40K Lore, The Mystery of the Dreaded Black Ships Explained!

40K Lore, The Mystery of the Dreaded Black Ships Explained!

121 525 views | 11 Sep. 2020

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Deedless Deity

When you have your sword leaning against yourself, please have the blade face away from you, like an adult, and not like a toddler about to cut something off by obvious accident only a toddler can fall prey to.


Poor Arch, the emperor's favourite servitor got infected with the raid virus

Jack Smith

How long before black riot vans start turning up at our doors proclaiming heresy just for having the nerve to question literally anything? when the grim dark of the far future seems like a walk in the park compared to reality


fun facts: roughly 3,650,000,000 psykers have had their souls ripped out and disintegrated to fuel the golden throne since the emperors ascension. and assuming only 1 in a billion people are born psykers and every single one was strong enough to be used used for the golden throne, it would take around 3,650,000,000,000,000,000 (over 3 quintillion) humans being born in order to acquire that many psykers.

Simon s


Why doesn't the imperium just breed eldar as fuel for the emperor? They're inherently psychic, right? Can't be that hard to capture some, fertilize them artificially and throw their babies into the fire, right?


What is happening with psychers on human but non empirial worlds? Are there chaos sheningas going on Tau controlled human worlds? Or there wasnt enough time still for "stars to align" and get full out shitstorm on such planets.

The Wayward Grape

Arch, I enjoy your content and understand why Raid paid you. Fair play. At least you're not doing the crap advert that that one woman does for Raid. Note: Raid Skip at 3:05


sigh you know when i saw that you were doing black ships i had such high hope hey arch will set people straight on the astronomican. and you absolutely botched this.
1. the astronomican is not powered by 1000 psykers its power by far more than that.
2. its not 1000 psykers die a day its UP TO 1000, the important parting being that its UP TO meaning that the amount fluctuates.
3. psykers do not die instantly they are more like batteries and when they are used up the burn up, the amount of time a psyker last while connected to the throne is random some burn up fast some burn up slow.

on to the black ships.
and this is were so much of what your saying falls apart because we have never been giving hard numbers ( just vague hand waves) the numbers you use violate the lore 40k.
each planet can expect to a single black ship every 100 or so years. this is the big problem to run the light house for a year you would 360,000 a year now we dont have the exact planet count but its stated ats over 1,000,000 so for the sake of having a number to go off of let just say 1,000,000 planets at that number you would be visiting each planet every 2 years not every 100 years. btw there are only 32,380 hive worlds and its the hive worlds which which have populations in the billions.

Miskatonik Professor

Raid shadowlegends won't stop till even ISIS videos are sponsored by raid shadow legends

Samuel Berghuvud

If you find 1000 psykers a day in the imperium of man it would take 2,739,726,027.3972 years to find a alpha level psyker if they are one in a trillion among psykers

But if they only where 1 in 1,000,000,000 among psykers and you find 1000 every day you would find 1 alpha level psyker every 2,739,726.027 years

The Wonderer

Get promoted by a good game fool. Like Azur Lane. Iron Blood are the best ship waifus

Deedless Deity

The size of the Imperium of Man in the 41st millennium is incomprehensible.


alright arch...how many 0s?

Ethan Johnson

Why not use stasis fields or cryo pods for the trip?


Ngl if Arch needs to sell his soul to Raidchan to support himself cus YouTube keeps deep ducking him, then sign on the dotted line my friend.

Patrick Kimbrough

RIP. Another good channel falling to Raod: Shadow Legends. At least I still got Simon Whistler and Karl Smallwood.


*MEME Shadow Legends?*


For all those who do not want to get RAids, the lore starts at 3:00.

You’re welcome.

Michał Brenda

Hey Arch! I recommend adding a bit of compressor to your vocals to avoid getting high volume spikes when you accentuate stuff. Great lore videos, thanks!

Franz B.

Just a question. How did this whole system worked in the time of the Great Crusade, without Big E sitting on his toilet seat, controlling the Astronomicon?


I was on the black ships once it wasn’t so bad

Ollon Boll

put the suckers in stasis duh

Vlad Long

This grimderp really seems to contradict the lore. I do not mean arch is wrong, I mean GW did not think it out.
For some reason torturing psykers and reducing their willpower makes them more capable in resisting demon possession? what? that is both ridiculous and contradicts the rest of the lore on the subject
Would be far more internally consistent with other lore if they just used drugs to keep them in a chemically induced coma for the entire trip. To meet the grimdark quota just make those drugs cause horrible long term issues


psykers must be more common then the lore says. Lez do the math : 365.000 psykers a year sacrificed, and the imperium has roughly 1 million planets. So every single planet has to produce at least 1 psyker every 3 years just to make up for the sacrifices. On top come the ones the imperium needs for their military etc.

