FFXI Omen Glassy Gorger Solo w/ Trust NIN/DNC

FFXI Omen Glassy Gorger Solo w/ Trust NIN/DNC

2 262 views | 9 Sep. 2019

This is a video showing me solo Glassy Gorger in Omen on NIN/DNC. This also shows my first attempt with Gin, getting him to 37% before running out of time.


Hello Logical. I have a question. What’s the name of that little screen under Scoreboard shooting you debuffs?

Shiraj Pleb

A little late for this tip, but if you ever want to solo Gin, rotate light or dark skillchains. Gin takes absurd skillchain damage from either of those. The skillchains Gin absorbs is determined after Zero Hour is used, 75%, 50%, 25%, 10%. And regarding your accuracy issue, you need roughly 1450 -1500 acc for Gin, he is a THF therefore has a lot of evasion. When I solo Gin skillchains normally take about 3-5% per skillchain from him, whereas normal weaponskills barely do 1% per use. Keep the skillchains in mind when trying and you will melt Gin's HP off him and you can kill it in roughly 15-20 minutes if you have access to both Light and Dark skillchain. Once you skillchain once and the shield is put up, if you weaponskill straight after it will remove the shield allowing you to skillchain again right after - that is aslong as you don't 3 step skillchain then it will heal him. Hope this helps, good luck on any more soloes!

chad gayken

Are you running a script for automation of casting your shadows? Never any delay unless recast time is still running.

Dave D

What server you on?

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Congratulations, Ninja! Yes indeed, the Gorger empty... mindlessly grazes, nibbles and eats all day. Won't stray far from its pasture unless to get food.