod the Gungeon

21 115 views | 23 Sep. 2018

Today we try a custom run from quite a few people in the Discord, the All Guon Stone custom run featuring (almost, RIP Clear Guon Stone) all the guon stones.

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nicklaus hamilton

Please have all the table Techs with portable table Max coolness and Anything Goes please make this a run


Eldritch Rainbow


A way of making runs harder is adding a shit-load of curse, that way you can give strong items on start


Nice, my challenge was heard AND he pronounced my name correctly!

Girish Shiv Shankar

Try potion of gun friendship with +1 bullets.. then activate it and drop the item while it's active.. you're welcome :)

V. Grey Burton

You should do a run where you have all synergys of the lower case r and call it the Rrainbow Rrun

galaktik potato

Lich "mr marine, i dont fell so good"
(Fades away as behold the boss eater starts playing)

Kyung Tack Oh

Poor clear guon stone

Timothy Buehler

NOOOOO you forgot Clear Guon Stone!!

The Pastafarian

He’s out here bois


No clear guon stone


well wings and speed you now what that means

he be drinken red bull XD


My Challenge: After every room cleared, give yourself a glass guon stone.

Radio Frequency

Next, do a bunch of bullet slowing modifiers like liquid valkyrie or bloody eye and see how slowly the bullets move

Eric Zhao

There is a synergy between +1 billets and potion of gun friendship that adds an orbiting copy of your current gun when using the potion. If you drop the potion while it is active the orbiting gun will stay. You can stack multiple orbiting guns and it works with any gun

Zymor Mauti

Maybe you could make a series like RageGamings synergy lab with enter the gungeon

Sunbro 2011

I just came here to see how it’s pronounced but I still doubt this is right

M066y 1.1

Next run you should make the challenge: right back atch'ya
Rules: you have to use every item that deflects the enemys bullets and your only allowed to use casey

dat guy

Didnt you do a ring of orange guon stones?

Bribri _

can you get mod the gungeon on mac?

Rolly Polly

Get 10 fat bullets and only woodbeam, also tons of these blue bandanas

Brad Etre

CHALLLENGE: Archer mcbowface
play as hunter
take all bows and crossbows duck taped together
no other guns are allowed but all passives are on the table
you are allowed one gun you find in the gungeon to duck tape to the master bow
you can only use the starter gun if your out of ammo

Ben Goodwin

Hey you forgot clear Guon stone!


Top tier video as usual Retro :)

Malcolm Collins

I loved the orange stone floor it was madness.

Liam Keating

Thanos car

PoliceBird Growtopia


Inspiring Summer

Super sonic

Punch the Pie

11:52 Quicksilver irl


Hey you missed a synergy that includes 3 Guon stones with the key heart and ammo synthesizers

Angel Morales


dat guy

These are a reference to Ioun stones from DND

Daan Aerts

Where’s the clear guon stone?

Tyler Holbrook

Boxing glove + gunknight gauntlets and all guon stones = Thanos

Onga Bonga

Where is clear guon stone tho?


tfw "All" guon stones, but forgets Clear Guon Stone.
smh, Retro, smh.


Next run can you please do a bunch of speed modifiers

For a hard challenge do it on turbo mode


Today i got a run with:
-bouncy bullets
-watch your back (is that how is it called)
-remote bullets
I had a flare fun, it was over powered!

Tyler Holbrook

Glitch chest and rainbow chest do the thiiiiings plleeeeaase?

Nathan Johnson

What kept hitting you at ~24:00??

There's nothing coming at you but it looks like the Blue Guon Stone has a bug


Orange the Gungeon


you could have had the most op run you've ever had right out of the gate, but you left the potion of gun friendship on the counter. shaaaaaaaaame


For real seizure warning

Asher Phoenix

You were thinking of ballistic boots

Mikołaj Laszczyk

#challange #modthegungeon
-give Dark Marker and it's synergies and ancient hero's bandanas
-you can't pick any other guns, passive items are allowed, BUT you can't use blanks

V. Grey Burton

2 red guon stones + 20 gungoen peppers = red hot challenge

Evan Faulkner

You forgot the pink Guon stone!!!!!!

Hunter Ketch

Here's a challenge: NO TOP LEFT CORNER
what I mean is no using keys, money, blanks and no picking up health or armor

Finlo MacDonald

notification squad!

Wyld Cow

The triple dodge roll is a synergy called Triple Jump, with Springheel Boots, and Ballistic Boots.


Note to future viewers, DO NOT attempt to watch this one on acid...


You should do an episode on the wood plank with bullet upgrades

SonOfEnder 42

I suggested it first :(


He has the infinity guons

André Mazzoni

Do a lot of snowbullets


Today I learnt that insane damage just breaks boss damage caps.
Mega hand & 15 x +1 Bullets oneshots every boss aside from Lich phase 3. (he had just the slightest sliver of health left)