Elegoo Mars - Using Chitubox and Photon File Validator

Elegoo Mars - Using Chitubox and Photon File Validator

1 269 views | 22 Jul. 2020

This is a walkthrough on getting Chitubox setup (for the Elegoo Mars) and using that in combination with Photon File Validator (free software) to ensure your support settings are adequate. Video was created as a tutorial for some people at work, but sharing here to help others out as well.

Dave Dogge

btw to get the .ctddlp file out of Chitubox you select 'Default' slicer profile on the actual Chitubox 'Slice' button (it has a down arrow on the button - click it). I have two other profiles for the Slice function on Chitubox i.e. Elegoo Mars and Photon Cubic (or something similar) and they don't save out in the .ctddlp file format.

Jesse Livingston

For some reason it won't save as a cbddlp file in my version of Chitubox. It only saves a ctb file which photon validator doesn't recognize

Hans Zarkov

tessellation. i learned a new word today!