Matthew Garrette

Your back on that warhammer s**& excellent. Politics over back to business


Times getting hard

Marlon Lopez

Roughly 2 every 3 minutes
Almost 7 every 10 minutes
About 42 an hour.
1,000 a day
7,000 a week
28,000 a month
365,000 a year
3,650,00 a decade
36,500,000 a century
365,000,000 a millennium
3,650,000,000 myriad years

Foul Mood Central

As much as i know it would please my Lord primarch to no end to know that so many a witch is sent screaming to their ends....the fact that even in the days of yore the false emperor fed the psyker that did not bend to his will to the pyre raises both my ire and festering amusement. mankind at its best supposedly, isn't far from at its worst. Bueheheheh... Cough


So Arch, just wondering... How much DID they offer?! To see even you break to them... I had expected more xD

Deedless Deity

Looking at the organized mass death conceived and perpetuated by Socialism, and its Cult-like features, might we be facing a Demonic Subversion? It seems to be a Cult of Chaos afterall, judging by the behaviour of the brainwashed useful idiots, and also their love to wish agony and death on their fellow humans, up to advocating for the abortion of 9month old fetuses or even babies right after birth and being proud of that. It all sounds a little bit... Like Alex Jones was on to something. With 6-8 billion people on the planet, we've had plenty time to screw up some warp-nonsense.

Brock Samson

It’s ya boy, Raid Shadow Legends.

Lucas beck

Psyker overcrowding can be solved pretty easily by taking some of them out of their cell and applying a bullet to their skulls

Emperor Dion

So why is it specifically 1000 psykers? Why can't it be 999 psykers? Does a few psykers really make that much difference?


They should let the Emperor die and be reborn, tbh. Don't beat a dead horse, as they say.

Deedless Deity

Hard to believe the Black Ships are so super secret when several hundred have to visit Holy Terra on a day by day basis due to their small cargo load. To not just maintain the minimum need of the day, but to overproduce to build up a stack for the future.


d-do you hear the voices, too?

Jakub Slavoj Musílek

Arch: shits on almost any game imaginable.
Also arch: WoooHooo lets join the Raid guyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyys


So the Black Ships are giant mental asylums.


It is okay Arch, we all need to get paid somehow.


Sorry mate. I see RAID, I change the video. Also being pro-consumer and selling us literal SHIT don't go hand in hand. Such a shame to see Arch become a puppet.


Instead of RAID, why not Entropia Online? At least they discard (most of) the pretense lol. Probably only pay you with ingame items though so not worth.

Khorne Flakes

>The Void saps out the heat of the vessel.

That's not how that works. Ships have a problem with too MUCH heat because the heat doesn't have fucking anywhere to go. It's a vacuum. There's not matter for the energy to bump into outside the hull. It's nothingness.

God I hate the Space is Cold myth.

Carlos Mendez

So how were space travel possible before the emperor took the thrown?


Raid sponsorship? Well fuck this, I can get my lore elsewhere then.

Jordan Williams

hexweaver is a rare champion , not an epic lol.

Daniel McArthur

The emp only eats 1000 souls a day right?

12345 67890

Seriously raid shadow legends, have some freaking standards arch!

Lord Joy

"RAID?! Heresy!"
"What? Arch?"
*Looks away.


Why does the guy in the thumbnail have a reverse Latin eight on his forehead? Is IIIV a marking or just a typo?


There’s a Facebook page called Bolter to Kokoro that does these cute/wholesome/funny 40k drawings (things like a “Radical” inquisitor on a skateboard, a White Scar looking shocked at the price of promethium to fill up his bike, a Navigator using a fold-up paper map to figure out where he is, and indeed Magnus the Red’s message to the Emperor being interrupted by a Raid Shadow Legends ad), and one of the artists drawings is how, when he was first told that Big E consumed the souls of a thousand psykers each day, he thought Big E did so by popping them into his mouth by the handful out of a popcorn bucket.

Sir Amiel

Arch: Raid Shadow Legends
Me:The emperor of man has found your sins unforgivable

Dying Sun

I almost subed, then i saw that slimy raid add. Thanks for preventing me making a mistake.

Alvaro Hernani

You know, after watching billions being eaten by Tyranids, smashed by orks, tortured by dark Eldar or brainwashed by Tau, 1.000 psykers a day just feels like "mhe what ever, that's the number of deaths on my manufactorum each sift"
PS: im sure that just from the population of Terra, they should be self-sufficient

Isaac Stovell

Sherlock: Watson, by the dark ruinous powers - it's here.
Mycroft: What's that old chap?
Sherlock: The dread sigil. I heard the death cry of unknown laughing ex-gods. I think.
Mycroft: What nonsense are you babbling on about?
Watson: Oh god. That's a bad sign. During the trip - you know - he was talking about them a lot.
Lestrade: Right, everybody get out. Ten thousand years ago.


I love these "Arch Uni" videos. I got hooked with the Kreig videos. Keep up the great work Arch.


It must be really hard for Arch to find proper sponsors if he has to settle for Raid.

