FFXI - SCH Solo Escha - Zi'tah Tier 3 NMs

FFXI - SCH Solo Escha - Zi'tah Tier 3 NMs

14 603 views | 27 Nov. 2015

So the final "major" update to FFXI happened this month, and with it came a set of...really stupidly powerful gear. Its magic accuracy is so high that I can now solo these, whereas before it was just impossible to hit them without buffs. With that, six of the seven level 135 "Tier 3" fights in Escha - Zi'tah are soloable (all except the three pixies). Basic strategy of SC+MB Helix still applies to all of them of course, but they have their own unique quirks too.

One thing, for the record: four of them were done in one day. Urmahlullu and Pazuzu were done a few days after the other four, during which time my nuking set improved even more. Just keep that in mind.

0:00 - Fleetstalker

Gains a shield after Soulshattering Roar that randomly causes all damaging abilities to hit for 0, and all spells to be resisted. Water nukes bypass this shield more often than not though, and he's weak to water anyway. If you're doing this normally, trigger the blue !! with a water spell, then WS its butt immediately after to proc red !! and dispel the shield. Doing so wipes Helix though, which is why I didn't bother trying. Has multiple uses of Chainspell, which can be dangerous, but his worst spell is Breakga. Fortunately he doesn't use it here...

5:17 - Shockmaw

This thing is...weird. Protect seems to increase its MEVA, Shell seems to be far more potent than the player version. He seems to use it on reaction after taking a spike in damage, which means he does it after every Helix tick. He also uses the same 3 TP moves in order every time, but it's trivially easy to outrange. Baleen Gurge wipes debuffs on himself if it lands on somebody.

10:23 - Urmahlullu

Did you know this thing has draw-in? I sure didn't, and it got me killed the first time I tried it. This thing's MEVA is even higher than a normal level 135 enemy unless it's casting a spell or using a TP move. It also hits rather hard, and it seems like the draw-in is triggered by it NOT hitting for a certain amount of time so I can't dodge every hit. Definitely harder than the first two.

16:23 - Blazewing

And now for something much easier. Blazewing is the easiest of all the T3s to solo; weak to ice, no spells, no Death Prophet, nothing that can really kill you. Just stay away from it.

19:40 - Pazuzu

I hate this thing. I really, REALLY hate this thing. It's the most magically evasive of the T3s (except maybe the pixies), and it takes the least magic damage. On top of that, it loves Impact which massively reduces my INT, and therefore my magic accuracy. The worst part is, the INT reduction seems to always be the thing that stays on through attempts to remove it! There's a reason it's twice as long as the next longest T3 here...

30:17 - Wrathare

The strongest Rabbit of all! Wrathare has En-Death on his melee attacks (~15-20% chance you'll just die instantly if he hits you), Wild Carrot for exactly 10% of his maximum HP, and shadows after every TP move. He's also extremely weak to magic, and gravity lands. Just don't let it hit you ever! He may or may not have a system where his MEVA is far lower against the element of the day too, by the way. I'm not sure, but it felt like it during a few trial runs against him before this latest update.

Huy Dinh

Thanks for giving me the idea of soloing them for progress on my Aeonic weapon.

I however hate you for not having been on the receiving end of Breakga; Fleetstalker went Breakga into Chainspell on my first attempt. ;-(


Didn't you use to play on Odin with Warmachine & them? your name sounds super familiar lol, well i guess it was called Ifrit before the server merge

Mike Carrey

Of all the T3s, Pazuzu looks the most irritated. Like how dare you make him walk around so much.

Smith CommaJohn


Dustin Benton

There is 18% movement speed on most jobs nowdays. And quite honestly most people use windower anymore for timers buffers and gearswap as the game just hasnt kept up with their gear as it never has really.

Also form what I see, hes only using gear swap, SE has added a lot of those timers and UI changes for a while now.


That log sure has a lot of defense.... Wish they'd make that a Trust.

Visor Overwatch

I currently play FFXI and ppl who use gearswap lua files can pretty much kill nms easily since the program does most of the work


gosh i stopped plating final like 7-8 years ago and i still remember this music from dynamis

chris akin

Check out that clipper slide at 2:58


Tool-assisted fights :/

Ivvy X

Sick solo's man that's insane...

pepercdcoco rey

clipper bot speed= gay

pepercdcoco rey

aftehr you use you clerick dirnk you move this is full hack piece of garbage cheap

Mitch Mitchellson

You're using a movement hack or this would be impressive.

Jimmy Strudel

i don't get it, all you spells were doing massive damage? god i hate FFXI end game meta. just go magic job and spam magic bursts. so lame.

Devin Carter

lmao hilarious watching Pazuzu run off away from you and claw at the air. /Pazuzu readies Oblivion Mantle. whiff

Alex Huang

lol crab.

Visor Overwatch

80% lua file assisted fight


I've been trying to kill Shockmaw on my little server of Quetz, I main Drg so I REALLY want that Polearm. Problem is, not many people on my server have the capability to survive an encounter with t3s, let alone t1s. ;o;

Sean Nissen

Haha haven't seen pinning in awhile. Good work

Driftwood Gaming

Excellent display of skill. What server do you play on? I'm on Odin.