CWCki Reading - Cole Smithey, Chris Chan's Half-Brother

CWCki Reading - Cole Smithey, Chris Chan's Half-Brother

69 148 views | 1 Apr. 2020

The self proclaimed "Smartest Film Critic in the World" is tied to he internet's favorite oddity? Small world.

Chris Chan, to put it simply, is one of the most fascinating people to ever exist. However nobody ever wants to take the time to research his brother, Cole Smithey. In today's episode we dive into the strange dynamic between Cole, Chris and Barbara. Buckle your seat belt.

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Christorians / CWCki: Their years of extensive research is amazing to say the least.

Chris Chan: Couldn't do this without him existing.

Cole Smithey: The star of today's video.


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Sarah Ann

Love the Bully music in the background


Don’t let bob of the hook yes Barb is insane as hell but Bob is just as guilty by being useless and allowing all this shit to progress.

If im Tryin Im Lyin and 3 Wheel Rydin

i want to suport you in very personul way, where are u?

Gabriel Aderre

Am I the only one who is just dying to know what Cole meant by "bizarre scenarios?"


Cole and I share a birth date....don't I feel special.

Taylor Cathey

I wonder if Cole will ever write a book.
If you do Cole, title it : My life away from Sonichu. The story of my effed up homophobic sexist, crazy, navy drinking dipshit brother Christian Weston Chandler.

Shit Poster #7776

Cole has a little bit of the tism.

songhee G

I hope Cole doesn't feel obligated to take care of Chris after Barb passes away.

dragon slayer

Wow Aidan pierce must be one of your favorite characters surprising since another youtuber named angry joe said that he was a lame boring character.

Thomas IV

Freddy got fingered is a meta masterpiece

Mr Penis loves Miss Vagina

It seems the more we learn about Barb, we seem to learn that Chris is the way he is. I don't think Bob was that bad he tried to make an effort, to bring his son up, I do feel Cole is angry at Bob for basically getting in the way of their relationship plus her not being honest who his father was. I remember watching his review videos and the view count is really low and am there thinking "he is being so over shadowed by that fat autistic manchild half brother of his". With Chris's view count for videos is right, that its thousands times more than Coles, but for the wrong reasons :-/

glasser dounut the lemming derp

it's better to be an egoistic film reviewer then whatever the hell christ chan is

F Hagane

And people still give Barb a pass when blaming her for what chris chan is today: Cole is the best example of what a horrible human being Barb is

Samuel Shiels

Cole has done everything Chris could only wish he could do. He got married, he got laid, he had children, and he became more successful than Chris.


they share the same chromosomes, but chris clearly got a little more.

Fatal Gold

Has anyone paid for the dinner with Coal to ask him question about Chris

Michael Bugner

"La grande bouffe" That's what I call taking an entire 1 liter bottle of vodka up my ass.

Virgilio Gutierrez

Cole looks like a cheap Tobias Fünke


Chris's life is just full of bizarre coincidences, almost like signs.
For example, Cole Smithy grew up a fan of Kiss, and Megan Schroeder was also a fan of Kiss if her t-shirt in the infamous photo of her and Chris is any indication.
What the fuck is up with that?!

Keawe Koa O Kaleomana Judd

Honestly I'm shocked cole is related to chris

hope dies

Chris is nearly 40... let that sink in.

Mr. Bones Sr. III

Wow, imagine going along in life trying to forget you're related to such a pathetic lolcow...

Seriously Cole, your brother became a world famous artist, then an omnigendered reality-warping god/dess while you write shitty movie reviews and drink... get it together man!

Mr. Vidja Gamez

When Barb passes on into the next dimension, Cole will end up getting a divorce around the same time, resulting in Chris and Cole moving in together with all sorts of "Twins" style shenanigans to follow.

Brady w. Hickman

Cole looks like David cross


Until you realize Chris would go to drink his... Navy?? later? What's he drinking later and why's that disturbing?

Medic Bag Man

Cole deserves better


ok lets put our differences aside real quick toy story 3 bad, good day


16:24 Cole resulted to be the man behind the slaughter

Grenadier Gemini

I literally don’t know how to feel about these people.

francis board coppola

Cole smithey is just skinny moviebob

Reptilitronous Prime

15:20 Jeez, time hasn't been kind to Fantabo

Didhedied? Dud



I know that the "Titicut Follies" clip is there because "haha he said "titty" but knowing that it was banned makes me want to know more about the history of the film and see if it was considered as "lost media" at some point.

