Which Dungeon is Best? Grim Dawn Dungeon Guide - Loot Comparison, Access, Difficulty, and More

Which Dungeon is Best? Grim Dawn Dungeon Guide - Loot Comparison, Access, Difficulty, and More

12 544 views | 5 Sep. 2020

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Dungeon Spreadsheet: https://bit.ly/3gZ9uqU

ToTH Key Quest: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BolYvf8_koU

Grim Dawn Tools: https://www.grimtools.com/

1.1.7 Patch Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkMrQdeQnGQ

Shattered Realm Loot Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nhD-oEAKaAI

Link to Dungeon Comparison: https://i.imgur.com/47T8vwg.png

1:30 Steps of Torment

4:04 Bastion of Chaos

6:31 Port Valbury

8:37 Ancient Grove

12:55 Tomb of the Heretic

15:15 Conclusion


You lost me at a million clears!


Fantastic and informative video, great editing and all. Keep up the great work, I'll refer people to this video when they start getting into endgame :)


17:43 Damn idk why I was waiting for an ex girlfriend joke here

Charles ˈferō lol

you made me enjoy the game again so thank you so much!

bla bla

I don't know how you can clear PV in 20 minutes on ultimate when it took me 2x 2.5 hours on normal to finally beat it after 5 hours of playing it. I either stink at this game too much (very possible) or you are too good at it


18 minutes great stuff.
Well done.


Great video and analysis, thanks Mike for chewing it up for us :)
My fav list is: SoT>AG>ToH>BoC>PV
Actualy, I think that overall I did PV less than 10 times total ever ^_^


nice vid :3

Tommy Mohlén

Love it, awesome as usual sensei!


Thanks Mike. I'm fairly new to GD end game so this helps out a ton, especially because I hate the goddamned Shattered Realm so goddamn much holy shit.


Bastion of chaos is certainly not crates most...inspired work

different shades of red poggers

J ordan

What I asked myself is, how easy/hard are the mobs to kill, are there a lot of ranged mobs? For example, I saw the video about The Wall 2.0, wanted to play it, leveled a Warder as my first char and realized, this build absolutely sucks.

what I also think is interesting, but only can speak for myself, a beginners guide on how to level from fresh start or maybe how to get endgame gear when you are like level 90.
Great video as always, thanks in advance
(Ignore suggestions if you have already made videos :))


Your EX gf sounds like a stand up gal


Underrated video. helpful and informative. porps to you dude


Yes. I skipped MI Greens and Blues. Sue me.


You should get some therapy for your past relationship, seem a little bit salty lmao

Relin Fearous

The boss green MIs that drop from the dungeons are equally as important as the legendary MIs in endgame, and in the case of Port Valbury, even more important.

Great vid, glad to finally see it!

Simon Tobias

Well i also have no Favorite Dungeon ....
I love the new one Tomb of Heretic because i i Like the Special Rings and the Green Helmets from the Bosses
I am not commenting too much but having a Spin to Win Warlord with 5 Empyrions you need to farm a Green Helmet in the Tomb .... and a Green Axe from Archon Barthollem

Sherry Campbell

tati westbrook

picnic66 :

Hi Mike. Awesome video as usual. In case you weren't aware you're recent video 'No XP Boost/Merits - Warder Leveling 9/3/20 VOD' is blocked from viewing here in Australia (thank you NBC Universal...).


PEOPLE stop calling double rares triple rares. They are not triple rares. They are double rare MI. Thanks

Mark Thompson

thanks for this. as someone said, you're too good to us.

watching this in the future, so I hope you are used to Arizona's water by now


I need to play GD again... Vanilla GD is what I played the most and I never got to really use shaterred realms. I think I went as far as shard 3... so... yeah...

Easter Smith

Thanks for all the effort Mike! Do you know if SR loot can include Legendary MIs like Shuroth's rings?


Please correct me if i am wrong, in the Ancient Grove you can just revisit the trader by reentering the area where the trader is located at the northern entrance to let him refresh his stock of blueprints. Like you can do with SR 60 Ultimate to look for SR armor sets with high rolls on the items itself. All at the same run. Just reenter the trader area. Sometimes it doesnt work, because there is something about time to be passed to show up refreshed trader stock. (sorry if that is bad englisch, i am from germany)
I bought like 10x SR sets with all max phys res rolls. And again, i got as far as i remember all blueprints from only 1 run Acinet Grove.

Will Young

Mike knows every mechanic and dungeon but cant stay alive in hardcore. Hmm.

Tommy Rodriguez

You are a god we only care about legendaries

Andrew Ele

YEET.. The number crunching GD accountant strikes again!

Great work Mike!


You are too good for this community ...
Thank you for your time and efforts !

Chang Tang

subbed for the the numbers, the clarity, and MOST IMPORTANTLY the ex-girlfriend jokes


There it is! Pog


Yes, information that I needed. I am big dungeon fan too.


Are Troves a one time chest?


Man, Van Aldritch gets around.


Thanks for this Mike! These deep dives are very helpful.

Michael Phillips

Just stumbled across this video completely out the blue on an account that hasn't watched many GD vids.

What is the loot filter we are seeing here? I used to be big into PoE and I find that GD's in built loot filter doesn't provide anything specifics or clarity. The Highlighting of stats seems champion.

Plz help the new guy <3


Just wanted you to know I was the 69th like.


Great video! Love Grim Dawn!

Jimmy Tao

Love this video. Thanks for all your hardwork!


Good job Mike, thank you !

Voice from the Void

Started watching your channel after I came back to GD with the sole intent of getting to endgame. Your analysis of the latter aspects of the game surely helped me muddle through it. The spreadsheets for SR in particular were invaluable (Thx Ebear too). You should quantify efficiency for more games man. Also you need a celestial guide or something. Couldn't find a single one on youtube when I was prepping and I imagine it would get views. In any case, good luck and thanks for all the help

Kinky Suuu

doesnt ectoplasm and the blue ectoplasm also drops from the ghost/undead and should probably be included in SoT

Styx Hellmouth

steps of torment always in our hears it was our first