MineViewer - Minecraft Map Viewer

MineViewer - Minecraft Map Viewer

111 691 views | 23 Sep. 2010

View your maps for MineCraft.

Alternate to Cartographer


Francisco Gil


Kobra Arboc

@LangweiligTV No, C#.

Kobra Arboc

@enderzand Do you have .NET 3.5 and OpenGL? This sounds like it's having trouble finding a reference, also make sure you extract all files.

Daniel Bodlund

Will MineViewer hack my account?

Tyler Hrousalas

what block shows up as pink, could someone list what color is which for the main blocks please?

Oj Ukx

where is the XYZ

Kobra Arboc


Peter Ian Staker

@krewki1 apparently not


I keep gettin dont send error

Kobra Arboc

@ShadowSpy666 i imgur com/76Di8 png, works fine here. Trying to use this version (Link provided in disc) is for the old minecraft maps, you need to get the latest version of MineViewer for it to work.


@explosion3209 is that a copy of the x cave

Kobra Arboc

@girlfoxproduction Kinda

Jeff Pudz

This doesn't work for me :[

Kobra Arboc

@sebbzima mineview*minecraft * us/MineView*zip


i downloaded the newest version of mineviewer and whenever i launch it and click on my world it turns out as this flat green square with a blue square in the middle, i really need to find out where the fuck i put my house so help a brother out

Peter Ian Staker

@GlitchesofWar doesnt work on latest version of beta thats for sure.




@wastedruid i have exactlyy the same problem on minecraft beta 1.7.2. If u find out how to fix that please give me a note :(


does it work on 1.7.2?


Is there a program that lets me generate treasure map from my Minecraft map?


Pretty freaking cool


Which music?

Kobra Arboc

@wastedruid MineViewer doesn't work after the 1.3 update, I don't have the time to fix it yet either.


@GlitchesofWar i have thats why im wasting my time here

Kobra Arboc

@explosion3209 I wish :(

Kobra Arboc

@pyroawesomeness Yes it does for christ sake, try downloading the latest version!


to me mineViewer crashes WAY to much it crashes almost as bad as 1.5beta lol

Rv Kyle Tibay

is there one for 1.5?

Austin Cozart

when i try to use it on a server it says kicked

Kobra Arboc

@pyroawesomeness You do not, or you don't have the correct dependencies.


Can you edit the world with MineViewer?

Kobra Arboc

@Pinoy0930 Yes.


well it wont work for me for some reason


does it work on BETA???


Please tell me were i can get the version you have. I keep download it but always says it dosent work!


this doesnt work for beta 1.7.3 dont waste your time downloading right now hopefully xiatek will update or somethin

Kobra Arboc

@KingMatthewDaGreat Yes, they will, at the moment they are in my debug build, but there are a few things that need ironing out, EG, MineViewer can connect to an SMP server, but there are a few bugs with it, there is also transparency (finally).


@wastedruid Me too I WANNA MY HOUSE, when you know how do tell my


Wow, looks a lot easier than cartographer, beautiful:')


2:48 looks kinda like fish and moving splatters o.o

Harrison Phipps

awsome, just mining some diamomd now !! easy to find !!!

Kobra Arboc

@asid1234567 Not really just self explanatory, you can make your own by editing schemes.lua though ^^