Roguelands 1.5 - Ultra Boss Armour Sets & Stats!

Roguelands 1.5 - Ultra Boss Armour Sets & Stats!

5 770 views | 10 Feb. 2017

These are the armour sets introduced in Roguelands version 1.5. This video showcases their appearance, as well as their stat spreads. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to leave a comment below!

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Othman El

We missed you chap

Omari ouk

no way u already got the armor its only been less than a day


Can this armor be legendary?

Nocturne XIII

how did you spawn items in? is there a dev console?

S queezy

Wait so maxed out Exodus Armour which is Legendary is 418 on all stats? Tell me if I made a mistake I can't quite remember how the leveling works.

ryan hughes

If I could ask, How did you edit these drops in the game? My friends and I have used RogueEdit to try out crazy hard to make builds but the armor isn't in there, and we have been unable to get any of them to drop... We fought Myknogre 80+ times and haven't gotten any to drop. Just wanted to see if you had a method for getting them in to play around with. Thanks for any help you can give! And hope everyone is enjoying the game. I have over 400+ hours with friends and we absolutely adore the game!


Do you play this game legit?


I like how none of the references were nearly as direct as the indirect reference here. Dat warframe doe.

Afiction Maouh

Can you give the IDs of the items ?

Tahm Kench Rzeczny Król

music from crypt of the necrodancer in intro ?

ĄĞǻ®Ά ŠǻŧǻŃ

Welcome back!


how did you do this?


how did you get those items? or did you beat the bosses

Andreo Blyed

Go to fandom wikia and put into your screens about Ultra boss sets


My cataclyhs deal now over 5400 dmg per shot with crit .