What Happens When You call 867-5309

What Happens When You call 867-5309

8 245 views | 10 Dec. 2016

What happens when you call 867-5309.. oh wait I own it :D

Evan Fairlie

I don’t want to be rude and call you without permission so is it ok if I use 867-5309 number with the song in hangouts because I don’t get international calls with the phone company I’m with.

Kyle Rechenberg

Haha! just called it

Kevin Bhasi

Now that you revealed both your phone numbers, people who are daring enough might try and call you. I can't though because I don't have free international calls.

Rush Shiflett


Anthony Villareal

I called it and left a voicemail. Someone called me back from this number 18659276377 right afterwards. Crazy!


thanks to voice.google.com for free calls 2 usa/ca lol

Izzy Frank

Are you secretly Jenny?


More like 24K Magic

Olly Windsor


Meme Boi

now its just mariachi music.


Can I call it?


Nothing happened when I called

Game Center Luke

I called this number and got a creepy voice plz explain y