Edit: Just taking a quick glance at the wiki and I'm already pissed off. Basically if this documentary wasn't banned, the patients could've been saved. Instead seven of them died horrible deaths (the details you can read on the wiki but I'm not repeating here) and the hospital was sued. But "it was for their privacy!" and "We don't want the hospital to be seen in a bad light!" fuck off.

Stephen Lanoue

if you're an adult who likes Toy Story and Pixar movies there's nothing wrong with that. I'm sure you could tell me which films in the Land Before Time series are exemplary cinema or which adult diapers are the more absorbent and unlikely to cause rash.


The shit apple don't fall far from the shit tree Rick.

RobloxGaming 4K

Man, just thinking barb almost shot her first son by accident makes me feel a bit sad for the guy, thats some seriously bad parenting.

JC Denton

Whoa, Cole Smithy agreed with Armond White? The man know to hate some of the best movies in the world and love some of the worst? The same man who gave a 91 to the shitty Invisible Man Reboot. Cole sure is Barbara's Child.

Tom G

Awesome! More of these please

Ace Vendetta Flight Clips

His reviews are insufferable

Zach Carter

The meta shit in freddy got fingered makes it funny. It's basically a fuck you to movie studios.

TheMachoTaco isBack

Cole may have flaws but then again doesn't everyone. He may have a bloated ego and almost beg for attention but he has a family and a job. He is a normal yet flawed human. His brother Chris on the other hand

Jacob Hill

Cole gave Toy Story 3 a bad review on purpose?

That bastard.


I learned everything I needed to know about Cole Smithey when he said all US Service Members are drug addled berserkers in his Americam Sniper review.

Taylor Cathey



I love how this video shows up on page 1 of Google if you search for Cole Smithey. I know he ignores all of this, but his online reputation is tainted with it so much that I wonder if it would be better for him to address it and embrace it? Everyone would be interested in the stories Cole has. He could have a Pateron dedicated to that and it would put his film critic earnings to shame.


I can relate this is why I ignore my half sister and the rest of my family(which they are all horrible people except for my mom) I hope cole found peace I know I have by ignoring my family(I feel better by doing it even though my mom is like oh no you are hurting yourself no I am hurting myself by being around them)

Aleks Rozum

Freddie got Fingered is a classic.

Quinn Porter

2:01 anyone else hear breathing in the background


I just realized your face in the questioning pose is fucking pepe

Bokrug the Water Serpent

Cole has some (perhaps predictable) problems but overall he just seems... Normal. He seems like a normal person, not a perfect person, but a normal person. Is he actually just a fairly normal person or has my perception of normalcy merely been ruined from years of exposure to the Chandlers and other lolcows?


He gives off David Cross vibes.

TrygveBlackTiger Media

That entire family are egotistical shit heads.

Dark Rainbow

He sounds really insufferable, but I can understand why he is so filled with anger.

Enzo James

your views and sub count just doesn't add up godamnit

Bastian also known as a goddamn mess

Honestly Cole didn't come out that bad

John Porteous

The paradox of being more and less successful than your brother


I really get the impression that Cole intentionally bad reviews to be the one to break 100% scores. The funny thing is that in any other family, he would be the black sheep. But compared to the Chandler House, he is the "normal" one xD

Hidden Masquerade

It’s pretty crazy that Cole is one year older than my own mom

Garrett Ecstasy

i love the soft voice you give chris LMAOO


4:50 classic cinima? no.
hidden genius?.... maybe.

Some Random Guy

Say what you want about Cole, at least he had the good sense of ditching those fuckwads when he did. I can’t imagine what it would have been like to have been raised in that cluttered hellhole.


It's honestly so weird.

Like, you look at Chris and compare him to Cole, and you have to ask yourself how the hell they're even related

Spicsy_ _mane

2# You didint get the cloud you wanted? HUH!

Chucklestic McCormick

with the way the whole video was painting this guy, it caught me off guard when rogue said he had footage of him and a dollarstore version of the villain from live action alvin and the chipmunks popped on my screen

Michatus Gaming

You should do a video about Barbara Chandler for mother's day.


