Odyssey: Extraction Onslaught 5 Yasuo 3 Augments Mission

Odyssey: Extraction Onslaught 5 Yasuo 3 Augments Mission

40 755 views | 13 Sep. 2018

Found these noice guys on a random run xD.

For 3 Augments mission, we used Tempest, WindWalker and Wandering. For 2 Augments mission the best one gotta be Tempest and wandering(1 WindWalker in team allows you to reposition your ult into the middle of everything, plus you get more range so you can spam r)

Addy Pora

NA? I need to do 3 augments or 5 ziggs add me:
28 January 2001
please skilled players only


What just happened


wp bro


I only like this video as it showed me that the passive augment doesnt count towards the 3.

Maan Gooo

A ward skin??? You get a ward skin for that? Rito should go ahead and reward me With like the whole skin set plus some free rabbits of rp .. Oh and also a free tour to their head quarters that's of course if I ever win it

nad abdo


Banish Cloud

Thanks guys! Wasn't expect to get this much views from this game. Hope you guys enjoy the rest of the event! ;D

san ji

is windwalker rly that good? i prefer tempest+wandering combo. the extra 100% dmg and duration on the ult doesnt feel worth it, and i tried it myself, and the re-cast didnt feel like a gamechanger, often not useable


this is not onslaught at all wtf

alexandros theodwris

if anyone is for the 2 augment mission add me on eune cupid on fire

Lav Djordjevic

Can you give me Best yasuo augments please

Ubertronic Uk

I did this 5 jinx with some crazy build a guy in the chat came up with all jinx and same build

Mr Cucumber

EUW: 2Gundalf2 fpr 3 augment mission i already have 2 good players

Gibbey Memes

How do you get the tempest augment? I just can't get it... Played 20+ games on onslaught and didn't win and didn't get the augment..


Onslaught is really easy with the Jinx build. I did 2 augs 4 jinx and 1 Sona and won with extra life

File Rated

SturmFluss garenaph

HPE 彡 Unstoppable



Yoshi Takanawa

Емилиян Хаджиев

YO dude already completed that we need help for 2 I am with a friend !

abdo ab

hello my name is Dr Soulking pls help me do missions5 ziggs and yasuo 3 aug

Dabbing Roblox Char.

I need help my mission is use 4 augments or less on onslaught. I like playing all yasuo here's my ign: IamMarion my region is Asia just comment here if you want to help me.please I want to finish this mission for so long !!

Liam Futcher

Bro why don't u have that many subscribers ur amazing

Sifou Tindo

bro can u help me ? im in euw server please


Hasa hasa hasa..hasa...hasa......Hasaki!


Dude,help me please on Captain,i need help plz,add me D3EpLoOkmaN i play on euw

Banish Cloud

Comment your IGN and your regions, so you guys can find you teammate and add each other here.

Ahshau Gaming

thats 4 augmenst but yes ...?

Allahu Akbar

Someone 4 augments missons ??? EUNE my name is Nikola8484


Hey what is this augment?

Super Figher Gamer pershon

Need help how can i put on augments ?


Today I learned "The Captain" augment doesn't count towards the limit

Diego Ferrigno

I need to do 3 augments or 5 ziggs add me Princ3naotokun euw


So just to clarify when doing missions like 3 or less augments it DOES NOT include the default augment? i.e. u can equip 3 of ur own and have 4 in total (including the default).

Yoana Edits

can someone help me with the mission ? (EUNE)

JesusFookin Shelby


Kollege Knusprig

4 augment and all same champ mission thx EU WEST : Brønze V Scrub

21Savage X

whats the augment called the one when u ult 123 nados come back