Markus Fischhaber

Raid Shadow Legend directley from the depth of he warp


I misread the title as "the black simps"


Only one thing bothers me about this: how did they navigate during the Great Crusade when Big E was moving around?


Isn't the Dark Imperium Nihilus managing without the light of the Astronomicon for close to a century now?

Andreas Müller

RAID, the one that sponsors them all.

Elephants Are Cool

I came back here after playing Amnesia: Rebirth.

Cadeyrn Dragheim

So if you need 1000 psykers a day, 365.000 psykers a year, and the mutation is 1 in a billion, then the empire has AT LEAST 365 quadrilion people! Assuming all the people the black ships find are actually used in the astronomicon and not trained and that all the 1 in a billion people with the mutation are competent psykers. If say 1 in 2 people gets thrown in the pyre and 1 in 2 people with the mutation is a capable psyker, then the population NEEDS to surpass 1 sextillion.


Anyone who shills Raid to their audience deserves to be captured by Drukhari and tortured for decades.


Heeeey, a Raid sponsorship? You're a true youtube creator now, Arch!


I mean this is the weakest spot of the Imperium, the Astronomican. Shouldn't everyone opposing try to sabotage that first and foremost? That would mean end of Imperium.

Dorin B

Why is a victorian telling me 40k lore


Emperor said his full power will return over time, unless he's busy waging war as the Joke god in the warp which I hope is the case and would be poetic. Very Jyggalag of him.

Duncan -

drop kicks through window


You're supposed to say ...

Ultra Blueberry

Raid: Shadow Legends...


Eks calybur

1 in a billion seems like a miniscule number, but given the scales of solitary Hives that I've heard one would expect to find several hundred psychers per hive. A single ecumenopolis Hive world could have 100s of thousands.

Fun fact, damn near all sci fi worlds underestimate the human population easily feasible by galactic scale empires by MANY orders of magnitude. The Empire of Man could easily support humans numbering several hundred quintillion (100,000,000,000,000,000,000) without exerting itself in the slightest. I'm probably underestimating with that mind boggling number.


So I'm new to the Warhammer 40k lore, is there any story or faction that doesn't end or revolve around un-imaginable torment or threat of oblivion?


After the fact that bolters and any other weapons are never being reloaded and no one thinking about how many reloads do marines carry, this is the next most stupid thing about WH40k world.
How many psyker souls were fed to the throne on day 1? How many on day 2? And any other day after that?

How many living psykers can each ship unload and how many ships are required to dock/undock/travel so that you can get 1000 * 365 days worth of psykers successfully? What if their estimates are off and there aren't enough psykers to gather on their arrival (time wasted)? Also, how common are psykers anyway? If psyker rate is 1/1bn. of population, then how many of them should there be per planet??

And when did the Astronomicon appear?
The numbers used in WH40K lore are retarded and done by someone who doesn't really understand large numbers.

Eks calybur

Did I just see Arch holding a weebpoker?


A Strong and Stable Astronomicon huh? Theresa May still at it 38,000 years later?

Reverend Delicious

After saying time and time again he wont advertise Raid cause its not his type of game, Arch finally caved in to lovely, lovely money~

Mati Hooti

Not gonna lie. When I heard "Raid: Shadow Legends", I actually burst out laughing. They even managed to get to Arch xD

Kim Åsbom

Maby arch should play raid and make videos about how great a game it is...


So I installed raid just to check it out and didn't get anything extra with Arch's link, lmao scamazzzi

Alex Lopez

Sigh..Yet another great youtuber selling out to the raid machine. How sad. Lost some respect for you my good sir


I mean let's be honest, in the last 10,000 years its has ONLY been a bit over 3.5 billion psykers. its barely even an a molecule of water in the bucket of water that are psykers.


Arch, sorry but I don't think bullying endangered magical fauna is for me right now

Km Khz

RRRealm * i brush my left nip with my right open palm*
yes, uhmm i get it, interesting.


Your planet has been condemned to Exterminatus. But before we begin the Imperium would like to thank their sponsor Raid Shadow Legends.


I dont believe it, Raid.

derpion derpson

To understand what space navigation would be like without the emperor, imagine seafaring with no North/South Pole...

Donovan Smiley

Tbh I’d love to listen to an audio book read by u. Lol. U sound like a comisar or a gardmen no offense ment

Iam Davoodoo

You suck at this. Stick to reviews of nothing at all.

marek vazny

mobile games are an abomination


Raid shadow legends are the black ships of content creators

Fin Arfin

No Arch its: Raid Shady Lemons.

Graham Maxwell

bad ass


My fav theroy is that the emperor is long gone and dead. And what they do is bacily burn phycers like oil in a light house. The emperor never did anything

James Owens

That's not how viruses work!

Tds Tds

I hear a Raid commercial, I get angry.


2019 The Black Ships: 2020 The Not Fun Ships

bling sing

Good to see you back


I'm a simple man. I see RAID, I dislike.