Chris has a bigger fan base than his brother.

sometimes lol

So funny how chris was worried about a vote on papparappa and cole dropped a bomb on him and asked shim to discover the truth about his birth



Anne Frank

Fucked all around


Chris has a brother? (After seeing a clip) Yeah, he's definitely Barbs boy and is probably the best estimate of what Chris would sound like if he was for lack of a better word normal. He's got strange tastes too, but at least they're not illustrated in a poorly drawn comic. It's a shame a family is separated, on the other hand, it was probably the best thing to happen to his health.

610 Hobbies

So, you basically just read CWCiki articles and that's it?

Gabriel Aderre

Poor Cole! Some of my friends have some ridiculously scummy siblings. Yet, none come close to the misfortune of a sibling that Cole has! Also. It's the duty of parents to seek and maintain a relationship with their children. Not the other way around! Especially when that parent failed in their duties! I almost pity Barb, then I'm reminded of who, and how, she was before the frailty!


I'm not surprised that anyone related to Chris sniffs his own farts.
Edit: "republican cur" HAHAHAHAHAHA

Rudi CS

Well, this family sumarise How suprecists are part of a infalable Race

max fischer

Cole over here looking like he's about to steal the chipmunks

Nicholas Lienandjaja

Me: (sees Toy Story 3) "I can't see any bad thing Cole Smithey talked about in this movie. HEY COLE! Review these kids' movies AND say that they are REALLY horrible, OR ELSE!" (throws DVDs of Foodfight!, The Oogieloves, and The Emoji Movie at his face, knocking down his glasses)

Reel Talk

I know this has nothing to do with the topic of the video, but in regards to the movie Freddy Got Fingered I feel it has merit as the anti-film it was confirmed to be by Tom Green. I find that it's funny when you look at it from the point of view of Rip Torn's character (the protagonist's father) and you can relate to said character's loss of sanity due to the audience likely losing their own sanity as they watch the film. Don't get me wrong, the movie is still absolute garbage from a traditional point of view in regards to quality.

John Willar

is he the bad guy in alvin and the chipmunks?

Harley Thomas

I can agree that Freddy Got Fingered to be a classic cinematic masterpiece


8:00 Cole burning all his money is still a smarter move than giving it to Chris and Barb, at least by burning it he can keep warm.

Matthieu Leperlier

Poor Cole...


This almost reminds me of Homer and his half brother, almost....

HappyLittleRaincloud -_*

Why does Cole look so much like Ian Hawk from the Alvin and the Chipmunks film?? It's uncanny

Sean of the Dead

I could give a rats ass that he gave a bad review for Toy Story 3, I feel so bad for that dude.

Bob Sagat The Wise

Well I can’t subscrible to anyone who thinks Freddy got fingered isn’t remotely funny. Sorry bub

Jëss ?????

Oh, I thought "supporting you in a more personal way" would mean something... Else. Lmao

Jason V

I agree with Cole about "Freddy got Fingered".

Dagon Dark

Family issues in the chandler household, sad. But can we revoke this guy’s movie critic privileges for being egotistical and controversial for the sake of playing devils advocate because he doesn’t amount to shit?

He even admitted his motive was just being a prick to ruin movie scores with his arbitrary reviews


He needs to be more direct with Barb herself about this stuff while he still has the chance.

al ex

You reading from a wiki with deviantart pictures is your attempt at creating content? Man, no wonder you need a disclaimer to mask your theft as fair use.

Mihir Lavande

If they ever make a chris chan movie, I want David Cross to play Cole.

Jacob Hill

Man looking like David Cross in Alvin and The Chipmunks

It Just Works

Cole fundamentally seems like a very neglected and attention-starved person. His ridiculous moniker, his purposely inflammatory contrarian reviews, his pretentious attitude and bloated ego may very well be uncoscious or conscious efforts to bring attention to himself regardless of whether its positive or negative. At his core it seems Cole wants people to acknowledge his existence or validate his importance at any cost.

Regardless of what his reasons for being who he is are, one thing is certain:
Barbara really does poison everything she touches


I had a Woody doll from the 90s and I brought it to university with me alluding to Toy Story 3. All my friends that came in my dorm thought it was amazing.


Kessler: Activation plus six minutes. Pulse is 45, respiration 10.

Looking good, Cole.


Everyone defending Cole in here obviously hasn't read his review of the Spongebob movie where he calls it right wing pedophilia propaganda. No, I'm not joking.

Ett Block

It's kinda weird that Bob was the most likeable person in that family.

Roman Cavanaugh

what an amazing OP song

francis board coppola

So cole smithy is basically moviebob?

New Order of Alexandria

Chris Chan is god, Chris Chan is love.