Grim Dawn - Conversion and Armor Piercing Guide

Grim Dawn - Conversion and Armor Piercing Guide

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Damage conversion and calculation -

Forum conversion guide -

00:43 - Order of operations

04:14 - Conversion Between the two conversion stage's is not additive

06:35 - Damage can only be converted one time

09:04 - Flat damage from gear and conversion

10:18 - Damage over time and conversion

11:18 - Additive conversion stacking

12:56 - "Elemental" damage conversion is special

15:50 - Armor Piercing

Іван Примак

May I ask stupid question, but if I put modificator witch say 10% from physics to acid, would it mean that conversation be applyed to all phy dmg or only to AA swing?


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Well, this video made me quit GD. I don't have time for this "shit" .


May I ask about resistence debuf conversion 1) Guardian s of Empyrion Celestial Presence is lowering phys and fire res. but with dreeg transmuter converts those damage types to poison and vital but also theiir respective debufs. Does it mean that if im using shattering smash which reduces phys res. and I have lets say 50% phys to aether does shattering smash reduce 50% aether res?
2) if im using viper constelation -20% elem res. does it matter how big is weapon damage percentage triggering it?
Thank You kindly friend.

Chaoton - KFP's shrimp deadtakotive

Aye I'll sub you.
Thank you for your clear demonstration. Would love you more if your mic could be better. Keep working.

aoe tje

what about the damage that got converted to chaos?

Slothnic Nyce

Once again really great video. That totally explains some of the conversion questions i had on skills and gear. Thanks



Amzar Nacht

Good treatise. Confusing, as all such mathematics are in games, but quite useful.

The conversion to and from Elemental seems rather confusing. But flat percentage elemental, at least, seems straightforward... if you can find enough output of a particular type to convert from.
But converting to that particular type would (or would not?) be factored in the % elemental conversion?

So, let's say you have weapons and such that convert 100% of phys to Elemental. Most of your gear focuses on phys damage output but is still scattershot among all other damage types. Would you want to attempt converting those other types to phys (with skills/devotions rather than gear) to capitalize on the phys conversion in the late calculations? Or would those early conversions to phys be ignored in the to-elemental step?

Seems like % converted to or increased Elemental would be the way to go for raw damage stacking.

A. Wyatt Mann

So glad I found this video, now I'm taking night classes at RPGCC Online

Alexx Lackey

Great video! Very clear and straightforward explanation. Thank you!

Marius Ghencea

2 questions:
Do different sources of increased armor piercing stack additively? (Like nadaan + belgothian set means a 40% base piercing weapon will become a 100% piercing?)
What about conversion that comes from items but it's specific to a skill: if I have 50% phys to fire, and also 50% phys to fire to fire strike, do I get 100% conversion on firestrike?


Awesome video!! Definitely learned a lot.. Might I suggest a retaliation dmg video as well since it is another confusing mechanic!

Joseph White

Great work and Thank you for the knowledge.

with undying grace

Overtly and unnecessarily complex. Shouldn't need a degree in math to "play the game in new and interesting ways".

The End

this is needlessly complex, so many item drops have all different elements and conversions and having to do calculations to work out what gives you more damage is just not worth the time.
I'm confused at 8:45, why is it not 500 and 1500 if its increased by 100%?


so a skill with %weapon damage and flat phys damage, would the flat phys damage also get converted by armor piercing or is it only the %weapon damage part that is affected by armor piercing?

Tom Tang

can you also discuss retaliation added to attack and how the conversion


Nice, thx ;-)


Oh my god this was so useful. Thank you!


thank you for this, awesome vid

Joachim Deschner

So... why should i do Conversion then? How do i benefit from it?


I have a question, I am rather new to this game and everything is still really confusing for some reason. Here is my problem: '' Looking at Lost souls set - My Hellhounds phys and fire dmg is 100% converted to Vitality dmg.. And here is my issue, Hellhound got an Aura effect : Hellfire, That increases Fire, chaos and Burn dmg by X %.. Will the conversion happend after the Fire damage % is applyed to the Hellhound?

The Zippydoc

good job with the video - so there is a streamer who took iksandra and equipment to get to 100% phys to lightning conversion which shouldnt work that way if i followed your video correctly
at first the skill applies and then the second sequence would be the equipment which is not additive
Also: how is the last bit of "15 % attack damage converted to health" calculated?


Does Armor Piercing also convert the flat Physical Damage stats on Skills on just the % Weapon Damage part?

Larry McWhorter


Pak Man

Why didn't the transmuted/first conversions fire damage get turned into chaos at all?

momo senpai

in the example the fire damage still got buffed from skill modifier after 1st conversion (transmuter) does this mean it doesnt got buff if you only use conversion on equip and buff not having skill/equip with transmuter?


Very informative and thorough, thanks for the video!
If I may make one suggestion, a higher quality mic. The relatively low sound quality makes it more difficult to follow (for non-native English speakers at least). It also makes the audio as professional as the rest of the video.

ahmet remzi cansız

Helpful! Thanks!

Robert Stan

Awesome, but I'm still lost on if something like Eye Of Reckoning (does phys and fire damage), and I have +% fire gear. Then I equip a Conduit amulet that changes EoR fire damage to chaos, and also get gear with +% chaos damage (or a piece that give both +% fire and +% chaos, such as the Entropic Coil ring). Which of these will benefit my chaos EoR damage? Only chaos (or only fire?) Or both?

In that same idea, would flat fire (not weapon damage, stuff on other gear/buffs) be converted/increased the same way as above?

For Shizzle

You are a life saver <3

benkeiaa kant

does armor piercing takes priority over phys to elemental conversion?